Kneesocks 2017-18

Kneesocks is a publication from the Havergal College Junior School showcasing and celebrating excellence in writing and visual communication.

2017–18 Kneesocks Table of Contents


A Message from the Head of Junior School


Creative Writing

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45 Poetry

51 French

Artwork by Olivia Zhang 5Y

Artwork by Grade 1 Students

A Message from the Head of Junior School

I write this introduction to the 2017–18 edition of Kneesocks from my front porch. With a cup of tea by my side and a raw print-out of the pages you are reading now, I know that you will be as delighted as I am to read the work of our students. The student writing in this issue highlight the incredible development in both literary content and style for students between the ages of 4 to 12. What you don’t necessarily see, however, is the time and thought that goes into the process to make this final product possible. From student participation in a mini-lesson, where a teacher will directly introduce a skill or concept, to the drafting, planning, rereading, revising, proofreading and conferencing with peers and teachers, what is presented here is not a first draft. I applaud all of our teachers and student writers within these pages for taking the time to “stick with the process.” As with most things, the way that we get better is not simply by desire, but through expert instruction, hard work and determination.

I invite you to enjoy the contents of this year’s Kneesocks .

Kate White


By Serena Yang JK


Artwork by Emily Zhao 6C

The Enchanted Palace By Emma Zhao 2L

One day I went hiking with my dad. I entered a cave covered with grape vines. It was enchanting! The air smelled like roses and the water was as clear as a diamond. The grass was rich green like emeralds and the sun was as orange as oranges. Colourful birds were twittering around and a rainbow stretched across the sky. I saw a castle in the distance and said, “Dad, where do we go now?” I turned around and my dad was trapped in a cage made of brambles! I tried to cut it but it was too strong and thick. Oh well, I thought, I guess I will just have to leave you to escape yourself! I ran away. I went to the castle and saw a small crowd. They were all chatting. Here are some of the things that I heard. “Who stole the crown?” “I am sure it wouldn’t be a good person!” I quickly entered the castle. There was a queen standing there. I read about her. I thought as I curtsied, “Well hello dear Queen Flower. I heard you lost your crown. I will go and get it for you.” I knew where the crown was because I researched it. I raced to another castle and I saw the crown in a glass case with lasers! I saw a plug and quickly and quietly unplugged it. The lasers went off and I grabbed the crown. I ran back to the other castle and met the queen at the entrance. She thanked me and she asked me if I would want to live in the castle with her. I almost shouted, YES! The queen said she needed some help for the palace animals. I stayed and I helped her feed the animals every day. We lived happily ever after.


Untitled By Kasey Kim 6C

The clock flashed 11:30pm, and we knew that it was almost time. As my family and I stood on the sandy shoreline of Busan city, buildings and streets pulsed with life, people waving LED balloons, street vendors selling lanterns, everything was aflame with lights. On the beach, however, everything was calm, the ruckus and bright chaos behind us. All we saw was the dark night sky spilling onto the ocean of ink. A wave of coloured lanterns climbed higher towards the moon, following an invisible path as the silent ocean quietly whispered its secrets to the breeze.

Artwork by Aniela Stanek 6C

Grade 5 Trip - Algonquin Park! By Emilia Emmrich 5L

The water rushed past underneath the narrow planks of wood. I was shaking and my teeth were chattering, but not because of the cold. One by one, I watched the girls in line in front of me pass over the bridge. The landscape was beautiful, and a few patches of thin ice covered the brook. A thick layer of snow covered everything, and I felt slightly uncomfortable walking in snowshoes for the first time. Ms. Lockington and Ms. Yocom were standing to the side of the bridge. “Don’t worry,” said Ms. Lockington, “normally, only a couple of girls fall in.” At that moment, I wasn’t quite sure if she was serious or not.


Rapunzel Unicorn By Ava Leung JK


Only an Inch By Cosmo Hodges-Hooper 3P

My mom Sarah, my grandma Nana, and I were going for a walk to see a deserted run down cottage. It was called the Swiss Cottage. The cottage looked thousands of years old. My Nana sauntered over to sit on the flowerbed. I gazed up the shady steps. “Wow.” I whispered. The stones were covered in bumpy jade green moss. Every aspect of the cottage seemed to be built into nature herself. I soaked in the calming colours. However, my thoughts were interrupted by a hysterical scream. “What?” I thought. The sound echoed in my eardrums. “Sarah! Sarah! Save me!” I pivoted on my heels to see who was talking. It was my Nana. She had lost her balance and was head first in the dahlias. Nana continued screaming. I felt bubbles of laughter rise in my throat. I couldn’t help myself, neither could my mom. The laughter came out in huge, sweeping waves. When my mouth was finally closed, I realized everyone was staring at us. I felt my cheeks burn and turn scarlet. Eventually, a kind guy helped Nana up from the flowerbed. After that, the crowd cleared. Nana cleared her throat and I caught a whiff of cold coffee. “I thought the wall was over the river!” Nana protested. Her smile turned upside down and I immediately felt sorry. Suddenly a pigeon squawked. That made me feel better. “Sorry,” I giggled. “But even if it was, the wall was only an inch high!” My laughter bubbled up again and we all climbed the cool steps up to the Swiss Cottage. It would be a great day! We saw stained glass and a bird’s eye view. However, that’s another story. That December… I was staying at Nana’s farm for Christmas. We were going to see the Swiss Cottage again. It was beyond freezing! I was wearing my navy blue jacket. The jacket crinkled with the cold white flakes. My cousins, Gabriel and Misha, were staying too, but soon it was my mom, Nana, and I. I looked at the deserted place. The once mossy stones were gray flecked with the oncoming snow. Then my mom pointed at the barren flower bed. “There’s the spot where Nana fell!” She proclaimed. I giggled. So did Nana. As the howling wind whistled across our frozen cheeks, the kind laughter warmed our hearts.


