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HAVERGAL COLLEGE  Family Handbook  2017–18


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Last Updated Aug. 18, 2017  Havergal College Family Handbook 2017–18


About Havergal 


A dynamic global  leader  inspiring  the pursuit of wisdom and  self‐knowledge 


Preparing  young women  to make a difference  Integrity.  Inquiry. Compassion. Courage. 

The Marguerite Daisy 

The Havergator whose name  is  ‘Allie Gator’  Vitai  Lampada Tradens  (Passing on  the Torch of  Life) 

History   “In  the  spring of 1894, a  school  for girls at 350  Jarvis Street was about  to  close  its doors, and a  group of men  led by The Honourable H. Blake  formed an organiza on  for  taking over  the building  and making  it  the home of what became Havergal College. The group of men who  founded  Havergal College had great  faith  in  the  future of Canada and wanted  to provide a  sound academic  educa on  for  their daughters. Being members and  strong  followers of  the Anglican Church of  Canada,  they established  the  con nuing policy of having  its beliefs and  teachings  in  their  school.  Miss Ellen Mary Knox was  the First Principal of  the  school. She was a graduate of Oxford  University, a  teacher at Cheltenham  Ladies College  in England, a devout member of  the Church  and Principal of Havergal College. The  school  cared about  the educa on of women  long before  most women began  to  take  themselves  seriously.”   Havergal College was named  for Frances Ridley Havergal, an outstanding woman of  the early  Victorian era. A  composer, author and humanitarian, her hymns were used by  the Church of  England and by non‐conformist  religions. These hymns have  survived  repeated hymnbook  revisions and  con nue  to appear  in Anglican, United Church and Presbyterian hymnals.  Ellen Knox, who  led  the  school with  vision  through  its first 30  years  (1894  to 1924), o en posed  the ques on  to her  students:   “What are you going  to do?” This principle  s ll  lives  in Havergal’s  mission  statement. For more  than a  century, Old Girls have answered  that  challenge  to make a  difference by  leading and  contribu ng  to  their professions,  to  their  communi es and  to  the world.  – Catherine Steele 1928, M.A., D.Litt. D.S.  Litt.

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Educa onal Philosophy  An  independent day and boarding  school dedicated  to  the educa on of  young women, Havergal  addresses educa onal needs by  crea ng a  learning environment  that encourages girls  to  respond  with  vigour and  imagina on  to  their world. We believe  that a  sound academic educa on  is  essen al  so  that  students will:  ● discover  the excitement of  learning;  ● develop  their powers of  curiosity,  reasoning,  imagina on and expression;  ● assess  the  cultural, ar s c,  scien fic and moral developments of humankind;  ● take an ac ve  role  in  changing  society as  intelligent,  informed and  responsible global  ci zen;  ● cul vate and  leverage  the  skills  required  to meet  challenges, achieve goals and bounce  back  from  setbacks and disappointment; and  ● enjoy physical and mental well‐being  through exercise, ac vity and  life‐work balance.  Havergal  students benefit  from  the many opportuni es available  to  them  to pursue  their  individual  skills,  interests,  talents and abili es. The  school aims  to develop  the primary  virtues of a  democra c  society:  compassion and  concern  for others,  tolerance  for different points of  view and  an ac ve  sense of public  spirit and  service.  Havergal Symbols  The  school’s  symbols  include  the Havergal Crest,  comprised of maple  leaves,  laurel branches, a  torch and a  lamp of  learning, which  symbolizes  the  school mo o of  “passing on  the  torch of  life”  (Vitai  Lampada Tradens). The Marguerite daisy was  chosen as  the  school flower  “because  it grew  so  cheerily wherever  its  luck  found  it, and because  it  looked up  so  steadily at  the  light  that  its  heart was pierced with purest gold,  its petals  the purest white.”   – First Principal, Ellen Knox Havergal Tradi ons  Havergal has many  tradi ons  that have  stood  the  test of  me  including: Prayers, Founders’ Day,  Celebra on Weekend, Carol Service,  the House System, Candlelight Ceremony, Grandchildrens’  Party and many more. The  school  fosters  strong  es within  its  community of  students, Old Girls  (graduates), parents,  faculty and  staff. Old Girls  cherish  the  lifelong  friendships and  support 

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network  they developed at  the  school and  serve as  inspira onal  role models  for Havergal  students. Since 1896, more  than 9,000 alumnae have graduated  from  the  school.  

House System  The House System  forms  the basis  for  cross‐grade  community building within  the  school.  It  fosters  peer‐to‐peer mentoring and  leadership development, as  the program  is primarily  student‐led.  There are 10 Houses, each of which are named  in honour of women who have  contributed  to  the  well‐being of Havergal  in different but meaningful ways. Some have been Principals of  the  school,  some have been much‐loved  staff members and others have  influenced  the growth of  the  school.  Havergal’s House  system  is an  integral part of  the  school’s organiza on, with every  JK–12  student,  staff and  faculty member belonging  to one of  the 10 Houses. Siblings and daughters of alumnae  join  the Houses of  their  rela ves. Each girl’s efforts and achievements  in House  spirit  compe ons, athle cs,  the arts and  co‐curricular ac vi es  credit her House  toward winning  the  House Banner  for  the  year.   Prayers  Prayers  is  rooted  in Havergal’s  rich Anglican  tradi on. Faculty,  staff and  students gather  for Prayers  three  mes per week  in  the  Junior and Upper School  respec vely. Prayers  creates a  shared  space  for  the Chaplain,  students,  faculty,  staff, Old Girls and  invited guests  to ar culate  the  school’s  spiritual  values and  to make meaningful  connec ons between  the  kinds of  thinking and  learning  we do  in  rela on  to our  community and, more broadly,  the world. Prayers prompts ques ons,  deepens  insights and  celebrates our  community  in all  its diversity. Students are  invited  to  reflect  on  the  resonance of  the  school’s  vision, mission and  values and how  they  can apply  these  to  their  own  lives. Major  religious  fes vals of other  faiths are also  celebrated at Prayers. A endance at  Prayers  is  compulsory because  it  is  considered  instruc onal  me and, as  such,  is an academic  requirement. Parents are always welcome  to a end Prayers.  Values, Ethics and Religious Educa on  At Havergal,  the development of  spiritual and moral  values  is an essen al part of  character  development. All  students  from  JK  to Grade 8 par cipate  in  religious educa on  classes. While our  tradi ons are Anglican, major  religious  fes vals of other  faiths are  celebrated and  shared. 

