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Annual Giving: Green & Gold Society

Members of the Green & Gold Society make leadership gifts of $1,000 or more to the school in a fiscal year. The collective generosity of these donors offers Havergal a significant financial contribution and helps to inspire giving in others. Thank you to each member of the Green & Gold Society for your support.

GREEN & GOLD CHAMPION Andrew and Beth Burgess Richard and Sophia Crenian Christopher and Katherine Cummings John Francis and Susan Caskey Jilla & Robert Williams Cheng Li and Linda Lin Ron and Samantha Lloyd Ted and Anastasia Manziaris Jill Denham and Stephen Marshall Eleanor McCain Patrick and Michelle Meneley Marianne Oundjian 1969 Robbie Pryde Boules and Mirette Riad Peter and Maria Stavropoulos Edwina Dick Stoate 1975 and Tim Stoate Gracie Rolph Wright 1944 Anonymous (1) GREEN & GOLD BENEFACTOR Sangjin and Sophia Kim John and Ambrosia Caplice Ben and Bonny Cheng Andrew Pang and Ginnie Choi Kenneth Morell and Juliette Chow Sara Cohen-Gelfand 1996 and Michael Gelfand Bryn Currie Stephen Dent and Janet Maclaren Michele Farrugia 1986 and David Dal Bello Bruce and Sharon Grantier Kris and Margaret Isberg

GREEN & GOLD PATRON Marilyn Ward King 1953 and Charles King Athanasios Harmantas Lorne and Donna Albaum Malcolm and Carolyn Archibald Susan Ortved Armitage 1961 Bruce and Mary Baccus Ali and Sharon Baghai Dinnie Hogarth Baker 1982 Nancy Tregunno Berkhout 1978 Noah Blackstein and Wendy Geller Marvin Green and Pamela Blais Nicole Bokor Alicia Bona 1991 Jeffrey and Tara Borg Christina Budweth Mingay Allan and Althea Buitendag Beth Graham Burrows 1987 Mark Caiger and Kara Brodribb Jeannie Callum 1986 Nick Cardinale and Gina Re-Cardinale John Francis and Susan Caskey Centaur Products Inc. Lawrence Chan and Anh-Tam Truong Robert and Theresa Chen C.F. and Lily Cheng Gary and Doris Chin Steven and Tae Hee Chin Bok Man Chan and Angie Ching Alex and Alison Chow Cathy Robinson Clark 1974 Christine Coutts Clement 1959 Earlaine Stewart Collins 1956 Sante and Joelle Corona Kevin and Debbie Crull Scott Wilson and Lucy Cummings Wendy Kei and Kevin Daley Dina de Jager and Christoph Kranemann Elizabeth de Jong and Geoff Benson Sven and Mary Dean Jeanne DesBrisay 1982 Leslie Anne Dexter Rui Chen and Yan Ding Peter and Susan Ditchburn Jennifer Dolman 1984 Michael Boyd and Shelagh Donovan Anne Langford Dotsikas 1983 and Peter Dotsikas Sam and Claire Duboc Andrew and Janet Durnford Mounir El-Ayari and Jane Shantz Heather Evans Donald Findlay Michael Franks and Kristy McCurdy Luba Frastacky 1963 Evan Wayne and Risa Freeman Dan and Kathryn Barclay Dario and Ildiko Battista