Stories That Ships Tell: an Integrated Social Studies and Visual Arts Project

In Shaun Tan’s The Arrival , an immigrant’s story is told through portraits. Grade 6 students studied how Tan’s collection of portraits, both real and abstract, communicated to readers in a powerful way the experience of an immigrant who is seeking a better life in a distant land. In Social Studies, while completing an episodic narrative incorporating research on an immigrant group that has shaped Canada’s identity, students created their own portraits to enhance the message of their work.


Excerpt from No Escape: The Taiping Rebellion Has Begun By Emily Zhao 6C

March 9, 1853

Father brought us bad news. We are moving to a foreign land. The boat leaves the day after tomorrow. I only have one day to change their minds. My plan worked. Mother saw my pitiful state of tears and sadness, so Father agreed to let us stay a few days. He says, “It leaves me with time as well, so I can finish some needed tasks.” I will put off packing until later. The city is quite odd right now, no one goes out, and when they do, they scurry around like frightened rats. It is quite comical because you can see the great Lord Zhen walking around, arms swinging, looking just like a large gray rat with his gray wig.

March 10, 1853

I had just finished packing when I heard an explosion ring through the air. The sound of gunshots and canons were echoing through the night, one after another. Father burst into my room, eyes wide but steely. He told me to go to the docks. “What?” I asked. “The docks are far away!”

“Just go!” he said harshly. This is the first time he has been so brutal.

“I’m going to need someone to take my bags,” I proclaimed, pointing to the seven bags in the corner.

“Well, you’re only taking one,” he muttered angrily, picking the largest one off the pile and throwing it to me. “You’ll meet Mother by the doorway.” Tears began to drip down my face as I ran to the doorway. Sniffling, I saw Mother, Sister Xing, and Sister Xun through a haze of tears. Mother ushered us out the door and we ran and ran, all the way down to the docks, the sounds of battle in my ears. We boarded the ship, Father bringing in the rear. Gasping, he breathed out, “Food in the bottom. Make it last. No money,“ before collapsing to the ground in a dead faint. I leaned over and saw the bloom of red upon his shirt before I fully understood what had happened.


Excerpt from The Spark of Truth in a Land of Lies By Nicole Slemko 6M

Friday, June 25th 1954

It is as if the whole world has turned against me, laughing, teasing, and tormenting me. Oh, Holy God, what sins have I committed that I must be so harshly punished? Why take it out on poor, baby Angelo? I knew Angelo was always the right name for my sweet baby brother, but I never thought it meant he would be taken to live among the angels in heaven at only seven months of age. He was resting in my arms, sleeping as softly as a baby bird tucked safely in its nest. Suddenly, he gently lifted his head as his eyes fluttered open and stared at me. I smiled and he smiled back. We looked at each other and for once in this big, busy world, everything stopped. The people stopped crying and screaming. This boat stopped rocking. The waves stopped moving. The earth stopped turning and it was just me and him. Then his head rolled back, and I think I saw his spirit leave this world and travel up to heaven to join his fellow angels. Oh diary, I can’t go on. How can I face tomorrow without him?

(continued on next page...)


Monday, June 28th, 1954

“Oh Maria, how you’ve grown.” I let him pull me into a hug, but I did not hug back.

Dear Diary,

He greeted the rest of the family, and I could tell the moment Mamma told him about Angelo. His face was struck with anguish before he fought to hide his grief. We travelled through the busy streets of Toronto until we reached Papà’s wood working shop. It was not in the best condition, the paint was peeling and the glass windows had holes in them. I wondered what had caused these holes. To me it did not matter, as long as I could rest somewhere. Now I must actually rest, so goodbye until tomorrow diary.

I have not slept at all since Angelo passed. He is all I can think about. My sense of loss is overwhelming. At times, I feel as though I am living in a nightmare from which I cannot wake. When Mamma and Alessandra told me that our ship was landing today, it meant nothing to me. I felt no joy, only numbness. When we disembarked, it was complete chaos. Everybody was going in different directions and shouting at one another. I followed Mamma and Alessandra from line to line. We met with the immigration officials, but I did not understand what was discussed. Eventually, we were waved through so everything must have been fine. Amongst the busy crowd, I spotted a familiar face.

“Papà!” Liliana yelled running over to him.

“Oh my, hello there. It’s Maria, is it not?” he chuckled. I don’t really understand him. How can he laugh in a time of such misery?

“It most definitely is not,” I flatly remarked.

“Is that Liliana? My baby girl? The last time I saw you, you were tiny,” said Papà.

“I am so glad to see you Papà! Maria is the grumpy one over there,” Liliana giggled. Papà turned to me and smiled. I did not smile back.


The Manatee By Mia Tang SK


It’s Okay to Be Different By Isla Nichols 2T

Lucy is my BFF. Lucy is five years old. She has a disability. Her disability is cystic fibrosis. Lucy needs enzymes before she eats. She needs a mask and physio. She can’t go in hot tubs. I like to go swimming with Lucy. We like to play with dolls and play fun games. I try to make her laugh when she does not want to do mask (wear her mask) and have enzymes. I help her when she is hurt. I love her because she makes me giggle. She makes really fun games. Also she is so funny and cute. Lucy is one of the kindest people in the world and she shows a lot of courage in her life.

Book Recommendation By Mackenzie Clark 2T

Dear Readers,

Do you like hugs? If you do, I think if you read Big Bear Hug you would hug it because it is a good book.

I love this book because the main character, the bear, is full of love. He hugs animals and trees. He hugged a skunk even though skunks spray people! I think the bear is interesting because bears eat animals but this one hugs them!

