Past, Present, Future Program

The program from Havergal College's 125th anniversary event on May 3, 2019: Past, Present, Future.


2019 May 3



The beautiful stained glass windows that line Havergal’s Brenda Robson Hall highlight the colourful panes that stand together, shining brightly. Much like our Havergal community, each one is distinct and will be forever linked.



Message from the Principal


Message from the Chair of the


Board of Governors

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Performing Arts

Message from the School Captain




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2019 Inductees

125 YEARS OF HAVERGAL Havergal’s History Since 1894



I am delighted to have you—our proud Havergal community members—join us this evening for our very special celebration. Our students, faculty and staff embarked on a journey to create tonight’s program, long before our 125th anniversary year commenced back in January, and I am certain you will enjoy this wonderful showcase that highlights their passion and talent.

The arts have always held a prominent place in the Havergal College experience and are a key element of our strong liberal arts education. By cultivating creativity, the arts allow young women the opportunity to express themselves, to build confidence, to develop self-knowledge and—as stated in our school’s mission—to make a difference. It is always a pleasure seeing our students perform; it uplifts our spirits, allows our community to come together and creates fond memories that we will one day look back on, years from now. Our 125th anniversary is a reminder of our place in time and space; it represents a continuum of Havergal throughout the ages. We are connected by Havergal’s traditions, values and mission, which shape our past, inspire our present and motivate our future. This evening you will experience an artistic expression of the Havergal spirit, which shines a spotlight on our students and their potential. I am thrilled to commemorate this occasion and I congratulate the students, faculty and staff, along with our esteemed special guests, for their tremendous efforts in delivering this magnificent evening of performance. Thank you for joining us to celebrate Havergal’s special 125th birthday. Cheers to many more.

Helen-Kay Davy Principal, Havergal College



It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to the celebration of Havergal’s 125th birthday. The arts have held a special place at Havergal since 1894, and our performances this evening will showcase our school’s immense artistic talent. Guests tonight will also see how our values of integrity, inquiry, compassion and courage are embedded into the very fabric of the Havergal education.

Integrity : The young women in this event have prepared tirelessly to produce these glorious performances. They agreed to work hard, helped one another succeed and supported one another in preparing and rehearsing. Through these actions, our students have demonstrated how to perform with true integrity. Inquiry : During the creative process, students have had to question and discover their own interpretations of the musical score, using inquiry to inform what you will hear this evening. Compassion : Music has been shown to increase empathy and compassion. The young women you see before you tonight have shown great compassion in their openness to listen to one another and share in the musical experience. Courage : Stepping on to the stage at Roy Thomson Hall certainly takes courage. The skill to perform in public will support the growth of students in their ability to speak publicly, present themselves proudly and take on leadership roles both within and beyond our ivy walls. Music was an integral part of my own Havergal education, and I recall standing on this same stage at Havergal’s 100th anniversary, singing and playing proudly. As I look back and reflect on the ways music at Havergal has helped me become the woman I am today, I hope the current Havergal students will do the same as they participate in this milestone performance.

Martha Cohen Simmons 1999 Chair of the Board of Governors, Havergal College



As the preparations for our 125th celebration began, I was committed to creating an event that truly celebrated our unique community. While this event shines a spotlight on the Performing Arts, we have strived to include students from a variety of programs. My hope is that there will be moments throughout this evening that connect with you and your experience at the school. Whether it be as a student, parent, Old Girl, or Faculty and Staff member, tonight, we have honoured all of you, through music, dance and drama.

Throughout our planning, each Performing Arts faculty member carefully curated their material in an effort to connect the repertoire to the students and our audience. During the performance, you will witness the integration of our school and the Arts. Our Drama students wrote their monologues about Old Girls from different academic pursuits. Our Upper School 125 Dance troupe and Junior School Dance Company created a piece about Prayers, and our Senior School Choir and Drama team collaborated to create works about political science, all of which culminate to our Finale performance, which includes more than 300 performers. Tonight, we will make history. Not only are we celebrating 125 years of excellence, but we are also celebrating the creation of our commissioned work, Past, Present, Future: Havergal’s 125th Anniversary Song , which has been written, in part, by the students of Havergal College. Guided by our composer, Marie-Claire Saindon, more than 400 students took part in composing this piece of music. One of my proudest moments was watching the girls brainstorm about what Havergal means to them. In the end, we have a poem with three parts, each representing a different stage in a student’s journey at school. The girls took this opportunity to use their voice and were very thoughtful about the images and text they wanted to create. I encourage you to read the poem in this program. Past, Present, Future: Havergal’s 125thAnniversary Song is about growth, community and empowerment. Each stage is unique and critical to the development of a resilient student. As we celebrate together, may you feel a sense of pride for being a part of our community, and a sense of joy as you watch the performances that have been so carefully created for you. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Cissy Goodridge Director of Performing Arts, Havergal College



As School Captain, this year has been a special one for me at Havergal, and it holds even more significance now as we celebrate the school’s 125-year anniversary. I have been at Havergal for seven years, which is but a fraction of time compared to Havergal College’s great legacy. We do not often get the chance to celebrate our school all together, with past, present and future members of the community, so this is truly a memorable occasion and a moment that we can proudly honour.

