Havergal 2020+ Strategic Direction


Over 125 years ago, our founding Principal Ellen Knox asked students the poignant and powerful question “what are you going to do?” Her question is embedded into the very fabric of a Havergal education and is just as thought- provoking and inspirational today as it was all those years ago. In the complex, ever-changing world that we face today, preparing our students for the future requires a dynamic, intentional approach to the learning experience. Our Strategic Direction Havergal 2020 : Future-Proofing the Next Generation addresses this and outlines our

commitment to support and champion young women. At the heart of our strategy is the Havergal graduate. We can look to our former graduates, now Old Girls, as examples of strong women who are mentors for the next generation and illustrate the trailblazing influence of a Havergal education. Our direction was built on the foundations of innovation and developed with the community in mind. I am confident that our history of leadership and excellence will serve us well as we move forward to Havergal’s next chapter.

Martha Cohen Simmons 1999 Chair of the Board of Governors

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