I also like the bear character because he loves trees. I think it’s good because the book is all about trees. I like the pictures too because I know exactly what’s going on in them.

At the end of the story, the bear saw a person that was about to cut down a tree! Read this book to find out what happens next.


Mackenzie 2T


Book Recommendation By Audrey Gao 2L

April 3, 2018

Dear Readers,

Do you like utensil books? Well, I recommend you read Spoon by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

The main character is Spoon. I like him because he is sad sometimes. He is always comparing himself to his friends. He thought that his friends were better than him. His friends were different utensils so they had different jobs. Spoon’s jobs are mixing tea and clinking against the side of the cereal bowl. His friend Fork’s job was to eat cake! One reason why I like this book is on one page you get to see Spoon’s whole family. There are all kinds of different spoons! There are small spoons, big spoons, wood spoons, gold spoons, silver spoons and much more! The pictures are very silly. Secondly, I like the part when Spoon is in bed and his great grandmother was telling him that she fell in love with a dish. There is a nursery rhyme where the cow jumps over the moon and a spoon fell in love with a dish! That is exactly the story that Spoon’s great grandmother is telling him.

Another part that I like is the ending. At the end it says sweet dreams and Spoon has a very happy face. His dream shows a happy face on each dish filled with sweet treats! This made me feel like I was dreaming about sweet treats too.

So if you want to read this book, look for it on the 2L book nook shelf in my classroom.



Artwork from the book Spoon


Wonder Versus Wonder By Claudia Flood 4G

I thought very strongly that the book Wonder told Auggie’s story much more effectively than the movie did.

One reason is that the movie left out information about how Auggie didn’t want to go to school at first. A time Auggie didn’t want to go to school was when he and his family went to Auggie’s old friend Christopher’s house. Auggie heard his parents and Christopher’s talking about him going to school and he was very angry to be finding this out for the first time. This scene was not included in the movie. A second reason is that the book really explained how bad the war at school was when it started. A time where the war was really bad was when Auggie’s friend, Summer, was writing down both sides of the war and then Auggie and his other friend, Jack, saw how uneven the sides were. Again, this was absent from the movie.

Although the movie was great, I think the author of the book did a better job of explaining Auggie’s story.

Interior Plains - Oil Pipelines Is It worth It? By Grace White 4C

Is it worth it for Canada to continue building oil pipelines across our country?

I definitely think Canada should build pipelines.

Firstly, oil is so important. Think of your everyday life. When you go somewhere by car, gas is oil. When you read a book, the book got to your house because of oil. Oil is very helpful. It helps us to do stuff that if we didn’t have oil we wouldn’t be able to do. Secondly, lots of countries would benefit from our oil. We have something other countries don’t have so it would be nice to share all of the oil that we have. But, we would have to do it in the most efficient way possible. This is why we should use pipelines. If we really want to build pipelines we will want to take all safety measures to make sure we don’t cause any explosions. I get that British Columbia doesn’t want to build pipelines because something could go wrong. But, I would say if I was the Prime Minister, “If anything happens Canada will pay and clean up. We can make up for it.”

This is why I think that we should build pipelines. They are so important to our world, and I really think this could work well.


By Angelina Tseng 5Y


By Kasia Novic 5L


Make Your Mark By Hannah Lee 6M

“Look up to the stars, not down at your feet!” I know that looking up to the stars is not just looking at huge fireballs up in the sky. It’s taking a look at another world, another place. Stars, sprinkled across the sky like spilled salt on a navy blanket. We are starting the year and, in a way, school and the cosmos are related. Both are vast and original, always shifting and altering, but never that different. A student’s like a star; growing and changing and eventually, maybe this star will become the ultimate source of light for a planet, or perhaps this student will find a cure for a cancer people long feared. Opportunities come, like a hurling asteroid; you can choose whether or not you’d like to take the challenge. There are nebulas, other places, other schools, but in all, we are one community. This year, the galaxy has truly shifted. Planets are forging, new moons have been formed. Five other stars and I will work to produce a light that will be shared. Projects will come by like comets, and I will dig deeply into these, hopefully creating something extraordinary. This place, this school, this galaxy, this community is laden with opportunity, and to think that this is only one of the many worlds out there! “Look up to the stars and not down at your feet.” I realize that looking up to the stars is not looking up at all…it’s looking around, at the beautiful world that we live in, the beautiful world that we are a part of. After all, we are all human, all one, all made of star dust.


Ballet By Jessica Yi 6C

Have you ever watched a ballet? Awed by the dancers gliding across the stage? Behind these intricate sequences lie hard work and strict standards.


Ballet has very high standards in terms of physique, they are harsh but very much required. Anyone can take ballet lessons, but only a few qualify to study ballet professionally. A ballerina has long limbs and a short, skinny torso. They cannot have big feet because then they would have a hard time balancing en pointe. It is also preferred that a ballet dancer has a short and graceful jawline.

Harder than it Looks

Ballerinas make each pirouette and arabesque look easy, but believe me, it’s not. You must be able to do all the fancy moves, such as holding your leg at 160 degrees, doing a series of pirouettes or even jumping into the splits. You must do all this while maintaining your turnout and engaging your pelvis and abdominal muscles. As you can tell, there is actually so much more to ballet than a bunch of tutus and twirls.

The Gory Part

Ballet is a beautiful example of sport. Like many other sports, it comes with a cost. Underneath those satin shoes, there are blisters, raw skin, and often an empty space where toenails should be. It is common to have very sore muscles or random injuries. A shocking statistics states that 4 out of 10 dancers are injured between the ages of 15-19. After all, ballet is very hard on one’s body. Long days of training in pointe shoes result in skin rubbed raw, bleeding blisters, and broken toenails. Now, do you think ballet is easy?