I have always felt the presence of Havergal in my life. It has been a piece of my home, literally. My grandma had a painting of Havergal done when my mom went to the school and it still sits on the mantle in our basement. The stained glass windows in the Brenda Robson Hall and Canadian flag on top of the school remain today, just as they were years ago. Except in my mom’s day, it wasn’t called Brenda Robson Hall—Miss Robson was still a teacher then! I feel it is this connection between past and present that makes Havergal so special. This is why the school’s emphasis on alumnae has been such a big part of Havergal’s identity. Each student becomes part of Havergal’s Old Girl Association (HOGA) upon graduation, linking them to decades of past students, and it is lovely to see just how much students support one another beyond their years at the school. I would like to extend a thank you to the Old Girls who took the time to join us for our celebration tonight. Seeing your faces reminds us of the importance Havergal can hold long after we graduate. They say the most important things you can be given are roots and wings. Over the past 125 years, we have planted our roots deep, enriched with tradition and a dedication to learning. And yet, each year is another opportunity for us to spread our wings and venture to new places. Please join me in celebrating all Havergal has done, continues to do and will achieve in the future.

Catherine Thomas School Captain 2018–19, Havergal College




Catherine Thomas, School Captain Sheena McKeever, Boarder Captain


One World | SUSAN AND PHILIP KERN (see page 19 for lyrics)

(all stand)


Helen-Kay Davy, Principal Martha Cohen Simmons 1999, Chair of the Board of Governors

125 Drama &

Old Girls of Humanities

Senior School Choir


Havergal’s Value of

Leila Agil and Ella Carrique


Upper School 125 Dance Stained Glass | ARR. JALA MALCOLM Troupe & Junior School Dance Company

125 Drama

Old Girls of Arts Sue Coon Pike 1958 | PERFORMER: ARIANNA FORGIONE Giselle Jones 1990 | PERFORMER: SAM NEWMAN Isabel Erichsen-Brown LeBourdais 1927 | PERFORMER: JENNIPHER POLYGENIS Mariko Anraku 1988 | PERFORMER: ARIANNA FORGIONE

Middle School Choir

Birdsong | PAUL READ

Havergal’s Value of

Rayana Gupta, Kate Davidson and Callia Newall


Junior School Choir


Movt I— The Silent Fool Movt II— Telling the Truth Movt III— My Dear Mother Wau Bulan | ARR. TRACY WONG


Video Presentation

125 Years of Memories


Havergal’s Value of

Liz Harkness and Marley Melbourne


125 Drama

Old Girls of Athletics Sarah Pape 1990 | PERFORMER: SAM NEWMAN Gillian Apps 2001 | PERFORMER: JENNIPHER POLYGENIS Alexandra Orlando 2005 | PERFORMER: SCHEHREZADE YOUSAFZAI

Special Guests’ Performances



A Message from the Primary Students

Arianna Huculak, Nakia Kheraj and Kaitlyn Wagman

Video Presentation

Happy Birthday, Havergal College

Symphonic Band


125 Drama

Havergal’s Value of

Jordan Murrell and Anika Dilawri


Symphony Orchestra

Symphony No. 5 Allegro Con Brio | LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN

& Grade 9 Band

Video Presentation

Making of Past, Present, Future: Havergal’s 125th Anniversary Song


Past, Present, Future: Havergal’s 125th Anniversary Song MARIE-CLAIRE SAINDON Movt I— From the Dark | SOLOISTS: KATE GRATZER AND ABIGAIL SIMON-RASIAH, COCO ZHOU AND LILLY SIMMONS Movt II— The Towering Panes (L’éternel vitrail) Movt III— Wake The Embers

School Song

Vitai Lampada Tradens (see page 19 for lyrics)

(all stand)


ABOUT THE WORKS Music, Drama & Dance


ABOUT THE WORKS Senior School Choir

Un Canadien Errant | arr. Mark G. Sirett Conductor: Jessica Lloyd | Piano Accompanist: Sara Spigott Soloist: Rebecca Luo (Understudy: Arianna Forgione)

Un Canadien Errant (translation: A Wandering Canadian ) is a heartbreaking and sentimental folk song about rebels who were banished from Lower Canada for treason. It was written shortly after the failed rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada in 1837. The words speak of the pain of exile and the longing to return home, while knowing that home will never be seen again. This piece was chosen for Havergal’s 125th anniversary due to its historical Canadian content. It contains a beautiful arrangement of various harmonic textures and a melody that conveys the feeling of longing and despair. It also provides a chance to feature one of our talented soloists, along with the Chamber Choir.

Hymn to Freedom | Oscar Peterson, arr. Seppo Hovi Conductor: Jessica Lloyd | Piano Accompanist: Sara Spigott Lyrics: Harriette Hamilton

Written in 1962 by Grammy Award–winning Canadian Jazz Pianist Oscar Peterson, Hymn to Freedom is an anthem for the Civil Rights Movement. This early blues- style piece was Peterson’s first major work and is one of his greatest significant contributions. The lyrics, written by Harriette Hamilton, were added after the piece was complete. When Hamilton was writing the lyrics, she said they were easy to write, as they should “express in very simple language, the hope for unity, peace and dignity for mankind.” It was chosen for Havergal’s 125th anniversary because it is such a truly powerful song of inclusion and unity, written by an acclaimed Canadian musician.





