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Annual Giving: Green & Gold Society (cont.)

Giving Back to HC

Elizabeth Carr 1995, Ivy Society donor and Havergal Circle donor, shares these sentiments about her time at Havergal. “Attending Havergal was a turning point in my life. I donate to the school in gratitude for the opportunities it gave me and to provide other young women with similar opportunities for growth. Havergal gave me an excellent academic foundation. The demanding course load consistently pushed me to meet challenging goals. In addition to learning science, history, languages and mathematics, Havergal taught me how to learn. The skills I developed at Havergal have served me exceedingly well in my subsequent academic and professional pursuits. Equally importantly, Havergal gave me a community that helped to mould my values. The school emphasized the importance of integrity, fair play and teamwork. I continue to be inspired by the challenge to make a difference for good in the world. I want every young woman to have the opportunity to enjoy the education I experienced. This is why I give to Havergal.”

Manos and Maria Pavlakis David and Helen Peters Linda Probyn 1988 and James McCarvell Zul and Reshma Rahim Vivek Rao Judy Ratcliffe 1952 Tim and Gail Regan Rudolph and Maroussia Reid Thomas and Wendy Rigby Meghan Robertson 1980 and Dirk Rueter Brenda Robson Michael Book and Catherine Roche Roger and Jane Rosmus Lois Rowe David Safran and Catriona Ferguson Alex and Nancy Samarze John and Christina Sanders Scott Bere and Melinda Sanderson Kirby Wayne and Dolores Saunders Roy and Anna Pia Scaini Katrina Schumacher Cary Auwaerter and Pina Sciarra Dan and Christine Sharp Sherry Taylor Drew 1963 Stephen and Leslie Sigurdson Peter and Carrie Simon Michael Simonetta Katy Ritcey Sisley 1987 and Hugh Sisley Samuel and Ruby Siu Allison Smith Archie and Terrie So Fei Song Robert Spiegel and Renee Sananes Tim and Carrie Stinson Kevin and Sandra Sullivan Jun Sun and Ling Zhang Brian and Nicole Beckmann Swales 1987 Michael Wood and Margaret Sweet Andrew and Nori Syriopoulos Michael Kong Kate and Robert Taylor Gregory and Jennifer Thompson Susan Armitage Jennifer Tory 1974 Hung Leung Tsim and Mie Mizuno Marcia Cox Vaughey 1962 Denis and Cathy Veres Scott Woroch and Marian Vobach Ashok Mukherjee and Sujana Vupputuri Lan Wang and Fanping Deng Alexandra Warly 1983 David Gratzer and Cheryl Wein William White George and Letha Whyte Sareena Ghulati Wildberger 1988 Judith Wilder Nick Williams and Cathy Langdon Margot Potter Willoughby 1981 and Richard Willoughby Jane Wilson 1971

Michael Yam Louise Yearwood Jenny Yip 1999

Eric Yu and Madeline Huang He Ming Li and Yu Ling Zhang Roger and May Zhu Lianzhi Wang and Li Zong John and Jessica Zufferli Anonymous (6)

* Indicates Green & Gold Society donors who are deceased


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