Havergal 2020+ Strategic Direction

Future-proofing the next generation.




Over 125 years ago, our founding Principal Ellen Knox asked students the poignant and powerful question “what are you going to do?” Her question is embedded into the very fabric of a Havergal education and is just as thought- provoking and inspirational today as it was all those years ago. In the complex, ever-changing world that we face today, preparing our students for the future requires a dynamic, intentional approach to the learning experience. Our Strategic Direction Havergal 2020 : Future-Proofing the Next Generation addresses this and outlines our

commitment to support and champion young women. At the heart of our strategy is the Havergal graduate. We can look to our former graduates, now Old Girls, as examples of strong women who are mentors for the next generation and illustrate the trailblazing influence of a Havergal education. Our direction was built on the foundations of innovation and developed with the community in mind. I am confident that our history of leadership and excellence will serve us well as we move forward to Havergal’s next chapter.

Martha Cohen Simmons 1999 Chair of the Board of Governors


As educators in an all-girls environment, we have an exceptional role to play in helping shape young people to become emerging leaders. Our students are on a journey of discovery to learn more about themselves and their passions. I believe an exceptional education equips young women with the confidence and purpose to influence not only their future, but a shared future for all. We find ourselves faced with unprecedented cultural and economic change. Humans must learn how to thrive in this digitally-immersed

Generation is our dynamic and thoughtful response, grounded on research from domains such as wellbeing, cognitive and neuropsychology, digital culture, future careers and character education. At the heart of Havergal’s vision are our future- ready graduates, young women who possess the values, skills and attributes to excel beyond the ivy walls. Together, we have an incredible opportunity to inspire them to be influencers and trailblazers. era. Havergal 2020 : Future-Proofing the Next

Catherine Misson Principal


The Havergal graduate is a globally-minded, confident and resilient decision maker, able to adapt and thrive in complex and changing environments. Our graduates are self-directed, lifelong learners that are equipped to navigate a dynamic and uncertain world. In a digitally-immersed world, Havergal graduates become Old Girls who focus on relationships and community building. They offer compassionate and courageous leadership and are able to authentically connect and inspire others. Creativity, reflective thinking and optimism are defining attributes. By building agency, supporting growth and celebrating the achievement of young women, Havergal empowers graduates to become global citizens, capable of learning, leading and working beyond the ivy walls. These Old Girls are a reflection of our graduates, who demonstrate leadership and act as catalysts for change in their many pursuits. The Havergal graduate is future-ready.


The Havergal employee is a dedicated, energetic and trustworthy team player. Our faculty and staff embody our College values and are deeply committed to bringing their knowledge, passion and enthusiasm to work each day for the benefit of our community. By acting with integrity, demonstrating leadership and displaying a willingness to face challenges head-on, Havergal employees are trusted and respected collaborators who excel in an educational environment. Our faculty and staff recognize opportunities for growth and continuously strive to improve their performance. Channeling imagination and creativity, Havergal team members explore new and alternative models for sustainable innovation. Our people have a global mindset and are focused on seeking diverse experiences, leveraging international connections to share resources and finding new opportunities for learning and development.


The Havergal community extends beyond students, faculty and staff to encompass a broader group of highly engaged families, Old Girls, donors, friends and partners, who are aligned to our College values. Our community members seek positive change and embrace new perspectives and approaches. By understanding and committing to Havergal’s mission, our members serve as dedicated, collaborative and supportive partners. These valued members are foundational to our Strategic Direction and essential to supporting students on their educational journey to become confident, globally-minded leaders of tomorrow.


Central to our vision is a commitment to the sustainability of our community. We will seek new opportunities to engage, connect and support our students, parents, Old Girls and volunteers through a variety of avenues. By cultivating a culture of philanthropy, we will help ensure our donors are inspired to action in support of girls’ education and the development of our future leaders and change- makers. Through careful, ongoing stewardship of our campus, we will ensure that our facilities continue to serve us in powerful and positive ways.


Our narrative will be sustained in a contemporary, powerful way, by encouraging and inspiring our community to continue learning and growing. To achieve our aspirations we will prioritize community engagement and support through a common understanding of the College’s renewed Strategic Direction.

Havergal 2020 : Future-Proofing the Next Generation is an evolving, agile vision of education. We will undertake a phased approach and will report our progress on key strategic projects to our community.

Phase 1: 2020–2022

HC-X , an innovation hub for the agile development of our educators and programs. Reimagined People and Performance Program , founded on a continuous listening strategy. Redesigned website , achieving a next generation platform for Havergal’s global footprint. Activated mentoring networks of the Havergal Old Girls Association (HOGA) , extending our Careers Program for students, particularly as they transition from Grade 12. Enhanced culture of philanthropy , through alignment of the Advancement Plan with our Strategic Direction. Renewed Master Plan , future-proofing the facilities and resources of the College campus.

Havergal College Blended Learning Model , emphasizing the pivotal role of student agency in learning. Ecological Learning , an integrated Junior School Program fostering belonging, connections and positive relationships. Digital Wisdom , a Middle School Program foundational for thriving in the digital era. Sustainable Futures , a Senior School integrated experience that immerses Grade 9 students in the challenges and opportunities of their century. JK-Grade 12 Wellbeing Program , a contemporary curriculum that equips students with the understanding, skills and strategies to be resilient and able to thrive throughout the developmental stages of their lives.

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