Havergal 2020+ Strategic Direction


As educators in an all-girls environment, we have an exceptional role to play in helping shape young people to become emerging leaders. Our students are on a journey of discovery to learn more about themselves and their passions. I believe an exceptional education equips young women with the confidence and purpose to influence not only their future, but a shared future for all. We find ourselves faced with unprecedented cultural and economic change. Humans must learn how to thrive in this digitally-immersed

Generation is our dynamic and thoughtful response, grounded on research from domains such as wellbeing, cognitive and neuropsychology, digital culture, future careers and character education. At the heart of Havergal’s vision are our future- ready graduates, young women who possess the values, skills and attributes to excel beyond the ivy walls. Together, we have an incredible opportunity to inspire them to be influencers and trailblazers. era. Havergal 2020 : Future-Proofing the Next

Catherine Misson Principal

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