Havergal 2020+ Strategic Direction


Our narrative will be sustained in a contemporary, powerful way, by encouraging and inspiring our community to continue learning and growing. To achieve our aspirations we will prioritize community engagement and support through a common understanding of the College’s renewed Strategic Direction.

Havergal 2020 : Future-Proofing the Next Generation is an evolving, agile vision of education. We will undertake a phased approach and will report our progress on key strategic projects to our community.

Phase 1: 2020–2022

HC-X , an innovation hub for the agile development of our educators and programs. Reimagined People and Performance Program , founded on a continuous listening strategy. Redesigned website , achieving a next generation platform for Havergal’s global footprint. Activated mentoring networks of the Havergal Old Girls Association (HOGA) , extending our Careers Program for students, particularly as they transition from Grade 12. Enhanced culture of philanthropy , through alignment of the Advancement Plan with our Strategic Direction. Renewed Master Plan , future-proofing the facilities and resources of the College campus.

Havergal College Blended Learning Model , emphasizing the pivotal role of student agency in learning. Ecological Learning , an integrated Junior School Program fostering belonging, connections and positive relationships. Digital Wisdom , a Middle School Program foundational for thriving in the digital era. Sustainable Futures , a Senior School integrated experience that immerses Grade 9 students in the challenges and opportunities of their century. JK-Grade 12 Wellbeing Program , a contemporary curriculum that equips students with the understanding, skills and strategies to be resilient and able to thrive throughout the developmental stages of their lives.

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