ABOUT THE WORKS Senior School Choir

We Rise Again was written by Nova Scotia songwriter Leon Dubinsky, who initially wrote the composition for a musical in 1984. It served as an anthem for hope and resilience when the community of Cape Breton was going through an economical crisis. According to Dubinsky, the song is about immigration and the economic insecurity of living in Cape Breton at that time. It represents the strength and feeling of home that is cultivated through our family, friends and the music we make. It was popularized in Canada when the Rankin Family released it as a single in 2001. This piece was chosen for Havergal’s 125th anniversary as it perfectly captures the theme of the night: past, present, future. The piece offers hope for the future, while featuring two of our talented soloists. Listen for a triumphant, show-stopping ending, which provides a whole new layer of energy and expression to the piece. We Rise Again | Leon Dubinsky, arr. Lydia Adams Conductor: Jessica Lloyd | Piano Accompanist: Sara Spigott Soloists: Molly McCaig (Understudy: Rachel Quan) and Marie-Therese Campione (Understudy: Ella Han)



Director: Risa Morris

A collection of monologues highlighting a variety of Old Girls who have made a difference in their communities through leadership, pursued their passion for the arts, triumphed in sports or reached achievements in academics, research and science.

Susan Woods 1960— Writer and performer: Jennipher Polygenis Paula Cox 1976— Writer and performer: Schehrezade Yousafzai The Reverend Canon Susan Sheen 1965— Writer and performer: Sophia Pawliw Old Girls of Humanities

Old Girls of Arts

Sue Coon Pike 1958— Writer and performer: Arianna Forgione Giselle Jones 1990— Writer and performer: Sam Newman Isabel Erichsen-Brown LeBourdais 1927— Writer: Lucy Zhao, Performer: Jennipher Polygenis Mariko Anraku 1988— Writer and performer: Arianna Forgione

Old Girls of Athletics

Sarah Pape 1990— Writer and performer: Sam Newman, Dancers: Christina Au, Sophy Wu and Sydney Brajer Gillian Apps 2001— Writer and performer: Jennipher Polygenis Alexandra Orlando 2005— Writer and performer: Schehrezade Yousafzai

Old Girls of Science

Barbara Stupart Wilkins 1947— Writer: Lucy Zhao, Performer: Arianna Forgione Christine Coutts Clement 1959— Writer and performer: Sophia Pawliw Susan Hiraki 1999— Writer and performer: Schehrezade Yousafzai


ABOUT THE WORKS Upper School 125 Dance Troupe & Junior School Dance Company

Stained Glass | arr. Jala Malcolm Instrumentalists: Jala Malcolm and Paul McCulloch Choreographers: Stephanie Bryant and Paula Carson

This dance recreates the heart of Havergal, which is physically represented by Brenda Robson Hall. It is a place where our community—students, faculty, staff, Old Girls, parents and visitors—regularly gather to connect, bathing in an ethereal light streaming through the multicoloured stained glass windows. This performance captures the rituals and beauty of this space across time, with a nod to the past, a highlight of the diversity today and a hope for a strong future. Students from the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools join together to perform this special celebration of Havergal. Each dancer represents students in the past, present and future. Like the coloured panes in the stained glass windows, each student is unique and at the same time contributes to a bigger legacy. This year’s Dance Troupe Student Leader, Elisa Shi, describes what performing at this event means to her: “Performing in the 125th Dance, to me, is like everything coming full circle. During my very first year at Havergal in Grade 7, I was part of the 120th Celebration, and now, as the Dance Troupe Student Leader, I am able to relive that experience, while dancing with an equally amazing group of girls. This dance is phenomenal, and I know that it will be a performance to remember.”


ABOUT THE WORKS Middle School Choir

Birdsong | Paul Read Conductor: Jessica Lloyd | Piano Accompanist: Sara Spigott

Birdsong is from a collection of poems written by children who documented their experiences and their dreams while imprisoned in the Terezin Concentration Camp in Czech Republic during the Second World War. The lyrics were later paired with music, creating a beautiful song celebrating life. Though it was written during an incredibly difficult time, the text expresses positivity and describes the beauty of the world, rather than the horrors and destruction of that time. There is a stark contrast between the uplifting message and the backdrop of violence and loss of freedom. It was chosen for Havergal’s 125th anniversary as it is an inspirational tune that conveys a hopeful message in a time of despair. Ms. Lloyd says that it presented a new challenge for the choir, especially in conveying the emotion behind the words.


ABOUT THE WORKS Junior School Choir

Written in 1968 by Beatles Paul McCartney and John Lennon, this classic song held underlying parallels to the racial tensions taking place in America at the time. This choral arrangement of Blackbird accommodates the changing voice, offering simplicity and charm for audiences young and old. Blackbird | Paul McCartney and John Lennon, arr. A. Snyder Conductors: Jeff MacLean and Rachel Read

Three Quotes | Andrea Ramsey and Mark Twain Conductor: Jeff MacLean Movt I— The Silent Fool Movt II— Telling the Truth Movt III— My Dear Mother

Mark Twain is known for his wit and satire. This short tongue-in-cheek work, which incorporates three of his quotes, brings humour and cleverness together and is set to three distinct musical styles: quasi-ragtime, waltz and the blues.