The Performance

Lights, Costumes, Makeup! Despite the hardships ballet dancers face, they continue their training because they have a passion for the form and because of the performance. It is truly a moment to remember. Girls are dressed in exquisite leotards and bouncy tutus. Men are dressed in detailed, flowing tops and colourful tights. The sets are giant, intricate masterpieces. Many dancers say that during a dance, they find themselves no long themselves, instead they are one with the character. Their moment to shine on stage makes it all worth it.


The Rules of Hockey By Jane Mistry 6M

It’s a lazy afternoon, you are sitting on your couch, watching TV, and then it hits you. You say, “I want to play hockey!” But the problem is that you don’t know how! You are a good skater, and you have all the equipment you need, but you don’t know the rules! Fear not, I will teach you the rules of hockey!

Offsides and Icings:

Two rules in hockey are called an “offside” and an “icing”. They sound easy, but they are actually hard rules to keep up with. NHL (National Hockey League) players can’t even keep up with them! You may be thinking, “You get cake in hockey?” But no, icings do not have to do with any sort of cake OR cupcake. You may also be thinking, “off-sides… off … side. Two different words so all you have to do is go off the side!” But it is way different! If the puck goes out of the zoned back in (in the other team’s zone), while you are still in it, the referees will yell “OFFSIDE!” over and over for a couple seconds. If they see you making your way out of the zone, they won’t blow the whistle. Let’s say you don’t realize you are offside, and you touch the puck with your stick, or skate, or even body, then they blow the whistle and you have to do a face-off outside of the zone, to the nearest face-off dot. A face-off is when the referee drops the puck between two players who then battle for the puck. If you go into the other team’s zone before the puck, that is also an offside. Icings are when you shoot the puck up the boards and it goes behind the goal line. For it not to be an icing, you, or the other team, has to touch the puck with your stick or skate when you are past the red line. You can shoot the puck past the goal line when you are past the red line in the middle. If your team has a penalty, you are allowed to shoot the puck behind the goal line. For tripping and slashing, they are exactly as they sound. If you trip someone with your stick, you get a penalty and you have to sit in the penalty box. (The penalty box can be very lonely). A tripping penalty lasts two minutes. A slashing penalty is when you slash someone’s stick with your stick. If you slash someone in the head, it is called head contact. A slashing penalty usually lasts two minutes and head contact also lasts two minutes. (depending on how hard you slashed). A push from behind is when you go up to a girl from behind and push her. Depending on how hard you pushed the person, it can be 2-4 minutes in the penalty box. One other penalty is called Too Many Men. Usually you are allowed five players on the ice, and a goalie, but if you have 6 players on the ice, you get a penalty. The only time you are allowed six people on the ice is if you take your goalie out of the net, in exchange for a player. Penalties: Some of the penalties in hockey are: tripping, slashing, and a push from behind.


Goals: Goals seem easy to get, but there are specific rules for scoring. If you score, but it’s an icing, it does not count. If you do score from that far away, nice shot! If you kick the puck in the net, it does not count, because it isn’t soccer, and you HAVE to shoot it in the net with your stick. You can’t push the puck into the net after the referee has blown the whistle either because they won’t count that as a goal. Give the goalie a break! If the net moves, and it isn’t aligned with the goal line, it does not count if you score with the net off. If the puck is in the air and you hit it in the net with your hand, it does not count because in hockey, you can’t touch the puck with your hand unless you are a goalie. The only other time you can touch the puck with your hand is if you hit it down to your stick, but you HAVE to touch it with your stick before someone on your team does or they will call it a hand pass.

Shootouts and Overtime: If you are in an important game, and by the end of the game it is the same score, this is where overtimes and shootouts come in. In overtimes, each team puts one goalie, and four/five players. (Depending on what level/age you play). Whoever scores the first goal, wins. If the time runs out, and still, no one has scored, it goes into a shootout. Each team picks 3 players to shoot. If both teams have scored the same amount of times, after the three players have shot, more people shoot until a team has more points. When you shoot in shootouts, if you lose the puck, you can’t go try again, that is your “shot”. If you shoot and it goes off the goalie, and you think about rebounding, (putting the puck in the net after the goalie’s pads block it) think again because you can’t rebound in shootouts. You also can’t stop in shootouts before/while you shoot.

That is all you need to know about the rules of hockey!

Now get out on the ice and play!


Real or Fake?

Inspired by the National Geographic series that presents information about a topic and challenges readers to decide whether they think it is real or fake, Grade 4 students studied the elements of informational writing and created their own versions. Will you be fooled?


By Caitlin Jeffreys 4C

Popcorn is soundproof Real or fake? Did you know that popcorn is sound proof? People use popcorn to block sound if their house is connected or parted. This was first invented in 1998 by a scientist with a noisy neighbour who was on the other side of his house. The colour yellow is on buttered popcorn, but if you leave the popcorn plain it is better for sound. This is because if you stick buttery popcorn on the walls, it is most likely that it will drip and slide on the wall. This will stop it from retaining sound. People pop 2 bags of popcorn per square foot. To stick the popcorn on the wall you have to hot glue each and every piece and stick it to the wall. Make sure you leave no gaps in the wall. If you have a connected or shared house go and start putting that popping popcorn on the wall!

Fake Ha! Fooled you. This is not a real t although it would be cool.

Real or fake? See the next page for the answers!