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Commitment  to Diversity  Havergal will  foster understanding and  tolerance about difference  in  race, ancestry, place of  origin,  color, ethnic origin,  ci zenship,  creed,  sex,  sexual orienta on, gender  iden ty, gender  expression, age, marital  status,  family  status, or disability. These  terms  shall have  the meaning  accorded  to  them under  the Ontario Human Rights Code.  Commitment  to Sustainability   The Havergal  community will meet  its  responsibility  to  contribute  to  the flourishing of  the Earth.  Each member of  the  school  community  is a part of  the  collec ve  responsibility  to build awareness  and understanding of  sustainable prac ces and principles and  to  implement prac ces and policies  in  focus areas  including energy efficiency, waste  reduc on and  the procurement and use of  resources. For more  informa on,  visit:‐campus/sustainability Commitment  to Philanthropy  Havergal’s  long  tradi on of philanthropic  support has  spanned genera ons. Support began with  the  founding of Havergal  in 1894. The establishment of  its present  campus  in 1926,  the addi on  of new wings built  in 1959, 1977 and 1999 as well as Havergal’s Athle c Centre  (built  in 2006) and  Dr. Catherine  Steele Archives were all made possible  through  contribu ons  from members of  the  Havergal  community.   Why  Is Dona ng  Important?   Each  year, we  invite members of  the Havergal  community,  including parents, Old Girls, Grade 12  students,  staff and  friends  to donate  to our Annual Fund. Everyone who  is a member of  the  Havergal  community  is  invited  to  support  to  the best of  their ability. Annual giving  is an  important  source of financial  support  for  curriculum enrichment, financial assistance,  special projects and  many other  ini a ves  that make our academic, athle cs, arts and music programs unique.  Each genera on of Havergal  students have benefited  from  the generosity of past  supporters. By  making  your annual gi ,  you are advancing our  culture of giving and ensuring  that our girls have  an enriching experience while at Havergal. Par cipa on  is  in many ways as  important as  the  amount given ; a  sense of  community  is  strengthened when everyone gives and  feels  invested  in  the  school’s mission. 

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The Annual Giving program  is administered by  staff  in  the department of Advancement &  Community Rela ons. Annual Giving packages are mailed each  fall. A  reminder mailing  is  delivered  in  the  spring  to  those who have not already made a dona on. We aim  to have 100%  par cipa on  from parents. 

Did you know?  ● Tui on  covers approximately 90% of  the actual  cost of a Havergal educa on. 

● All gi s of $25 or more  receive a  charitable  tax  receipt.  ● Havergal’s fiscal  year  is  from  July 1st  to  June 30th.  ● All Havergal donors are  recognized  in our Annual Report. 

What Are  the Priority Areas?  Where  you direct  your gi  is up  to  you. Some donors direct  their dona ons  toward  specific areas,  while others  choose  the area of greatest need. This  year, Havergal’s area of greatest need  is  the  Limitless Campaign.  Limitless Campaign  In addi on  to annual giving  support,  the  school undertakes a major  fundraising  campaign  approximately every decade  to ensure our  facili es  remain  current and  that we are able  to  support our  curriculum and  the  latest, most effec ve  teaching methods  that are  specific  to how  girls  learn.  The  Limitless Campaign brings  to  life our  strategic  vision of delivering  leading programs  in  spaces  that  inspire  learning. Our goal  is  to  raise $21 million  to  support developments  to Havergal’s  Junior  and Upper Schools  in order  to provide  the best  teaching and  learning environments possible. We  are proud  to be working with Diamond Schmi  Architects, a Governor General’s Award‐winning  firm, where Havergal Old Girl Sydney Browne  (Class of 1982)  is a Principal.  The  completed project will  see our  Junior School  students benefi ng  from a  two‐storey addi on  to  the north of  the exis ng building, where  customized  classrooms  for Art, Music and STEM  programs will  inspire girls  to  think  cri cally and  inter‐dependently. Reconstructed  Junior and  Senior Kindergarten  classrooms, a  renovated gymnasium and a new dining wing will  significantly  change  the  look and  feel of  the  Junior School. Our Upper School  students will experience a  three‐storey addi on at  the  rear of  the building adjoining  the Athle c Centre, providing  redesigned Art  studios,  innova ve  technology  classrooms, a new  student  commons  (featuring a 

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BioWall), a newly designed quad and a  renovated  servery. The  school  is aiming  to  complete  renova ons by early 2019,  in  me  to mark Havergal’s 125th anniversary. 