Wau Bulan is a Malaysian folk song and dance performed in the Dikir Barat style, whereby the performers sit in rows on stage to perform choreographed hand and body movements. The song describes the traditional kite ( wau ) with a rounded bottom shaped like a half moon ( bulan ), as it flies high in the sky. Wau Bulan | arr. Tracy Wong Conductor: Jeff MacLean | Drummer: Rachel Read | Movement: Paula Carson


ABOUT THE WORKS Special Guests’ Performances

Grade 11 student Laura’s first original song, Better , was self-recorded in February 2019 and is now available on Spotify. Better reflects upon loss and longing. Better | Laura David Guitarist and vocalist: Laura David | Background Vocalist: Eleanor McCain Pianist: Brigham Phillips

Landslide | Stevie Nicks Guitarist and vocalist: Laura David | Vocalist: Eleanor McCain Pianist: Brigham Phillips

Written by Stevie Nicks while visiting Aspen, Colorado, Landslide was inspired by Nicks’ scenic view of the Rocky Mountains and was shaped by both her relationship with her father and her decision to continue with music professionally or go back to school. The song was featured on Fleetwood Mac’s 1975 self-titled album and is one of the bands most frequently performed songs on tour.


ABOUT THE WORKS Symphonic Band

Carnegie Anthem | William Owens Conductor: Cissy Goodridge

Carnegie Anthem is a short, dynamic fanfare for the Symphonic Band that premiered in the world class Carnegie Hall. Given the prestige and prominence of Roy Thomson Hall here in Toronto, it is only fitting that we perform this exciting piece for Havergal’s 125th Celebration! Filled with catchy motifs and diverse harmonic parts from each section of the band, Carnegie Anthem is a composition that takes the unique texture of each instrument and engages them in conversation with one another. Everyone gets excited whenever we rehearse this piece—we hope that you enjoy listening to it as much as we love performing it. Chant Rituals by Elliot Del Borgo is a powerful contemporary piece that showcases the different instruments within the Symphonic Band. Elliot Del Borgo is a composer, teacher and musician who has published more than 600 pieces. He is most known for his vigorous harmonic and rhythmic style, which is apparent in Chant Rituals . Two contrasting thematic statements are repeated throughout the piece by different sections of the band; the many complex components create a majestic mood that will resonate through the hall. In this piece, pay close attention to the percussion specifically, since it has many unique melodies in multiple sections. Chant Rituals | Elliot Del Borgo Conductor: Cissy Goodridge | Soloists: Cassandra Lee and Alyson McCarvell


ABOUT THE WORKS Symphony Orchestra & Grade 9 Band

The ominous four-note opening of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 is one of the most famous motives in all of classical music. Appearing repeatedly in all four movements, its development from dark (first movement) to lively (fourth movement) can be interpreted as the triumph of light over darkness. Beethoven himself supposedly once remarked, “Thus Fate knocks at the door!” in response to this motive. Today, Symphony No. 5 is considered one of the greatest symphonies of all time, however its premiere in 1808 received poor reviews. The four-hour concert, played in a cold concert hall by an orchestra that only rehearsed the symphony once, was far from the exceptional performances of the fifth symphony that we hear nowadays. However, only a year and a half later, the publication of the score led music critic and author of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King , E. T. A. Hoffmann, to write an extravagant review. A large part of the review was to inform the readers of the many musical devices Beethoven used to evoke emotion in the audience. This analysis, along with greatly improved performances of the symphony, led to its rise in popularity. Now, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 is played by nearly all the major symphony orchestras around the world. As Havergal College celebrates its 125th anniversary, we thought it would be fitting to play one of classical music’s most legendary, dramatic and awe-inspiring pieces. We hope you enjoy this rendition! Symphony No. 5 Allegro Con Brio | Ludwig van Beethoven Conductor: Paul McCulloch



Past, Present, Future: Havergal’s 125th Anniversary Song was commissioned by Harvergal College and composed specifically for this 125th celebration. The students were involved in the work’s creative process right from the start, from choosing themes to imagery, to generating words and lines for the lyrics and deciding on all the musical elements that would create the mood of the piece, such as tempo, mode, rhythm, etc. This first movement, From The Dark , is a musical expression of a seedling’s growth, and its gratitude at receiving the nurturing and care from its gentle gardener’s hands. In the second movement, The Towering Panes , Havergal’s energetic community rich with history is compared to tall, strong and diverse stained glass windows, where each pane is a unique individual, yet when linked together, form the “towering panes” that “hold back the winds and rains.” The final movement, Wake The Embers , is a sort of a “call to arms” to empower the students to brandish their own torches, sparked by their growth and community, and to follow their own path. Conductor: Cissy Goodridge | Soloists in Movt I: Kate Gratzer and Abigail Simon-Rasiah, Coco Zhou and Lilly Simmons | Lyrics: Havergal College and Sarah Windle Past, Present, Future: Havergal’s 125th Anniversary Song Havergal College and Marie-Claire Saindon Movt I— From the Dark Movt II— The Towering Panes (L’éternel vitrail) Movt III— Wake The Embers



One World Hymn

Vitai Lampada Tradens School Song

Snow falls upon a hill, Springtime will erase the chill, All things begin to grow, Fall comes and there soon is snow.