By Phoebe Moore 4G


By Caitlin Jeffreys 4C

corn is soundproof fake? know that popcorn is sound proof? se popcorn to block sound if their house cted or parted. This was first invented in a scientist with a noisy neighbour who he other side of his house. The colour on buttered popcorn, but if you leave orn plain it is better for sound. This is if you stick buttery popcorn on the walls, t likely that it will drip and slide on the s will stop it from retaining sound. People gs of popcorn per square foot. To stick orn on the wall you have to hot glue every piece and stick it to the wall. re you leave no gaps in the wall. If you onnected or shared house go and start hat popping popcorn on the wall!

Fake Ha! Fooled you. This is not a real thing, although it would be cool.

By Phoebe Moore 4G


By Grace Rogerson SK

By Micayla Wong 3P


By Emma Pink 3L

By Nicole Gao 3L


The Science and Art of Skin

These projects were inspired by the book French Toast by Keri-Lynn Winters, in which a young girl named Phoebe describes the world to Nan-Ma, her blind grandmother. Their conversations lead Phoebe to describe the different skin tones of her family members through comparisons with foods. In turn, the Grade 1 students examined their own skin tones and, through experimental colour mixing with the basic three primary colours and white, they created shades that reflect their own perceptions of their skin.


By Addy Riopelle 1G

By Claire Kim 1G

By Alex Wenner Bruin 1H

By Bella Da Rosa 1H


The Stone Diaries: an Integrated Science and Visual Arts Exploration

During their Science unit on rocks and minerals, Grade 4 students had the opportunity to work in the rock carving studio in the Upper School with Head of Art, Dr. Davidson. Starting with small rocks and using chisels and carving tools, they learned how to find the beauty in the shape and natural colour of their rocks. Students recorded their thoughts about the carving experience and tried to answer the question they have been exploring in their Science unit: is mining rocks and minerals worth it?


By Grace White 4C

By Sophie Manning 4C


By Cara Godwin 4G

Gray But now colour Shining through Popping out Giving out its inner self Different A stone

By Victoria Lam 4G

Rocks are art, too fragile. Don’t ever Drop it on the ground Plop! It dropped! Never, ever drop a rock.


By Alice Song 4G


Elements of Music

Grade 5 students created these educational posters to explore elements of music. They shared their knowledge and understanding with younger students.


By Kaitlyn Daley 5L

By Kasia Novic 5L


By Natalie Lau 5Y



Portraits tell a story about a person: the expression on the subject’s face often makes people stop and wonder. A portrait can tell thousands of stories as it is dependent on viewers’ interpretations. Grade 5 students studied how to tell their stories as artists. In addition to mathematically observing and creating basic facial proportions, students explored how to use artistic elements in symbolic ways by experimenting with poses, colours, textures, objects, texts and space. What stories do these portraits tell?


Volleyburst By Alice Sievenpiper 5L

My portrait has lots of colour around the background and less on my face. I want to express lots of feelings in my drawing by using colour, shapes and values to express enthusiasm. I also want to show my love and interest in volleyball because last year I found that I really liked it and that I had a passion for it. It has been a big part of my life ever since. That is why I included it in my drawing. I really want the viewer to understand how I feel and who I am in this drawing. And also, what/how I would look like on the inside. The background of my drawing expresses who I am on the inside. And my face expresses who I am on the outside.


Me, Myself and I By Jane White 5L

This piece of artwork is all based on who I am as a person. All of the things on this paper makes up who I am. For example, my trickling hair shows how I am growing up and I am ready for the years to come. The designs coming from my eyes shows my creative thinking, and my background represents some of the words that describe me. I chose pink and purple for my hair because I love all colours that are similar and flowers for my hair because it shows that there is beauty in me inside and out. Finally, I chose the title Me Myself and I because this whole piece of art is describing me, myself and I.


The Magic of Music By Angelina Tseng 5Y

Music brought me to a magical imaginary world. This world is full of colours like a kaleidoscope. All the different colors represent all the different emotions I feel when I listen to music. Pink for happy, blue for sad, red for excitement, yellow for relaxation….Music is the key to ultimate happiness. In this magical music world, I connect with the inner me. The power that music has on us is tremendous. Music can make me feel a way that nothing else can make me feel. Music can make the impossible possible!


Artist Statement By Elise Su 5Y

In the background, I added some leaves to represent nature because I like nature a lot and it kind of reminds me of my dog and animals too. The mountains made it look like a calm area and so did the shining sun. I made it look peaceful because nothing so astonishing has really happened in my life. The sun represents warmth, happiness, and love because I love my family and I’m grateful to be living and I’m grateful to go to a good school and have a lot of dependable friends. The words on the top describe who I am as a person. That is why I added those items to represent myself.


Laughter By Mae Jilesen Hancock 5Y

In this work, I choose to portray that not all mistakes are bad things. The scribbles are mistakes, but you could look at them as artwork. The unicorn horn shows that I am unique, and proud of it. The blobs and smears are ‘marbled’ designs, and brightly coloured, showing that I choose to be colourful, and I choose to be bright. I choose to be unique, and not fit into the background. There are many hidden mistakes in this piece of artwork. Can you find them?


Winter By Class 1G

Please dear winter, GO AWAY! Germs spreading Sickness still here Fevers Everywhere

The LONGEST Winter Of our lives!

Snowmen still standing Bodies still rolling Snow angels still forming

We LOVE Winter

Red noses Sneezing Achoo! Achoo! The LONGEST Winter Of our lives

Please dear Winter, NEVER End!

The Tooth By Kennedy Mandell 1H

Drawing By Selena Wang 5Y When I draw, my pencil dances across the page, like a swan gliding across a calm lake.

Exciting Happy The FIRST time I lost My Tooth!

In different hues, bold black lines, wispy smoke grey lines, a black and white rainbow. Forming life across the page, a hidden picture emerges slowly like the rising sun. And a face made pure of lines, stares back at me and smiles.