The  capital  campaign  can only be  realized by  the  con nued  investment  from our  community—parents, grandparents, Old Girls,  faculty,  staff and  friends.  

To make a gi  online, please  visit

What  Is  the  Impact of My Gi ?  ● Bursary  support makes a Havergal educa on more accessible  for qualified  students who  could not otherwise afford  to a end.  ● Upgraded equipment and quality  resources  strengthen our Athle cs, Arts, Drama and  Music programs.  ● Guest  speakers are experts  in  their fields who  can expand  the  reach of  the  classroom.  ● Enhanced  learning  spaces offer more flexible  learning environments.  ● Professional development  for  teachers encourages  innova on  in  the  classroom.  How Do  I Make My Gi ?  ● Please  feel  free  to  call  the Advancement Officer, Community Rela ons at 416‐482‐4707  ● You  can also  review  the different ways  to give on  the website at:  h ps://‐to‐give/ ● In  the  fall,  you will  receive an Annual Giving package with a  reply envelope enclosed  for  your dona on – many of our parents  choose  to donate  through  the mailed package.  

Havergal’s  charitable business number  is: 11923 7212 RR0001 

The Havergal College Founda on  The Havergal College Founda on oversees  the  investment of  funds  raised by  the Havergal  community.   The Founda on ensures  that  the assets of The Founda on,  together with expected  contribu ons  and  income, are  invested  in a prudent and effec ve manner. Please  visit  for more  informa on on The Havergal College Founda on.  

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School  Leadership  

Governance  The Board of Governors  is  responsible  for  the overall  stewardship of Havergal College. The Board  sets broad policy direc ons  through  strategic planning and goal  se ng and ensures  the financial  stability of  the  school. The Board  is  responsible  for appoin ng  the Principal  to whom  it delegates  authority over  the administra on of  the  school and ma ers of  curriculum and  staffing.  In  keeping  with membership  requirements of  the Canadian Accredited  Independent Schools  (CAIS),  the  Board oversees  the  school and  remains at arm’s  length  from  the administra on.  Senior  Leadership Team  (SLT)  The Senior  Leadership Team oversees all aspects of  the  school. This  team  is  chaired by  the  Principal and made up of  individuals with  responsibili es  for Academics  (curricular and  co‐curricular program), Admissions, Advancement, Community Rela ons, Communica ons,  Marke ng, Facili es,  Finance,  School  Life, Opera ons, Safety, Student Wellness, Human Resources  and  Informa on Technology. The SLT  is  comprised of  the  following members:


Helen‐Kay Davy  Seonaid Davis 

Vice Principal Teaching &  Learning Vice Principal  School  Life & Opera ons

Michael  Simmonds 

Vice Principal  Student Engagement & Experien al Development

Garth Nichols 

Interim Head,  Junior School  (JK–6) Head, Senior School  (Grades 9–12)

Kate White

Gillian Mar n 

Execu ve Director of Enrollment Management  Execu ve Director of Communica ons & Marke ng Execu ve Director of Advancement & Community Rela ons

Maggie Houston‐White   Antonie a Mirabelli 

Tony diCosmo  Sandip Mitra 

Chief Financial Officer Director of Facili es 

Lisa Massie 

Execu ve Director of People & Culture

Catherine Caven Ortved 

Director of  IT 

Keith Townend  

Execu ve Assistant  to  the Principal and Board of Governors

Jill Azis 

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Principal  The Principal provides  strategic oversight and  leadership  to all aspects of Havergal College while  fostering  the  school’s principles of  imagina on, diversity, excellence, altruism,  leadership and  spiritual  life. As well,  the Principal oversees fiscal and human  resources management,  fundraising  and advancement  ini a ves,  the development of  faculty and  staff,  short‐ and  long‐term  facili es  planning,  local and global outreach and building  rela onships within and beyond  the Havergal  community. The Principal ensures  that Havergal’s  vision, mission and  values guide and  support  the  school’s  strategic and opera onal  ini a ves and welcomes  the opportunity  to meet with  individual parents  to discuss  various  school‐related  topics.   Vice Principal  (VP) Teaching &  Learning  The VP, Teaching &  Learning provides  leadership and  strategic oversight  for academic  programming and Ministry  compliance  from  Junior Kindergarten  to Grade 12.  Learning  support  specialists and  Junior School Curriculum Coordinators and Upper School Department Heads work  closely with  the VP Teaching &  Learning  to align  the  teaching and  learning  vision of  the  school.  The VP Teaching &  Learning oversees  the professional development of all  faculty.  Vice Principal  (VP) School  Life & Opera ons  The VP School  Life & Opera ons provides  leadership and  strategic oversight  for  the day  to day  opera ons and  safety of  the Upper School  (Grades 7  to 12), which  includes  the Boarding School  (Grades 9  to 12). The VP School  Life & Opera ons also oversees whole  school  (JK–12) events and  assists other  school  leaders  in dealing with  serious  student discipline and  faculty accountability  related  issues. Vice Principal  (VP) Student Engagement & Experien al Development  The VP Student Engagement & Experien al Development provides  leadership and  strategic  oversight  for  student engagement and  leadership opportuni es both within and outside  the  school. The VP Student Engagement & Experien al Development oversees  the Forum  for Change  to ensure  its mandate  is  consistent with  the  school’s  strategic direc on.  

