Havergal 2020+ Strategic Direction


The Havergal graduate is a globally-minded, confident and resilient decision maker, able to adapt and thrive in complex and changing environments. Our graduates are self-directed, lifelong learners that are equipped to navigate a dynamic and uncertain world. In a digitally-immersed world, Havergal graduates become Old Girls who focus on relationships and community building. They offer compassionate and courageous leadership and are able to authentically connect and inspire others. Creativity, reflective thinking and optimism are defining attributes. By building agency, supporting growth and celebrating the achievement of young women, Havergal empowers graduates to become global citizens, capable of learning, leading and working beyond the ivy walls. These Old Girls are a reflection of our graduates, who demonstrate leadership and act as catalysts for change in their many pursuits. The Havergal graduate is future-ready.

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