Havergal's Uncalendar, 2019-20 Academic Year


Students may take a maximum of three interdisciplinary studies courses—one each of Interdisciplinary Studies, Grade 11, Open (IDC3O); Interdisciplinary Studies, Grade 12, University Preparation (IDC4U); and Interdisciplinary Studies, Grade 12, Open (IDC4O). GRADE 11 IDC3O – Applied Journalism (Yearbook), Grade 11, Open 1 CREDIT – CANCELLED This course has been integrated into ASM2O and ASM3M - Media Arts Grade 10 and 11. GRADE 12 IDC4U – Education for a Changing World, Grade 12, University Preparation 1 CREDIT Maybe you harbour a secret yearning to explore your passions and interests, but haven’t had much time or opportunity to immerse yourself in them during your academic career. Or maybe you possess a strong desire to investigate and report on a troubling issue, phenomenon or event—past or present—and perhaps improve people’s lives through your research. Or maybe you’ve been studying a subject informally for years and you’d relish a chance to research it more formally. Whatever your impetus, if you’re at all interested in pursuing an independent research interest, this course is for you! Each student’s final product of the course is a formal scholarly study, supported by primary and secondary research designed to “fill a gap” in existing knowledge about the subject of interest. Along the way, you’ll also learn about various research approaches and methods, how to present an elevator speech, how to locate and connect to mentors, how to weather—and honour—the peaks and valleys of the research process and how to be a productive member of a research community. The course draws on multiple disciplines to explore the interconnectedness of things, people and ideas. Prerequisite: Any University or University/College preparation course

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