Last Updated Aug. 18, 2017  Havergal College Family Handbook 2017–18


Interim Head,  Junior School  (JK–6)  The  Interim Head,  Junior School  is  responsible  for  the  leadership and  strategic oversight of  the  Junior School  students,  faculty and opera ons. The  Interim Head ensures  that effec ve  strategies,  resources and personnel are  in place  to meet  the needs of  students and  faculty  in  the  Junior  School.  Head, Senior School  (Grades 9–12)  The Head, Senior School has oversight  for  student  support  services, which  includes  student wellness,  student discipline,  the Teacher Advisor  (TA) and House programs,  student wellness as well as a endance  and behaviour  tracking. The Head, Senior School also organizes a  speaker  series  for parents on  issues  related  to  student wellness.   Execu ve Director  (ED) of Enrollment Management  The Execu ve Director of Enrollment Management provides  leadership and  strategic oversight  for  the projec on and management of Havergal’s   enrollment  from  Junior Kindergarten  through  Grade 12,  for both day and boarding  students. This ED  is  responsible  for  the  recruitment,  admission and  reten on of Havergal  students and all processes associated with  these areas  in  order  to  support  the  sustainability of  the  school.   As member of  the SLT  the ED  sits on  relevant  Board Sub‐commi ees.  Execu ve Director  (ED) of Communica ons & Marke ng  The Execu ve Director of Communica ons & Marke ng provides  leadership and  strategic oversight  in  the  crea on and execu on of all of Havergal’s marke ng and  communica ons programs and ac vi es. The  ED of Communica on & Marke ng works  to  increase Havergal’s brand  recogni on, ensures  consistent  messaging across  the  school’s online,  social media and print material and manages public  rela ons,  media  inquires and Havergal’s Crisis Communica ons Plan.  Execu ve Director  (ED) of Advancement & Community Rela ons  The Execu ve Director of Advancement & Community Rela ons oversees  the por olios of major  gi s, annual giving,  special events, alumnae  communica ons and prospect  research. As an  ambassador  for Havergal and  the broader  community,  the ED of Advancement & Community 

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provides guidance  to  the Havergal College Parent Associa on  (HCPA). This ED  spearheads  the  securing of financial  support  from poten al donors  commi ed  to  the  vision of  the  school and  leads  strategies  to engage alumnae, parents and others  in  school  life as  volunteers, advocates and  supporters.  Chief Financial Officer  (CFO)  The Chief Financial Officer  is  responsible  for  the daily financial opera ons of  the  school, while  driving Havergal’s  long‐term  strategy  for fiscal  sustainability. The CFO acts as  the Treasurer of  the  Board of Governors and of The Havergal College Founda on. Addi onally,  the CFO will be  the  staff  liaison  to  the Chair of  the Finance and Audit Commi ee and oversee  the financial management of  the  school’s Master Plan. This  role extends  to  the areas of Food Services,  Informa on Technology,  Facili es and  the Business Office  to ensure  the  smooth delivery of  those  func ons.  Director of Facili es  The Director of Facili es provides  leadership  throughout  the  school  in  se ng  the direc on  for  the  design, plans,  construc on and maintenance of Havergal’s building, grounds, equipment,  security,  construc on and other  facili es  to achieve op mal u liza on.  In addi on,  the Director of  Facili es ensures  compliance with  the  regula ons and  integrity of  the historical  status and  designa on of  the main building.  Execu ve Director  (ED) of People & Culture  The Execu ve Director of People & Culture provides  leadership and  strategic oversight  in  the  development and  implementa on of  contemporary human  resources  frameworks  that  con nue  to a ract and  retain a highly engaged,  commi ed and professional workforce. As well,  the ED of  People and Culture  is  responsible  for  consul ng with  senior  leaders  to align and  implement  human  resources policies and programs  that  support Havergal’s philosophy, objec ves and  strategic plan, as well as providing HR  support  to all employees.   Director of  Informa on Technology  (IT)  The Director of  IT  is  responsible  for providing  vision and  leadership  in developing and  implemen ng  the  informa on  technology  strategy  to  support  the  school’s  strategic plan and  mission. Working  collabora vely with academic and administra ve  staff,  the Director of  IT ensures  the  school’s network  infrastructure and  system  servers provide a  safe and  reliable pla orm by 

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which  the  school  can  serve all members of  its  community. The Director of  IT ensures  that  school’s  technology  ini a ves enhance  teaching and  learning. 

Execu ve Assistant  (EA)  to  the Principal and Board of Governors   Execu ve Assistant  to  the Principal and Board of Governors  is  responsible  for all administra ve  func ons and  support  rela ng  to  the Office of  the Principal and  to  the Board of Governors. As an  Officer of  the Corpora on,  the EA  serves as Corporate Secretary, advising on Board processes,  procedures,  record‐keeping and  regulatory filings. 

Administra on, Faculty and Staff 

Assistant Head, Middle School  (7–8)   The Assistant Head, Middle School  leads  the Middle School Form Program, oversees  student  life  and  student engagement  ini a ves and manages  the opera onal  running of  the Middle School.  The Assistant Head, Middle School  is  responsible  for  student discipline  in Grades 7 and 8.   Head, Boarding School  (Grades 9–12)   The Head, Boarding School provides oversight and  leadership  for  the Boarding School program,  working  closely with Dons &  Junior Dons  to  create a  safe, nurturing and  suppor ve  home‐away‐from‐home  for Havergal’s Boarding  community. The Head, Boarding also  collaborates  with  the  subject  teachers,  the School Nurse, Guidance Counsellors and other members of  the  Student Support Team  to ensure  the academic,  social, emo onal and wellness needs of Boarders  are met.  Curriculum Coordinators  (Junior School)  The Curriculum Coordinators are  teaching and  learning  specialists  in  their  respec ve disciplines  (Literacy, Mathema cs, STEM and Program  Integra on) and work  closely with  the homeroom  teachers  in planning and  co‐teaching. Each Coordinator provides professional development  opportuni es and helps develop program  resources  to ensure  the breadth, depth and  consistency  of our program areas. 