Mark and Patricia Fuller Amy Gaskin 1986 and David Smith Raymond and Cynthia Goh Goldman, Sachs & Co. Susan Wright Gooderham 1974 and Michael Gooderham Joanne Hyde Gooding 1982 and Brian Gooding Gordon and Celia Goodman Tony George and Sarah Graves Diana Porritt Greer 1953 and Donald Greer Mark and Susan Groesbeck Carole Hall Pruyn Haskins Doug Kellar and Laurie Hay Jake and Virginia Herman Robert Stewart and Margaret Herridge Alan Hibben Andre and Jocelyn Hidi David and Sue Jeon Celia Johnson 1991 Barry and Jane Johnson Will Fung and Leslie Johnson Matthew Johnson Jaime Harper and Danielle Jolicoeur Francis Li and Evelyn Kai-Li Bing Kang Katsiris Family Raj Katyal Vivian Ke and Homer Tien Heather Fisher Kennedy 1976 Iain Kennedy Jenny Kerr 1993 Ann Kerwin Hyeung Yeul Kim and Kyeung Suk Choi James and Sujin Kim Elizabeth King 1983 and Eric Armour Elliot and Andrea Kohn Roland Koo and Susan Kwan Sasa and Rosie Krcmar Philip and Kar Kung Lionel Chew and Tracy Kung Sonia Armstrong Labatt 1956 and Arthur Labatt Scott and Amanda Lampard Jane Langford 1988 and J. Blair Freeman Barrie and Joan Laver Anne Lawrence Harrop 1983 and Bruce Harrop Gary and Soon Lawrence Barry and Wendy Gordon Grand Estates Canada Inc. Christopher Jyu and Joy Ho Phong Vo and Sophia Hoang Firas Askari and Bree Holt Jackie Hung Mary Hwang

Douglas and Christine Lawson Roger Xu and Sophia Le

Andrew Lee and Annie Kwok Albert Wong and Winnie Lee Randy Lenaghan and Carolyn McCaughey

Kwok Ki Leung and Shirley Lau Raymond Leung and Patricia Lim David Li W. and Joan Livingston Timothy and Christine Lomax Thomas and Theresa Lui Jamie and Cathy Macdonald

Cameron and Denise MacDonald Dorothy Vernon Macdonald 1956 John MacDonald Margot Chapman Macdonnell 1984 and Hugh Macdonnell Bart MacDougall Graeme MacGregor and Melanie Lauber Richard and Karina Mak Manchee Foundation (The) John Manning and Yahphen Chang Stefano Lizzola and Alanna Marshall Lizzola Timothy Broughton and Karen Marshall Gary and Linda Mattan Christopher and Elizabeth Matthews Helene Clarkson 1984 Joyce Allan McAlpine 1965 and James McAlpine Eleanor McCain Kathryn McCain 1969 and Jamie Pyper Margaret Norrie McCain 1951 Bruce and Alison McDonald Eleanor McDonald 2002 James and Sylvia McGovern Ian Kidson and Carole McNabb Shaf Keshavjee and Donna McRitchie Mitesh and Mary Helen Mehta Maria Miklas Jamey Gage and Danielle Miller Glen McMillan and Roberta Minna Sunil Mistry and Jennifer Dettman Andrew and Heather Mitchell Andrew and Mags Moor Catherine Lawrence 1977 and Jerome Morse Lani Nugent Moses 1964 Mountifield Charitable Foundation Frederick and Liza Murrell Allyson Whyte Nowak 1986 John Coady and Jane Nyman Jo-Anne O’Connor Eden Oliver 1978 and H. Scott Fairley John and Catalina Pang Louise Park MacMillan 1972 Andrew and Lisa Parker Sarah Sedgwick Parry 1979

Mike and Lori Fisher Kevin and Beth Foley Gregory David Jonathan Hunter Kevin Daley and Wendy Kei Jonathan and Kate Lisus

Elizabeth Barford Malcolm 1981 Michael and Loree Meneguzzi Frances Carlisle Moran 1935 Gavin Higgs and Christine Morin-Higgs Bill Morneau and Nancy McCain Bill and Linda Quinn Elizabeth Malcolm Sean and Julie Regan Kenneth Scott Daniel and Hollie Shapiro Martha Cohen Simmons 1999 and Teddy Simmons Marianne Taggio

John and Claudine Vettese Bruce and Elizabeth Walter Michael and Annette White

ANNUAL REPORT 2012–2013  41

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