Time for bed Sound asleep

And now I wake up

I have money! Yah!


Night By Lilly Simmons 4C Gazing at the stars The colour blue Pops into your head The night as a painting

The Ocean By Isla Cohen 4G

Splash! Goes the graceful Rushing waves As the beautiful water rises Up along the sea shore As my feet dig deep into the sand The terrifying current pushes the waves Back and forth like two people fighting over you A giant gust of wind blows

The sky of stars fills the air You look outside to find The silence of the night As you glance outside your window To find a glowing sight

And they all stop… To start over again

You see the mountains trees, way up high The wind howling

As I close my eyes to sleep The night awaits Soon morning comes.

Artwork by Aryana Kay 6C


Grade One By Class 1H

Grade One at




Scary Exciting, fun, FUN!!!

No boys...JUST GIRLS!

Reading Writing Science Math French Music Gym Library Rel Ed Art





The school is very BIG

See you later… gator...GATOR…






Quick Writes

During a Quick Write, students are presented with a prompt or a stimulus to inspire a quick, on-demand piece of writing. They have four minutes to write, followed by four additional minutes to revise and edit. Quick Writes develop stamina for writing, encourage risk-taking and build the habit of revising and editing written work.

After the Fall by Dan Santat is the story of Humpty Dumpty and his willingness to overcome his fears after his tragic fall.


Untitled By Isla Partridge 5L

Untitled By Angelina Lu 5Y

What happened to Humpty Dumpty After the fall? What happened to Alice After it all? Does little Red Riding Hood Really end with happiness and laughter? Does Cinderella’s story finish with a happily ever after? Is the end really the end? Could there be new characters, A new friend? Does Goldilocks’ story end With broken chairs, Or does it end with apologies from bears?

After the fall I wasn’t well at all But accidents do happen

And after the fall, I was scared that I would fall again That kept me from the many things I loved

So one day I had an idea, After nights And nights of work… I finally built a paper plane!

But one day, An accident happened It flew over the wall that I remembered so clearly

I will travel far and it will show, All the things that I don’t know.

I tried to pull the negativity out of my head And it worked!

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, I repeated that over and over again Until I finally Climbed the wall!

From that moment on, I learned to never ever Be afraid For accidents do happen Wherever you are.


Par la classe de 1H


Je suis ici!!! Par la classe de 2L

Je m’appelle Audrey. J’ai 4 ans.

Je m’appelle Jing. J’ai 4 ans. J’ai les cheveux noirs et bruns. J’ai les yeux bruns.

Je m’appelle Sienna. J’ai 2 ans. J’aime mes parents.

J’aime jouer avec mon IPAD. J’aime jouer avec mes peluches.

Je m’appelle Emma. J’ai 4 ans. J’aime porter les chapeaux, dessiner, coloriser et rire.

Je m’appelle Ella. J’ai 2 ans. J’aime mes parents et les embrasses.

Je m’appelle Anjola. J’ai 2 ans. J’aime mes ailes de fées et baguette magique.

Je m’appelle Sam. J’ai 2 ans. J’aime mes peluches et la nourriture.

Je m’appelle Rayana. J’ai 7 ans. J’aime chanter et parler.

Je m’appelle Nicole. J’ai 2 ans. J’aime porter les chapeaux. J’aime jouer au parc.


Je suis ici!!! Par la classe de 2L

Je m’appelle Christie. J’ai 4 ans. J’aime apprendre.

Je m’appelle Greta. J’ai 2 ans. J’aime le gâteau à la crème glacée.

Je m’appelle Michelle. J’ai quatre ans. J’aime mes peluches et les ballons.

Je m’appelle Zoe. Ici, j’ai seulement quelques mois. J’aime dormir. J’aime mes parents.

Je suis ici!!! Par la classe de 2T

Je m’appelle Ella. J’ai seulement quelques mois. Je suis tellement chouette and petite.

Je m’appelle Manny. J’ai 1 an. Je suis chouette et pleine d’amour.

Je m’appelle Ava. J’ai seulement quelques mois. Je n’ai pas les dents et j’ai des petites yeux.


Je suis ici!!! Par la classe de 2T

Je m’appelle Sara. J’ai seulement quelques mois. J’aime mes parents.

Je m’appelle Sienna. J’ai 2 ans. J’ai les cheveux courts et j’aime mes parents.

Je m’appelle Mackenzie. J’ai seulement quelques mois. Je n’ai pas les dents et je suis chouette.

Je m’appelle Kate. J’ai seulement quelques mois. Je suis chouette et pleine d’amour.

Je m’appelle Jillian. J’ai seulement quelques mois. J’aime rire et sourire.

Je m’appelle Olivia. J’ai seulement quelques mois. J’ai les joues chouettes. J’aime mes parents beaucoup!

Je m’appelle Sasha. J’ai 2 ans. J’apprends à marcher.

Je m’appelle Jennifer. J’ai seulement quelques mois. Je suis chouette et petite.

Je m’appelle Sofiya. J’ai 2 ans. J’aime jouer avec mes parents.

Je m’appelle Anchee. J’ai 4 ans. J’aime le français!!