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Department Heads  (Upper School)  Department Heads are  the  teaching and  learning  specialists  in  their  respec ve disciplines and  work  closely with  their departmental  colleagues.  In  this  role,  they  remain  knowledgeable and  current on pedagogical  issues,  strategies and approaches  to  support an aligned  vision  for  teaching  and  learning at Havergal.   Homeroom Teachers  (JK  to Grade 6)  Students  in  JK  to Grade 6 are organized  into homerooms and have a  teacher who oversees both  the academic and  social emo onal  learning of each  student.  Specialist Teachers  (Junior School)  Students are  taught by  specialist  teachers  in  the areas of Visual Arts, Music, French, Technology  and Health and Physical Educa on. These  teachers are  subject  specialists.  Form Teachers  (Grades 7 and 8)   In Grade 7 and 8,  students are organized  into  forms and  students meet with  their Form  teacher  in  their designated Form  room,  four mornings each week. The Form  teacher oversees a endance,  announcements, uniform  checks and  the Form program.   House Advisors  (Upper School)  House Advisors are House  leaders whose  job  it  is  to oversee and guide  their Teacher Advisor  (TA)  colleagues when  implemen ng  the TA program. They guide and  support  the  student  leadership  in  the house  to develop and deliver a House program.   Teacher Advisors  (Grades 9  to 12)   In Grades 9  to 12, each  student  is organized by house and has a designated Teacher Advisor  (TA).  These  faculty and  staff members meet  four mornings each week with  your daughter(s) and are  responsible  for monitoring each  student. The TA oversees a endance, announcements, uniform  checks and  the TA program.  

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Learning Support Specialists  (JK–Grade 12)   Our  Learning  Support  Specialists  support  the  learning needs of all  students  in  the  school. Working  one‐on‐one with  students who have  iden fied  learning needs as well as  teachers, our  Learning  Support Team puts  into place  the accommoda ons  required  for  student  success.   Guidance Counsellors  (Grades 7–12)  The Guidance department provides  services and  informa on  to assist Upper School  students and  their parents  in making educa onal,  career and personal development decisions. The Guidance  Counsellors acts as  liaisons with  teaching  staff, Boarding  staff, Wellness  staff, Chaplains and,  where appropriate, external agencies.  In Grades 9 and 10, Guidance Counsellors  focus on  the  developmental and academic needs of  students, academic planning and  transi on.  In Grades 11  and 12, Guidance Counsellors  focus on  the university planning and applica on process.  Addi onally, Guidance Counsellors  support  students’  social and emo onal needs. Students are  placed with  their  respec ve Guidance Counsellor by House.  School‐Based Social Worker  (Grades 7–12)   The School‐Based  Social Worker  is available  in  the  school on a part  me basis. Counselling  appointments are  confiden al and at no  cost  to  students and  their  families.   Chaplains  (JK–Grade 12)  Havergal’s  roots are  steeped  in  the Anglican  tradi on and  the  school  is  fortunate  to have  two  ordained Anglican priests working with  the  school  to meet  the pastoral and  spiritual needs of  the  Havergal  community. While our  school  tradi ons have an Anglican  focus, major  religious  fes vals  of other  faiths are  celebrated and honoured at Prayers.   Nurses  (JK–Grade 12)  Staffed by Registered Nurses,  the Wellness Centre  supports  the physical well‐being of Havergal  students. Wellness Centre  staff work  to educate  students with  respect  to health and wellness,  while  trea ng medical  concerns according  to medical direc ves  issued by  the  school’s physician  consult.  

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Physiotherapists  (Grades 7–12)  Qualified physiotherapists provide  treatment  to Havergal Upper School  student athletes  in  the  treatment  room  located on  the  lowest  level of  the Athle c Centre. Students needing  significant  treatment will be  referred  to  support outside of  the  school.   Athle c Directors   There are  two Athle c Directors  in  the  school:  Junior School  (JK  to Grade 6) and Upper School  (Grades 7  to 12). These  individuals have direct oversight of all  intramural and  compe ve athle c  ac vi es.   Director of Performing Arts  (Grades 5–12)   The Director of Performing Arts provides  leadership and oversight  to  the  co‐curricular program  in  the discrete domains of music, drama and dance while also amplifying  student poten al  in  the  discrete domains of music, drama and dance.  Student Support Team  (JK–Grade 12)  The Student Support Team  (SST)  consists of  Junior and Upper School  faculty and  staff who  collec vely oversee  school  strategies  related  to  student  support and wellness.  It  is  led by  the  Head, Senior School. 

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Havergal College Directory Junior School: 460 Rosewell Ave., Toronto, ON, M4R 2H5  Upper School: 1451 Avenue Rd., Toronto, ON, M5N 2H9 

General Opera on Hours, Monday  to Friday, 7:30 am – 5 pm 

Security Opera on Hours 24 hours/day  Email Addresses  for Faculty & Staff:  [first  ini al +  last name] 

Main Telephone


Direct Telephone Access 

416.483.3843 + Ext.

