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Havergal: Thriving Today, Leading Tomorrow Located in Toronto, Canada’s largest urban centre, Havergal College is one of the country’s leading independent schools for girls from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. Since 1894, Havergal has welcomed both day and Boarding school students, from over 20 countries around the world, into our community. We are proud to play a role in advancing girls’ education across the globe. Havergal’s exceptional education is rooted in the principles of liberal arts, with a rigorous curriculum designed around the pillars of academics and wellbeing. Students are empowered to express themselves with creativity, enthusiasm and self-confidence in a supportive, stimulating learning environment. Armed with skills needed to lead with purpose and thrive no matter what tomorrow brings, Havergal graduates are future-ready.

Our Mission For nearly 130 years, Havergal has been committed to its mission to prepare young women to make a difference. Our founding principal Ellen Knox was known to challenge students with the enduring question: “what are you going to do?”, which still resonates with students today.

Our Values Havergal’s values of Integrity, Inquiry, Compassion and Courage are at the forefront of all that we do and help to keep us aligned with our mission. Equipped with these values, our students are ready to take on the ever-changing world with confidence, resilience and global-mindedness.



Located on the third and fourth floors of our Upper School building, Havergal’s Boarding School provides unique experiences and opportunities for students to learn and grow beyond the classroom in our vibrant urban surroundings. Boarding students are fully engaged in all aspects of school life from academics and co-curricular programs, as well as sharing their lived experiences. They come from approximately 20 different countries and call Havergal their second home. Here, Boarders will create memories, cultivate lifelong friendships and build essential life skills. Boarding life is full of new experiences, adventures, cultural richness and personal growth.

Boarding Philosophy Our philosophy is to nurture the personal growth and wellbeing of each student by encouraging student agency and fostering strong connections with all members of the Boarding community. We provide a supportive, caring and safe living and learning environment in which students can thrive and where mistakes are embraced as learning opportunities. Our goal is for each student to be a well-rounded individual who is accountable for managing themselves and empowered to positively influence their own lives and the world around them. The Boarding School values and embraces diversity within the members of our community and is committed to creating an environment of equity, inclusion and belonging.



Azerbaijan Bahamas Barbados Botswana Canada Cayman Islands China Germany Iran Japan Jamaica Kazakhstan Mexico Russia Singapore Turkey United Kingdom United States Vietnam

Boarding Key Facts

Our Boarding students come to Havergal from all across Canada (50%) and internationally from countries around the world* (50%).

50 Number of Boarding students

7:1 Boarders to staff ratio

6 Boarding student leadership positions

7 Number of full-time live-in staff: 1 Head of Boarding 1 Assistant Head of Boarding 5 Boarding staff

70 + Activities offered annually: Art galleries, musical theatre, dance performances, museum visits, ice skating, amusement park outings, movie nights

*From 2017 to 2023

Boarding Accommodations The Boarding School is located on the top floors of our Upper School where Boarders enjoy comfortable accommodations in bright, airy rooms overlooking our gardens and playing fields. Students typically have a roommate in their dorm room and there are common spaces for gatherings throughout the Boarding School, in addition to a separate study room with desktop computers. Wireless access is available throughout the Boarding School and each room is equipped with an access port. Our large, sunny common room is a favourite place for students to gather to play games and chat. The space is furnished with easy chairs, couches and a media centre where students can spend time together. Each floor has a kitchenette where students can prepare small meals. Bathrooms are semi-private as well as communal, typically shared between two or three students. " I’ve met people from all over the world, just down the hallway from me, and learning from their experiences is something you can’t get anywhere else.” –Tomisin, Boarding Student, Class of 2022



Daily Life and Routines Boarding students follow the regular Day School schedule, in addition to a balanced schedule for evenings and weekends. The regular school day includes breaks, transition time between classes and a one-hour lunch break, while the evenings offer a combination of study, programming and free time. Boarders have limited access to the Boarding School during the day as they must abide by Day School expectations. Weekends allow for more flexibility and a variety of activities that are planned by both Boarding students and staff. Weekend Programming Boarders have more flexibility on weekends, with free time to recharge and partake in a range of optional activities. Boarding staff and students plan and organize games and workshops on a weekly basis, in addition to monthly excursions. There are opportunities to participate in a variety of on and off-campus activities that allow students to pursue their passions, learn something new or explore the

Typical Schedule

Weekdays (Sunday to Thursday)*

7:30 am Wake up 7:45 to 8:20 am Breakfast 8:30 to 3:30 am Classes 3:30 to 5 pm Co-curricular activities and teams, free time, homework 5:15 to 6 pm Dinner 6 to 8 pm Study 8 to 9 pm Evening programming 9 to 10 pm Free time 10 pm Return to Boarding School

