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GRADE 7 Grade 8 French

GRADE 8 FSF1D – Core French, Grade 9

Do you like to tell stories? You will have the chance to tell lots of them in Grade 8 French; about yourself, your tastes in fashion and music, your travels, your heroes, and much more! Since learning a new language is learning to think in a different way, you will continue training your brain to think in French by hearing, seeing, using, and reusing the language inside and outside of class. You will learn to express your ideas in more sophisticated French, with new vocabulary and grammatical structures, using various supports as needed. Our focus will be to provide daily opportunities for interaction with your peers in meaningful and authentic settings in order to help you build confidence in your French abilities. You will write texts of different lengths in various forms, and will explore readings from magazines and short stories alike. Evaluations will demonstrate the growth of your oral and written comprehension, as well as your oral and written production skills. Incorporating social media and current pop culture trends, we will discover the richness of the Francophone world in both Canadian and European communities. Are you ready to share your story?

Grade 9 French invites you to a new level of independence as a French speaker. You will learn to define yourself as you explore what interests you, what you care about and what is fun for you. You will extend and refine your skills with past tenses and pronouns and master reflexive verbs and the simple future. You will read a mystery novel, turn yourself into a monster, an interior designer, a time-traveller and an environmental activist. FSF1D students frequently report experiencing their first thoughts or dreams in French. Welcome to the adventure! All students in Grade 9 will complete a year of French while at Havergal, except under special circumstances. Students enrolled in FSF1D in Grade 8 will enroll in FSF2D in Grade 9.

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