Long since in Hellas’ golden days, When all the world was young, The Torch Race earned the meed of praise, By noblest poets sung. Each runner in that lordly game Strove only for the whole; From hand to hand the living flame Flashed onward to the goal. And she who bore it first, and she Who last with eager pace Fought forward, shared the victory, Twin conquerors in the race. Still through the world’s uncertain dark That splendid race is run, And we must bear the sacred spark Until the course be done. Must bear the Torch, nor faint nor slack, Then yield to waiting hands Our trust, to light the uncharted track, The yet untrodden lands. So comrades through the long slow night Shall bear the mystic fire, Till ’neath the breaking dawn shines bright The goal of our desire. Keep us, Great Captain, who hast willed Our portion in the strife, Till we pass on, our task fulfilled, Undimmed the Torch of Life.

Through all the wonders of space there is only one place we can all live in harmony. See all around how Earth can abound with life so amazing and free. We have one world, one place that we call home. And it’s the only world we have to call our own. So let’s begin, taking care of the world that we all share and let it thrive, let it shine. Through all the wonders of space there is only one place we can all live in harmony. See all around how Earth can abound with life so amazing and free. We have one world, one place that we call home. And it’s the only world we have to call our own. So let’s begin, taking care of the world that we all share and let it thrive, Let it shine, let it grow.


ABOUT THE COMPOSER Marie-Claire Saindon

Marie-Claire Saindon is an award-winning Franco-Ontarian composer, based in Montreal. With a focus in choral writing, Saindon has a great affinity for setting text and is currently the composer-in-residence of the Montreal upper-voice ensemble Choeur Adleisia. She is a recipient of multiple composition prizes, and her work has been published with Boosey & Hawkes, Cypress Choral Music and Alliance Music Publishers. In addition to her work as a professional composer, Saindon scores films, teaches the fiddle and sings as professional chorister.

Saindon’s interest in music composition began in high school, where she wrote and produced her first musical, Jeanne (Joan of Arc) . After realizing her passion, she went on to obtain a bachelor of music in composition from the Schulich School of Music at McGill University and a master’s of music in composition, specializing in film and multimedia music from Université de Montréal. After graduating, Saindon participated in many collaborations, from choral pieces to scoring films, fiddling in a team of folk musicians and singing in the award-winning female vocal ensemble Concerto Della Donna. Many of Saindon’s choral pieces have garnered recognition within the industry. At the 2013 SOCAN awards—a foundation which celebrates Canada’s top music creators and publishers— she won the SOCAN Young Composer’s Award for the vocal category. In 2018, her piece Light won the Ruth Watson Henderson Choral Composition Competition and Mer calme won the Canadian Music Centre Barbara Pentland Award for an Outstanding Composition. For Saindon, working on Havergal’s original composition for the 125 event was an honour, as it celebrates the value of girl’s education—a topic for which she is passionate. As both a creator and performer, she enjoyed working with a variety of students from Havergal’s music, French and Writer’s Craft classes, highlighting the various roles and skill sets required to create a memorable performance.


COMPOSED SONG LYRICS Past, Present, Future: Havergal’s125th Anniversary Song

From The Dark, Movement 1 From the dark of the earth we come,

Wake The Embers, Movement 3 Wind, wake the embers of our hearts! Lightning, spark And thunder, roll Rouse me from our breathless sleep Released! Free! My heart, a torch Ablaze with glorious flame/life Twisting, turning, Bending and billowing We dance in the joyous dark Spark to spark And heart to heart We dance with ancient dreamers’ light My heart, a torch Ablaze with glorious flame

Seeking sun Seeking rain Rising higher and higher,

Pushing up Growing tall

Gentle gardeners, Tend us with care And we will bud And bloom

And bear fragile fruits By your teaching hands, We flourish

The Towering Panes (L’éternel vitrail), Movement 2 We are the many-coloured glass That stands together, shining Framed by stone walls, the windows tall Amid the ivy, climbing We lend ourselves to make the whole Hold back the winds and rains Each one distinct, forever linked To form the towering panes And so the light which passes through Our quiet corners, warming Is a reminder of ourselves, Past, present, future: thriving Nous nous prêtons à l’unisson Nous abritons contre la pluie Parties distinctes, mais toujours jointes Dans l’éternel vitrail


PERFORMERS & THANK YOUS Expressing Our Gratitude



125 Drama Arianna Forgione Sam Newman

Sophia Pawliw Jennipher Polygenis

Schehrezade Yousafzai

Senior School Choir Femi Abiola Lauren Anderson

Sophia Gong Ella Han Emily Hardie Alex Houston-White* Ally Hutchison* Ava Jeffrey Denise Lee* Kyla Leong-Poi* Joyce Li Noelle Lim* Laura Lui Rebecca Luo*

Mia Morassutti Alexandra Muchalov Alexis Neal Adrianna Neretlis Senaida Ng* Sophia Park* Charleigh Priestman Rachel Quan Victoria Robertson* Nadia Salem* Grace Shen Elisa Shi Kendall Simon* Ava Siskind Lindsay Stock Keying Sun Nicole Tao Caroline Taylor Leah Thompson* Safa Usman

Claudia Velimirovic Valentina Villaseñor Emma Wang

Lucy Anderson Emily Burrows*

Cindy Wei Karan Wu Sophy Wu Mia Xing Lindsy Yang Elina Yu Jessica Yu Abi Zewdu Angelina Zhai Anne Zhang Sophia Zhang Kailee Zhou Cindy Zhu Anna Zufferli