Merci à ma planète La classe de 1G


Quel est l’animal? Par la classe de 3P


Qu’est-ce que c’est? Il est bleu, grand et féroce! C’est ? . (Coco Zhou)

7. Qu’est-ce que c’est? Il est doré et blanc.

Il aime marcher et il a besoin de soins. Il aime courir et la neige. C’est ? . (Grace Botros)


Qu’est-ce que c’est? Il a 4 pattes et il habite dans un arbre. Il aime manger les ananas. C’est ? . (Jessica Dorado-Smith)

8. Qu’est-ce que c’est? Il est blanc et noir.

Il est grand et en danger. Il adore manger de la viande. C’est ? . (Cosmo Hodges-Hooper)


Qu’est-ce que c’est? Il est gris et il a beaucoup d’énergie

Il est petit, blond et blanc. Il aime manger les graines. C’est ? . (Flo Kumer)

9. Qu’est-ce que c’est? Il est petit et gentil.

Il est la couleur arc en ciel. Il aime manger du fromage. C’est ? . (London Mandell)


Qu’est-ce que c’est? Il est calme, petit et beau. Il aime manger de l’herbe et des arbres. Il est gris. C’est ? . (Hope Drysdale) Qu’est-ce que c’est? Il est gris. Il est intelligent, dangereux et mignon. Il aime manger de la viande. C’est ? . (Camellia Xu)

10. Qu’est-ce que c’est? Il est petit, gris. ll aime jouer. C’est ?


(Laren Maynes)



Qu’est-ce que c’est? Il est la couleur arc en ciel. Il est grand, intelligent. Il aime sauter. Il est brun et blond. C’est ? . (Emma Lawrence)

Dessin par Chloe Jiang 1G


11. Qu’est-ce que c’est? Il est jaune.

15. Qu’est-ce que c’est?

Il est rose, bleu et violet. Il est grand et magique. Il est la couleur arc en ciel. C’est______________. (Ella Pantalone)

Il est rapide, grand et intelligent. Il aime sauter. C’est ? . (Madeline Wolff)

12. Qu’est-ce que c’est? Il est noir. Il est gros et drôle.

16. Qu’est-ce que c’est?

Il est mignon et gentil. Il aime manger de l’herbe. Il est brun. C’est______________. (Mira Ghai)

Il aime manger les déchets. C’est ? . (Julia Gillis)

13. Qu’est-ce que c’est? Il est brun.

17. Qu’est-ce que c’est?

Il est grand, intelligent. Il aime manger les poissons. Il est bleu et gris. C’est_______________. (Laila Najarali)

Il est intelligent et timide. Il aime manger les souris. C’est ? . (Serena Tan)

14. Qu’est-ce que c’est?

18. Qu’est-ce que c’est?

Il est la couleur arc en ciel. Il est grand et magique. Il aime manger les bonbons. Il est imaginaire! C’est ? . (Sofia Pistol)

Il est petit et il a beaucoup d’énergie. Il aime manger de la nourriture. C’est un animal! C’est________________. (Micayla Wong)

19. Qu’est-ce que c’est? Il mignon et grand. Il est bleu gris.

Il aime manger de l’herbe et des arachides. C’est_____________. (Marlowe Andrew)

Réponses: (1) un dragon (2) un singe (3) un hamster (4) un koala (5) un loup (6) un kangourou (7) un chien (8) un tigre blanc (9) une licorne (10) un chaton (11) un lion (12) un gorille (13) un hibou (14) la licorne (15) la licorne (16) un petit cheval (17) un dauphin (18) un chien (19) un éléphant

Dessin par Alex Kent 4C


Qu’est-ce que tu portes? Par la classe de 3L

C’est jeudi. Il fait chaud! Je porte des sandales, un t-shirt et un short. (Nicole Gao)

C’est samedi. If fait chaud! Je porte un short, des sandales et un t-shirt. (Caroline Book)

C’est l’été! Il fait chaud! Je porte un t-shirt, une jupe et un chapeau. (Kathleen Caiger)

C’est samedi. Il fait chaud! Je porte un t-shirt, un short et des sandales. (Sloane Presser)

Il fait chaud! Je porte des sandales, un t-shirt et un short. Je joue au squash! (Rachel Vijayaraghavan)

Il fait chaud! Je porte un t-shirt, un short, des souliers de soccer et un collier. (Anna Aggarwal)

Il fait chaud! Je porte un short, un t-shirt et des sandales. (Inés Griffin-Sobotik)

Je joue au hockey. Je porte un casque, des gants et des patins. Je danse et je porte une robe, une blouse et des collants. (Kasia Stanek) C’est mardi. Il fait chaud! Je porte un t-shirt, un short et des chaussures de sport. Je fais de la danse. (Brooke Alviano)

Il fait chaud! Je porte un costume de danse, des souliers et des collants. (Kayla Askari)

C’est lundi. Il fait froid! Je porte des vêtements. J’apprends le Mandarin. (Alexandra Ullman)

Il fait chaud! Je porte un t-shirt, un short et des souliers de sport. (Stephanie Sisley)

C’est vendredi. Je porte un casque, un t-shirt, un pantalon et des souliers de sport. Je joue avec ma bicyclette. (Emma Pink)

Il fait chaud! Je porte des sandales, un t-shirt et un short. (Charlotte Maeba)

Il fait chaud! Je porte des sandales, un t-shirt et un short. (Priyanka Sharma)

C’est samedi. Il fait chaud! Je porte un t-shirt, un short et des sandales. (Katelyn Kao)

C’est l’été. Je porte des souliers de soccer, un short et un t-shirt de soccer. Je joue au soccer. (Abigail Simon-Rasiah)

Dessin par Katelyn Kao 3L


Une recette pour le soupe de nouilles au poulet Par Tina Jin, Hannah Xu, Marlowe Herman et Jana Kalbasizadeh 4C

Soyez les bienvenus en cuisine! Aujourd’hui, nous préparons la soupe de nouilles au poulet. C’est très facile!

Comme ingrédients, vous avez besoin de la soupe, de poulet, des nouilles, et le persil.

Versez la soupe dans la poêle. Mets la poêle sur le four. Ajoutez les nouilles. Faite cuire pour quinze minutes. Faites frire le poulet pour vingt minutes. Coupez le poulet dans petites morceaux. Ajoutez le poulet. Mélangez. Ajoutez le persil et bon appetite!