Security Main Fax 

416.483.3843  (Ext. 6602) 



Account Statements 

4701  4726 6521  4770  4700  4710  4706  4711  4701 

Admissions & Enrollment Management

Dona ons and Receipts 

Change  in Personal Contact  Informa on  (address, phone number &/or email)

Financial Aid

Green & Gold Shop  (uniforms and  school  supplies) 

Havergal Old Girls’ Associa on  (HOGA)

Transcript Requests 

Tui on Receipts 

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Junior School  (JK–Grade 6)

Junior School Office  (JSO)

416.483.3519 416.483.8747




A endance


6510  6928 

Gator Care Supervisor

Interim Head,  Junior School 

Kate White

4713  6510  6608 

Assistant  to  the  Interim Head,  Junior School

Karen Nielsen Calen Cifani

Administra ve Assistant

Vice Principals  VP Teaching &  Learning

Seonaid Davis

4719  6704 

Assistant, VP Teaching &  Learning

Alice Dana

VP School  Life & Opera ons

Michael  Simmonds

7541  6508 

Assistant, VP School  Life & Opera ons

Laura Sanchez

VP Student Engagement & 

Garth Nichols


Experien al Development  Assistant, VP Student Engagement &

Sally Danto


Experien al Development 

Curriculum Coordinators Literacy

Nancy Tulli

7513  6933  7534  7591 

Mathema cs

Kathy Kubota‐Zarivnij

Integrated  Learning

Rachel Read Darryl Reiter


Form Teachers  Junior Kindergarten  (JK)

Emily Partyka 

6925  6924  6926  7620 

           Laura Campbell 

Senior Kindergarten  (SK)

Usha Shanmugathasan 

                        Melissa Hickey

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Grade 1G Grade 1H Grade 2L Grade 2T Grade 3L Grade 3P Grade 4C Grade 4G Grade 5L Grade 5Y Grade 6C Grade 6M

Cate Gulyas Leslie Hood

7621  7503  7714  7802  7822  7617  7506  6935  7694  7669  7753  6644  7522  7614  6923  7674  7523  7673  7614  7695  6644  7537  7531  7530  6934 

Laura  Logaridis Ka e Tranter Andy  Lucacescu Hilary Prosser Britney Coleman  Kathryn Thibeault

Jesse Grosman

Raeme  Lockington

Julie Yocom

Helen Carayannis

Erin Murphy 

Specialist Teachers Athle cs Director

Sarah Szolopiak


Stephanie Douglas Bowman 


Patrizia Rizzo

                        France Gareau


Heather Cameron


Carrie Powers

                        Sarah Szolopiak


Jeff MacLean

                        Rachel Read


Technology Visual Art

Helen Carayannis

Rosa Mastri Ashley Fawce

Learning  Support  Specialists

Cheryl MacKinnon

Jodi McGeown

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Upper School  (Grades 7 –12)

Day School Office  (DSO)

416.482.4723  416.483.3519  416.483.6796 

Boarding School Office  (BSO)



Vice Principals  Vice Principal Teaching &  Learning Assistant  to  the VP Teaching &  Learning

Seonaid Davis

4719  6704 

Alice Dana

Vice Principal  School  Life & Opera ons Assistant  to  the VP School  Life & Opera ons

Michael  Simmonds

7541  6508 

Laura Sanchez

Vice Principal  Student Engagement & 

Garth Nichols


Experien al Development  Assistant  to  the VP Student Engagement & Sally Danto


Experien al Development

Department Heads Visual Art 

Miriam Davidson Andrea Charlton Heather  Johnstone  Sandra Nelson  Tony Nardi  Alex Shum Jessica  Lloyd Derek Tellis  Lindsay Norberg Seonaid Davis Kari Macer



           4715             6614 


Health & Physical Educa on 


Languages  (Fr., Sp.,  La n & Mandarin)


Library  Informa on Centre


Mathema cs 



           6628             7504             7512            4719 


Social Sciences 

Technological Educa on 

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Guidance Department  Guidance Counselor  (Grades 7 and 8) Guidance Counselor  (Grades 9 & 10) ● For  students  in AH, EK, KL, MD, MDF  Guidance Counselor  (Grades 9 & 10) ● For  students  in: CS, EN, FR, MT, MW  Guidance Counselor  (Grades 11 & 12) ● For  students  in: CS, EN, FR, MT, MW  Guidance Counselor  (Grades 11 & 12) ● For  students  in AH, EK, KL, MD, MDF 

Carrie Steele

7528  6611 

Jennifer Mandala

Kirsten Uhre


Heather Grant


Heather  Johnstone


Administra ve Assistant, Guidance

Cathy Atkinson


Learning Support Specialists  Middle School  (Grades 7 and 8) Senior School  (Grades 9–12)

Carrie Steele Nicole Klement

7528  7529 

Athle cs, Performing Arts, Pastoral Care, Wellness and Security  School Chaplain

The Rev. Canon Susan Bell

6534  6667  6607  4712  6512  6715  6611  4709 

Director, Performing Arts

Cissy Goodridge Angie Holstein Sharon Miller Robert Stepien Jackie Suongas  Vanessa Wade Rauni Whitely

Social Worker School Nurse

Security Manager

Athle cs Director, Upper School Coordinator, Student  Leadership

Food & Service Director

Forum  for Change Manager, Forum  for Change 

Melanie Belore Anastasia Wowk Jennifer Russell


Program Manager, Community Outreach

6506  6505 

Program Manager, Senior School

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Informa on Technology & BYOD  Director of  IT 