Catherine-Rose Campione Marie-Therese Campione* Natalie Cao* Neha Chandrasekaran Andrey Chau*

Annie Chen Janet Chen

Pippa Csathy Alexa Daniel Margot Dent* Abby Diduck* Ose Elimimian Praise Elimimian Arianna Forgione Tess Gillanders Jeanne Godwin

Kate MacGregor Taylor Machado

Jala Malcolm Kristin Mark Molly McCaig

Kayla McMillan Brooke Mitchell Seher Moosabhoy

*Chamber Choir members

Upper School 125 Dance Troupe Christina Au Kelsey Brajer Sydney Brajer Janet Chen

Kristie Ho Aryana Kay Ella Lee Fiona Lee Samantha Needham Penelope Park

Doris Peng Elisa Shi Keying Sun Caroline Vandermeer

Sophy Wu Jessica Yi Anne Zhang

Tiffany Cirillo Ose Elimimian

Cindy Wei Annie Wu

Junior School Dance Company Mila Chopra Hope Drysdale Julia Gillis Inés Griffin-Sobotik Elise Imhof

Sarah Jeffreys Tina Jin Eden Lacey Phoebe Moore Ella Pantalone

Angelina Polygenis Sloane Presser Molly Shievitz Abigail Simon-Rasiah Serena Tan

Chloe Verbrugge Madeline Wolff Micayla Wong Tiana Zhang Zabrina Zhang



Middle School Choir Maya Akkus Jenna Askari Frances Bai

Katarina Dlacic Carys Doyle Emma Gratzer Kristie Ho Victoria Hrvoic Joy Hu Sarah Hunt Lily Jilesen Hancock Joella Lin Allison Mak Brianna Melnichuk

Kaitlin Mohan Hana Nishiwaki Doris Peng Zoe Safran Tara Salehiomran Khushi Sharma Katie Sievenpiper Maia Simmons Abbie Simpson Aniela Stanek Mabel Szekely-Farrol

Natalie Tang Allison Tanzola Kate Taylor

Fiona Bellamy Kelsey Brajer Allison Caiger Nancy Cao Shelly Cheng Carys Davies Lindsay Davies Lulu DeLuca

Ella Toffoletto Kara Townend Tess Van Bruggen Caroline Vandermeer Cindy Wang Izzie Wang Abbey Woloviec Annie Wu

Junior School Choir Brooke Alviano Marlowe Andrew Olivia Chisholm Sarah Di Geso Jessica Dorado-Smith Rachel Douglas Hope Drysdale Emilia Emmrich Annie Fang Julia Gillis Kate Gratzer Marlowe Herman Isabelle Ho Cosmo Hodges-Hooper

Elise Imhof Isabelle Jiang Tina Jin Naomi Kamiya Katelyn Kao Sadie Laird Sylvia Lam Victoria Lam Emma Lawrence Hanna Lee Lexi Lute Michelle Man Mary Mei Laila Najarali

Ainsley Nichols Ella Pantalone Isla Partridge

Su Topaloglu Leni Venturello Rachel Vijayaraghavan Angelina Wang Grace White Micayla Wong Sadie Wu Serena Young Elin Yuan Zabrina Zhang Coco Zhou

Emma Pink Sofia Pistol

Sloane Presser Tessa Robitaille Molly Shievitz Lauren Grace Silverson Lilly Simmons Abigail Simon-Rasiah Alice Song Sophie Stuart Serena Tan

Special Guests

Laura David

Eleanor McCain

Symphonic Band Lucy Anderson Melody Ashgriz

Allison Hall Leah Hilson

Maricarmen Martinez Alyson McCarvell Victoria McCarvell Emma McCurdy-Franks Maggie McKee Jilly Menikefs Toluwalope Ogunfowora Nana Ohene-Darkoh Sophie Omoumi Maya Rao Hailey Rockandel Lauren Rozenberg Ariana Seyed Makki Danielle Stavropoulos

Abigail Stout Hannah Tahami Ashley Tang Katie Thien Eryka Vella Taja Venturello Shirley Wang Yufei Wang Kathleen White Jessica Xiong Sophia Zhang Anna Zufferli

Ally Blackwell Meredith Borg

Sharon Huang Meghna Katyal Simran Katyal Rachel Kim Cassandra Lee

Megan Buitendag Madison Cameron Elizabeth-Anne Campione Caroline Cansfield Pippa Csathy Jenna Dale Quinn Danniels

Denise Lee Noelle Lim Emilie Lu Trinity MacNaughton

Amy Edwards Isabel Farkouh Ellie Fletcher

Alexis Mah Aly Marley Lauren Marley



Symphony Orchestra Irene Cai Katelyn Cai Hannah Chen

Emma Gratzer Arriette Kim Chelsea Kim Michelle Koshy Soleil Krcmar Joyce Li Emilie Lu Donna Mahboubi Jala Malcolm

Zoë Mohan Stephanie Oh Alexandra Opferkuch Angeline Pang Penelope Park Rachel Quan Erin Sade Ariana Seyed Makki Miriam Tam