Une recette pour la salade aux fruits Par Cara Godwin, Tessa Robitaille et Lexi Lute 4G

Ingrédients: 2 tasses de laitue 1 mandarine 5 fraises ¼ tasse de jus de

citron ¼ tasse de vinaigre 10 raisins ¼ tasse de sucre

Instructions: 1. D’abord prenez la laitue et la mettre dans un grand bol. 2. Prenez chaque fraise et coupez-les en quartiers. Ajoutez-les dans le bol. 3. Éplucher la mandarine puis couper en 10 petits morceaux, mettez les morceaux dans le bol. 4. Couper les raisins en deux et les mettre aussi.

Faites la sauce Ajoutez le jus de citron et le vinaigre Ajoutez le sucre

5. Mélangez les fruits, la laitue et

Bon Appetit!


Par Audrey Gage et Becca Stock 5L

Par Kasia Novic et Jane White 5L


Le rap Par Kaya Melbourne et Nisha Gupta 5Y Boom boom che boom boom che Aujourd’hui c’est mercredi. La classe commence oui, oui, oui! Lance l’anglais dans la fenêtre. Tous les filles font le rap aujourd’hui. Je pense, je pense, je pense, je pense! Est-ce que c’est avoir ou faire ! Tout le monde pense avec sa mère. Les filles entre dans 5Y Et Mme Gareau cherche le test. J’écris ma réponse sur le travaille. Et Mme Gareau corrige. La classe est finie. Et je suis triste. Parce que le français est fantastique? Le rap de français Par Lily Vijayaraghavan, Ayla Strank et Ryen Mandell 5Y Bonjour, bonjour est-ce que tu es prête ? Tout le monde parle en français ! Lance l’anglais dans la fenêtre. Le verbe avoir, avoir, avoir ! Les verbes, les verbes, les verbes ! Tous les verbes sont fantastiques ! Je joue au basketball, au volleyball, et au tennis ! J’aime les sports et les verbes ! Je parle français ! Non, non, non pas d’anglais ! Le français est amusant ! Le verbe être, être, être ! Le verbe faire, faire, faire !

Voici l’histoire d’un petit lapin Par Sylvia Lam, Suri Li et Shirley Ren 5L Le lapin s’assoit dans la chaise. Les filles regardent le livre « Wonderland » Dans le livre le lapin dit » est-ce que je dois aller dans le trou ? Le lapin saute dans le trou. Quand le lapin saute dans le trou, il trouve deux carottes. Le lapin mange les carottes et il est très content.

Le rap de la pièce! Par Tori Curry, Isla Partridge, Maya Askari et Ella Soon-Shiong 5L Le loup est fou fou et Chaperon Rouge est chou chou. La grand-mère est gentille et la mère aussi. La narratrice est fantastique! La grand-mère aime les biscuits et le loup aussi. Chaperon Rouge court, court et court dans la forêt. Le loup est fort et mange les biscuits. Chaperon Rouge entre dans la cuisine et voit Sylvie. AHHH, le LOUP! Le loup est fou fou et Chaperon Rouge est chou chou. La grand-mère est gentille et la mère aussi. La narratrice est fantastique! YAY!


Être indépendante Par Allison Tanzola 6M

Être en harmonie avec tes parents Par Riya Savundranayagam 6M

Pour moi, c’est important d’être indépendante. Un jour, nous allons avoir beaucoup de responsabilités. Si nous ne sommes pas indépendants, nous n’allons pas faire bien dans le futur. Nous travaillons souvent avec les autres. Mais, nous avons besoin de pratiquer travailler tout seuls, ou nous allons être trop dépendants des autres. Si nous ne sommes pas indépendants, nous allons manquer de nouvelles opportunités. En plus, nous allons avoir trop peur de prendre des risques. Dans l’ensemble, nous devons être indépendants pour profiter de la vie et être préparés pour le futur.

Je pense qu’être en harmonie avec tes parents c’est important parce que tu as une bonne relation. Tu peux demander pour l’aide quand tu as besoin de l’aide. Tes parents sont très importants. Ta famille est dans ton coeur. Peut -être tu vas voyager et tu vas visiter des nouveaux pays avec leurs. Un jour, tu vas avoir besoin de tes parents. Une bonne relation avec tes parents est très bonne.

Voyager Par Mackenzie Pabbies 6C

Voyager Par Aimee McCurdy-Franks 6M

Pour moi, c’est important de Voyager. Voyager est très importante parce que il va vous exposer à différents aliments. Disons que vous allez au restaurant. Au restaurant, il y a les escargots. Vous n’avez pas l’opportunité de connaître les escargots. Mais si vous avez voyager à Paris, tu vas connaître les escargots. Aussi, voyager c’est importante parce que il va vous exposer à des nouvelles langues. Si vous allez voyager à Paris vous allez apprendre un peu de français. Apprendre un nouvelle langue aussi va vous encourager à être plus curieuse. Il va être également plus facile de rencontrer des locaux. J’espère que vous êtes encouragé à prendre un risque et voyager!

Pour moi, voyager est important parce que j’aime à expérience les cultures des pays du monde. Quand je voyage j’aime à faire des activités que je ne peux pas faire à Toronto. Voyager c’est bien si vous avez envie d’ avoir une pause du travail ou de l’école. Vous pouvez reposer et faire des choses amusantes. Voyager est une bonne occasion à rencontrer personnes nouvelles. À la fin de votre voyage, vous pouvez acheter des souvenirs pour rappeller ton voyage. Tu peux dépenser du temps avec la famille et les amis est un bon façon de créer des souvenirs. Voyager est important parce que de tout celles-ci le raisons.


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