Keith Townend  Paul Shuebrook Shawn Fauvelle David  Johnson


Technology  Integra on

4708  7550  4771  6656  6728  6659  6517 

Technical Services

Service Desk Technician

Eva Silva

Selvia Soegiaman

Bruce Chow Peter Caira

Database Analysis & Project Management

Middle School  (Grades 7 and 8)  Assistant Head, Middle School  (Grades 7 and 8) JJ Pa erson

7549  6508 

Assistant  to  the Assistant Head,  Middle School  (Grades 7 and 8) 

Laura Sanchez

Grade 7 Form Teachers  7A

Megan Briggs


7B 7C 7D 7E 7F 7G 7H

Sarah Cro Sara Spigo



Heather Barr

7806  7663 

Karen Mackasey

Jeff Adams


Alexandra Denis

7626  7606 

Jennifer Mills

Grade 8 Form Teachers  8A

Kevin Walsh

7808  6921  7735  6628  7809 

8B 8C 8D 8E 8F 8G 8H

Amanda Vincent

Kari Macer Jessica  Llyod

Ingrid Chadwick Gordon Grisé Andrea Charlton


4715  6682 

JJ Pa erson

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Senior School  (Grades 9–12)  Head, Senior School Assistant  to Head, Senior School

Gillian Mar n


Sally Danto


Boarding School  (Grades 9–12)  Head, Boarding School

Natalia Stewart


House Advisors  Agnes Hansen Catherine  Steele

Jennifer Mandala Karen Whi ield

6653  7515 

Edith Nainby

Risa Morris


Ellen Knox

Burke Paterson

7661  7535  7590  6616  7665  7693  7619 

Frances Ridley Kate  Leonard

Eli  Javasky Sarah  Ianni Tony Nardi

Marcelle DeFreitas Margaret Taylor

Jennifer Pollack Judith De Boer Mary Ann Krotz

Marian Wood Mary Dennys

Last Updated Aug. 18, 2017  Havergal College Family Handbook 2017–18


Guidance and  Learning Support   Successful people  cul vate  resilience and a  resolve  to  face  challenges,  setbacks and  disappointments. As  such,  the  school aims  to help girls develop  the  confidence and  for tude  required of  them  to persevere  through difficult  mes  to achieve  their goals. Guidance and  Learning  Support  Specialists play an  important  suppor ng  role  in  this  regard by encouraging  students  to become advocates  for  their own  learning needs and post‐secondary aspira ons.   The essen al  role of Guidance and  Learning  Support  teachers  is  to help our  students at every  grade  to get  know  themselves  socially, emo onally and  intellectually. Not only do  they work  directly with  students, but  they act as  liaisons with  faculty, Boarding  staff, Wellness  staff,  Administrators and, where appropriate, external agencies.   Our  Learning  Support  Specialists develop  student‐specific educa onal plans  that help  them  achieve academic  success  in  the  classroom. They also help  students develop essen al execu ve  func oning  skills  like  me management,  task  ini a on and perseverance  that  serve  students  in  the  classroom and beyond.  Guidance Counsellors work  closely with Upper School  students at every grade  to help  them  navigate  the norma ve  social/emo onal  turbulence  that defines  the Middle School  (Grades 7 and  8) and Senior School  (Grades 9  to 12)  years. They  visit  classes  regarding  course  selec on  in  January and help Upper School  students make  sense of how  their elec ve  choices  can  impact  their university admission prospects  for different programs. Guidance Counsellors work with  students one‐on‐one,  in  small groups and grade‐specific groups. Two designated  counselors also  work  closely with our Grade 11 and 12  students with  their  their postsecondary  career and  university admission aspira ons. Our graduates a end highly  compe ve  ins tu ons  in Canada  and  interna onally.  A Framework  for Repor ng  the Disclosure of Personal  Informa on by Upper School Students  It  is not uncommon  for an Upper School  (Grades 7  to 12)  student  to have a  conversa on with a  Guidance Counsellor, School Nurse,  the  school Social Worker, a  coach or another  trusted  faculty  or  staff member  in which  the  student discloses  sensi ve personal  informa on about herself  and/or her  family.  In  so doing,  the  student might  specifically  request  that  the  informa on  she  discloses not be  shared with her parents. 

Last Updated Aug. 18, 2017  Havergal College Family Handbook 2017–18


While we encourage Upper School  students  to  share  important disclosures  they might make  to  faculty and  staff about  their physical and/or mental health and well‐being with  their parents,  it  is  key  that Upper School parents appreciate  that  capable  students have  legal  rights  to  their privacy  and  the  confiden ality of  their personal  informa on,  including personal health  informa on, under  applicable  laws.  When a  capable Upper School  student discloses personal  informa on  to  faculty and  staff and  specifically  requests  that  the  conversa on and  its details  remain  confiden al,  it  is  important  for  parents  to understand  that, with  the excep on of an  imminent  risk and/or health or  safety‐related  circumstances,  the  student’s  request will be honoured.  When a  student discloses  informa on  to a  faculty or  staff member about her personal health or  safety‐related  circumstances and  the  school believes  there  is an  imminent  risk  to  the  student or  to others,  the  student’s  right  to  confiden ality will not prevail and  the  school will  comply with  its  legal duty  to  report, which,  in most  cases, would  involve  immediately  contac ng  the  student’s  parents.  Havergal has outlined  steps  to manage  the  kinds of personal disclosures  that  students  can, and  do, make  to  faculty and  staff. School Administrators and  support  team members work  together, as  needed and on a  case‐by‐case basis,  to assess a  student’s  risk  to herself and  to others and  establish a preventa ve ac on plan, when necessary.  The Principal has a duty  to give assiduous a en on  to  the health and  comfort of  students under  the  school’s  care. Educators have a  common  law  standard of  care  to act as  reasonably  careful or  prudent parents  in  the  circumstances.  Havergal,  including  its  faculty and  staff,  is  required  to  follow applicable  laws and  the policies and  protocols established by professional organiza ons,  such as  the Ontario College of Teachers,  that  support  the  care and well‐being of  school‐aged  children and  young adults. 