Rachel Tam Julia Tien Jacqueline Wong Sabrina Wong

Stephanie Chen Claire Coombs Emma Danniels Swanee Douglas Gerol Fang Ellie Fletcher Grade 9 Band Jaime Anderson Meredith Borg Madison Cameron Rebecca Grant Abby Henn

Isabel Yang Lindsy Yang Carolyne You Elina Yu

Meaghan Hill Sharon Huang Kennedy Johnstone Rachel Kim Brooke Lobb-Macdonald

Jennie Morris Danielle Stavropoulos

Olivia Wall Shirley Wang Yufei Wang Kathleen White Anna Zufferli

Abigail Stout Ashley Tang Kate Turner

Steel Pan Drumming Group Raiya Bhapkar Kathleen Caiger Jessica Dorado-Smith Isabelle Ho Cosmo Hodges-Hooper Helen James

Caitlin Jeffreys Kiana Kay Alex Kent Sadie Laird Sylvia Lam Victoria Lam

Emma Lawrence Laren Maynes Laila Najarali Emma Pink Sofia Pistol Ruby Jean Rathwell

Alice Song Kasia Stanek Sophie Stuart Angelina Tseng Sadie Wu

Emcees Leila Agil Ella Carrique Kate Davidson Anika Dilawri

Rayana Gupta Elizabeth Harkness Arianna Huculak Nakia Kheraj

Sheena McKeever Marley Melbourne Jordan Murrell Callia Newall

Catherine Thomas Kaitlyn Wagman

Old Girls Meredith Ashton 1999 Ronée Boyce 1998 Sandy Buik 1984 Melissa Cavelti 1990 Ellen Coady 2018 Clela Errington 1975

Beverley Galley 1962 Brenda Ha 1995

Laurie OgilvieMelbourne 1990 Naomi Melvin 2009 Edmee Nataprawira 2012 Eden Oliver 1978 Margie Ryrie Pacini 1970 Carling Pang 2014

Wendy Pu 2013 Teja Rachamalla 1987 Nicola Von Schroeter 1984 Kendra Tam 2018 Pamela Taylor 1980 Margaret Yu 2013

Charmaine Koo 2017 Arakua Lamptey 2004 Caleigh Pacini Meehan 2000 Angela Meharg 1988



Having no less a luminary than producer David Foster declare “she’s going places,” Eleanor McCain has dazzled audiences with a voice Halifax’s The Chronicle-Herald declared “lovely, full, expressive.” From Florenceville-Bristol, New Brunswick, the triple ECMA-nominated classical crossover artist has recorded six albums and accompanied symphonies across Canada. In May 2017, Eleanor released her sixth studio album,  True North: The Canadian Songbook , which showcases 32 iconic Canadian songs that are interpreted through new arrangements by 14 arrangers, featuring 10 Canadian orchestras and 28 Canadian guest artists. An award-winning coffee table book accompanies the double CD, with song lyrics, behind-the-scenes photos, songwriters’ quotes, landscapes captured by 22 photographers and portraits by book co-curator V. Tony Hauser. Eleanor is also an active philanthropist and mother to Laura David, a Grade 11 student at Havergal College.



Havergal College Faculty and Staff Thank you to Cissy Goodridge, Director of Performing Arts, for organizing this evening’s performance and to all of our faculty and staff for dedicating their time and providing assistance in order to make this celebration possible. On behalf of the Director of Performing Arts, a sincere thank you to the following faculty and staff members and departments for their efforts: Gina Boncore Stephanie Bryant

Andrea Ou-Hingwan Lauren Phillips Rachel Read Michael Simmonds

Rosa Mastri Paul McCulloch Larissa McIntyre Laura McRae Jennifer Mills Antonietta Mirabelli Risa Morris Sandra Nelson

Tony diCosmo Maggie Houston-White Eli Javasky

Paula Carson Jennifer Chow Adam David

Andrea Langford Debra Latcham

Sara Spigott Kevin Walsh Liz Watt

Jessica Lloyd Petra Mattes Jeff MacLean

Miriam Davidson Helen-Kay Davy Judith DeBoer

Advancement & Community Relations Communications & Marketing Facilities

Student Leaders Marie-Therese Campione

Fiona Lee Kyla Leong-Poi Ariana Seyed Makki

Jala Malcolm Sophia Park Elisa Shi

Sophia Zhang

Michelle Koshy Cassandra Lee

2017–18 Classes French: FSF3U-02 and FSF3U-03 Writer’s Craft: EWC4U-01 and EWC4U-02

Other Supporters A special thank you to the following, who assisted with this evening’s performance: Kristin Day Lisa Hartl Eleanor McCain Roy Thomson Hall staff Kaye Royer Marie-Claire Saindon

Jean Sheppard

Thank you to our student and Old Girls performers and their families for their support.



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Congratulations to our 2019 Hall of Distinction inductees! This year, 22 Old Girls will join the 103 women who have already been inducted this evening into the Hall of Distinction—totaling 125 members for our 125th anniversary.