Last Updated Aug. 18, 2017  Havergal College Family Handbook 2017–18


Policy on Summer School, Night School, Saturday School and  Correspondence Courses  

In order  that an Ontario Secondary School Diploma granted by Havergal College  reflects academic  work done at  the  school, Havergal has  implemented  the  following policy on  supplementary  courses. These  include  summer  school  courses, night  school  courses,  courses delivered  through  the  Independent  Learning Centre  (ILC) and Saturday  courses.  1. Students must  take all  compulsory  courses  for  the Ontario Secondary School Diploma,  including English 12  (ENG4U), at Havergal.  2. Students must  take all prerequisite  courses at Havergal, e.g., a  student may not  take Grade  11 Biology  (SBI3U)  in  the  summer and  then  register  for Grade 12 Biology  (SBI4U) at  Havergal  in a  subsequent  year.  3. Students will not be permi ed  to  register at an  ILC, night  school or Saturday  school  course  if  the  course  is offered and available  to  the  student at Havergal.  4. Students  registered  in Saturday, night or  ILC  courses must maintain  the minimum  course  load  in  their day program.  If a  student enters Grade 12 and needs  six  credits  to  fulfill  the  diploma  requirement,  she must be  registered  for  six  courses at Havergal.  There may be excep ons  to  the above policy due  to extenua ng  circumstances  such as prolonged  illness, an extraordinary  commitment  (e.g., Na onal Team  compe on) or other  special needs.  These excep ons will be determined on an  individual basis by  the VP, Teaching &  Learning.  Ministry Requirements  for Community  Involvement  (Grades 9–12)   In Ontario, every  secondary  school  student must  complete a minimum of 40 hours of  community  involvement ac vi es as part of  the  requirements  for an Ontario Secondary School Diploma  (OSSD). The purpose of  the  community  involvement  requirement  is  to encourage  students  to  develop awareness and understanding of  civic  responsibility. Through  this program,  students gain  an understanding of  the  role  they  can play and  the  contribu ons  they  can make  in  suppor ng and  strengthening  their  communi es. Another purpose of  the  community  involvement  requirement  is  to develop  strong  es between  students and  their  community,  fostering  valuable partnerships  and  long‐term  rela onships.  Community  involvement ac vi es may be  completed at any  me prior  to gradua on. However,  students may only begin accumula ng  community  involvement hours once  they have  completed  their final day of Grade 8. Students who enter Havergal College  from outside of Ontario  in Grades 

Last Updated Aug. 18, 2017  Havergal College Family Handbook 2017–18


9 and 10 must  complete 40 hours of  community  involvement. However,  students who enter  Havergal College  in Grade 11 must  complete 20 hours of  community  involvement and  students  who enter Havergal College  in Grade 12 must  complete 10 hours of  community  involvement. All  par cipants,  including  students and  community  sponsors, must be adequately  covered by  Havergal College’s  insurance.  Havergal College will not approve  student par cipa on  in any ac vi es  that are on  the Ministry of  Educa on’s  list of  ineligible ac vi es, but  it  is  important  to note  that  subject  to administra ve  approval,  students may be able  to accumulate up  to 10  community  service hours  volunteering at  school‐sanc oned events,  such as parent‐teacher  conference mee ngs. 

Last Updated Aug. 18, 2017  Havergal College Family Handbook 2017–18


Who To Contact When...  

An  Issue or Concern  Ini ally Arises  Please  contact  the person who  you  feel  is  closest  to  that  concern.  If  the  concern  is:  ● Academic: Contact  the  teacher  ● Social  / Emo onal  (Junior School): Contact  the Homeroom Teacher  (JK–Grade 6)   ● Social  / Emo onal  (Upper School): Contact  the Guidance Counsellor  (Grades 7–12)  

● Social  / Emo onal  (Boarding School): Contact  the Family Don  ● Junior School Squads, Squad Teams, Teams: Contact  the Coach  ● Upper School Athle c Concern: Contact  the Team Coach 

An  Issue or Concern  Is Not Resolved A er Speaking With  the Person Closest  to  the  Issue  ● Academic  ○ Curriculum Coordinator or  Learning  Support  (JK–6)  ○ Department Head  (Grades 7–12)  ● Social  / Emo onal: 

○ Learning  Support  (JK–Grade 6)  ○ Department Head, Guidance  ● Athle cs  in  the  Junior School:  Squads, Squad Teams, Teams  ○ JS Athle c Director  (Grades 4–6)  ● Athle cs  in  the Upper School  ○ US Athle c Director  (Grades 7–12)  ● Student  Leadership  ○ Assistant Head, Middle School  (Grades 7 and 8)  ○ Coordinator of Student  Leadership  (Grades 9–12) 

● Student Discipline 

○ Interim Head,  Junior School  (JK–Grade 6)  ○ Assistant Head, Middle School  (Grades 7 and 8) 

○ Head, Senior School  (Grades 9–12)  ○ Head, Boarding School  (Grades 9–12) 

Last Updated Aug. 18, 2017  Havergal College Family Handbook 2017–18


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