Jeannie Callum CLASS OF 1986

Earlaine Stewart Collins CLASS OF 1956

Shelly Dev CLASS OF 1994

Martha Merry Fell CLASS OF 1987

Susie Wright Gooderham CLASS OF 1974

Joanna Griffiths CLASS OF 2001

Alannah Campbell Kearns CLASS OF 1974

Gay Sellers Kroeger CLASS OF 1952

Sonia Armstrong Labatt CLASS OF 1956

Christiane Lemieux CLASS OF 1988

Jennifer McNeely CLASS OF 1998

Lana Ogilvie CLASS OF 1986



Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri CLASS OF 1991

Dasha Peregoudova CLASS OF 2006

Cecily Cannan Selby CLASS OF 1943

Michelle Mehra Shouldice CLASS OF 1985

Michelle St. Jacques CLASS OF 1996

Tanya Taylor CLASS OF 2003

Jennifer Tory CLASS OF 1974

Eileen de Villa CLASS OF 1987

Catharine Bertram Walsh CLASS OF 1996

Margie Zeidler CLASS OF 1976



Havergal’s History Since 1894


125 Years of Havergal College

1910 The Grandchildren’s Party was started by Principal Ellen Knox for Old Girls and their descendents. At this event, Old Girls, their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren enjoy an afternoon of activities and games at the school.

1894 Havergal College opens on September 11, with seven Boarders and 31 Day students at 350 Jarvis St. Havergal’s First Principal is Ellen Knox, who remained in the position until her death in 1924. She was know for asking students: “What are you going to do?”

1896 The first alumnae association that was established for Old Girls was the Havergal Coverley Club. It was a monthly literary society that supported continuing education for Old Girls. Today, the Old Girl community includes over 9,500 alumnae worldwide.

1898 The first edition of Ludemus , the school yearbook, was published in 1898. The name is taken from the original school motto: Opere Peracto Ludemus (when our work is finished we shall play).

1912 An official school uniform was instated, putting an end to, as Principal Ellen Knox wrote, “extravagant blouses... which are practically evening dress.” In 1923, Havergal introduced the tunic, which is still worn today.


1930 Celebration Saturday has its roots with the school’s first bazaar. It’s a unique event that brings the Havergal community together, coinciding with the Old Girls Reunion Weekend. Celebration Saturday also provides a special opportunity to forge enduring relationships with our community partners, with whom proceeds from the event are shared.

1926 Havergal College opens its new building on Avenue Road on September 17. It is the sixth Havergal school in Toronto, which includes the three prep schools, the Main School and the original school building on Jarvis.

1928 One of Havergal’s strongest traditions was introduced by Principal Marian Wood: Havergal Houses. Initially, Houses were for Boarders only. Frances Ridley, Ellen Knox and Marian Wood are the oldest of the 10 Houses we have today, named after women who have made outstanding contributions to the life of the school. Every student from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 is a lifelong member of a House, as is each member of the faculty and staff.

1934 One of the most meaningful traditions for Grads was established: Candlelight Service (renamed to Candlelight Ceremony in 1938).


125 Years of Havergal College

1972 The first Carol Service (The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols) was held in the Assembly Hall. The annual tradition continues to this day, now held at St. Paul’s Bloor Street, where it has been since 2009.

1983 Part of the school’s 90th anniversary was celebrating Carols with Havergal College in Roy Thomson Hall, an event that was repeated in December 1993 for the 100th year celebrations. The harpist is Mariko Anraku, then an extremely talented grade-nine student who returned for the 1993 concert.

1976 The school’s Founders’ Day is established in honour of the laying of the cornerstone of the Avenue Road location on April 23, 1926. This event inspired Principal Mary Dennys to innagurate Founders’ Day 50 years later, in 1976, as a time for the whole school to meet, think about 1894 and give thanks for the hertiage into which they had entered.


1991 Established by FWA Hewitt in memory of his mother, the Hewitt Cup is awarded annually to the winner of the Bishop Strachan (BSS) and Havergal Hockey Day game. Hockey games between girls’ schools were mentioned in the Ludemus as early as 1955!

1994 The Havergal Old Girls Hall of Distinction was conceived as a way of recognizing Old Girls with achievements that are noteworthy and stand apart from the ordinary. Nominations are invited every five years.

1996 The last year that boys attended Havergal. Havergal’s Old Boys have always had a special place in the school’s history. From its earliest days, Havergal had a few boys in Kindergarten and the lower grades.

1993 The Lisa Hardie Woodland Trail was named in memory of Havergal student Lisa Hardie, who died tragically in an accident in Costa Rica in the summer of 1992.


125 Years of Havergal College

1999 In September, Havergal students were welcomed back with a brand new Junior School, the Margaret Norrie McCain building (named after Margaret Norrie McCain, Class of 1951) and the new R. Samuel McLaughlin Wing in the Upper School.

2019 Havergal celebrates its 125th anniversary!

2006 The official opening ceremony for the Athletic Centre was celebrated on September 30 at Celebration Saturday.

2012 Havergal celebrated the 20th birthday of the Havergator, the school’s mascot! The Havergator was created by the Class of 1992.

2005 The Institute at Havergal is established by Principal Dr. Susan Ditchburn and former Havergal parent Bruce Mau set out to create a school-wide, long-term initiative that would help students to understand their role as global citizens. It is now known as the Forum for Change.



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Mail your cheque, made payable to The Havergal College Foundation

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Thank you for joining us on this memorable evening at Roy Thomson Hall to celebrate Havergal’s milestone 125th anniversary. We are honoured by your support and look forward to continuing Havergal’s legacy for 125 years to come!



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