10:30 pm

In room

11 pm

Lights out

diversity of the city. Explore Toronto:

• Arts and culture events • Theatre performances • Sporting events • Immersive experiences

• Movie outings • Shopping trips • Multicultural neighbourhoods

Weekend Evening (Friday to Saturday)* Brunch 12 to 5 pm Weekend activities 5 to 5:45 pm Dinner 7 to 9 pm Evening activities 11 to 12 pm

Try something new: • Crafts • Cooking • Fitness • Swimming

• Dance • Rock climbing • Art • Meditation

9 pm to curfew

Free time

Boarders are welcome to pursue special interests outside of what the school offers, from sports teams and clubs to volunteer work and horseback riding lessons. They can also arrange outings with their friends, but require permission from Boarding staff when leaving Havergal’s campus.

* Schedules are examples of a typical day, provide a snapshot of daily routines in Boarding and may change each academic year.



Boarding Staff Head of Boarding Assistant Head of Boarding Boarding staff

Student Leaders Boarder Prefect Boarding Council

Academic and Wellbeing Teams Academic teachers, Co-curricular leaders, Teacher Advisors, Guidance Counsellors and Social Workers

Boarding Team Boarders call Havergal home. Here they are surrounded by friends, supporters and advisors to help them along the way as they adjust to living on campus. Our Boarding Team lives on-site at the Upper School with the Boarders and ensures that each student receives the individualized care and support they need to thrive at Havergal. Our Boarding staff maintains ongoing communications with parents and guardians to inform them of their child’s accomplishments. Our Boarding Team consists of Head of Boarding, and a variety of staff and student representatives. Boarding staff are dynamic individuals, many with teaching and coaching experience, and serve as a liaison between students, parents and the Day School. They act as advisors, mentors, role models and leaders for Boarders and assist the Boarding Council with planning student activities throughout the year.

Wellbeing Support Student wellbeing is the primary goal of our Boarding School. We get to know each student as an individual and provide an environment that allows them to thrive holistically and one where they can find and pursue their passions. We recognize that for students to succeed academically, they must also care for their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. The Boarding Team plays a critical role in monitoring and supporting students in all areas of our Wellbeing Framework and in guiding both students and parents in their Boarding journey. We meet with Boarding students several times a week to work on their growth plans, in addition to regular meetings with Academic and Wellbeing Teams to review their progress and provide support. Boarding School programs and activities are also aligned to reflect the goals and values of our Wellbeing Framework and help Boarders feel supported. Our Boarding staff are focused on ensuring that students are healthy, happy and engaged in our community. We partner with parents to ensure we have the best support in place for each student. We are also committed to helping students cultivate skills that will prepare them for lifelong wellbeing, for example, an understanding of the importance of sleep, building social connections with their peers or developing healthy relationships and habits.



Additional Supports Security: The Boarding School maintains around-the clock security, with Boarding staff on duty at all times. Healthcare: Boarders have full access to healthcare through the onsite Health Centre, where a nurse is available daily and a physician is on-call when needed. Guidance: All students, including Boarders, have Guidance Counsellors who establish links with each student to monitor and support their progress. Students also have Teachers Assistants who gather with them each morning at the start of the school day. Counselling: Havergal has two social workers on staff, available to Boarders for additional support if needed. Food Service: Our Food Services staff are attuned to the unique nutritional needs of each student. Housekeeping: Laundry service and housekeeping services are available for added student comfort. Activities: Every night after study time, a range of optional activities are offered, including aerobics, games and yoga. Spiritual: Boarding staff can assist Boarders in finding a place of worship that best suits them. Our Upper School Chapel also provides a quiet place for prayer and spiritual reflection, if desired.

Boarding Community To help students develop the essential skills they need when attending school away from home—increased self-reliance, confidence and the ability to adapt to new situations—each Boarding student belongs to a smaller advisory group. Advisory groups are made up of about eight to ten students across various grade levels and are headed by the Boarding staff and two student leaders. Boarding staff are in regular contact with their groups, which are designed to create and maintain positive connections. Boarders also participate in community meetings twice a month to discuss issues related to Boarding life, share information and make announcements. These meetings help foster connections and build a strong sense of community with and among Boarding students and staff.

" Boarding is a special place within the fabric of Havergal, where students receive the comfort and nurturing care of home life. We have a responsibility to support the diversity of our students and create connections and a sense of belonging in the Boarding School. Our commitment is to provide students with programs and experiences that develop independence, resiliency, and life skills that prepare them for the future." –Nicole Folkes, Head of Boarding School


The Havergal Fund

Food Services Boarders have access to a wide selection of food options to choose from each day including international and culturally diverse cuisine, organic food and seasonal produce, vegetarian options and accommodations for special dietary restrictions and allergies. All meals are served in the Upper School dining room, where students and staff can enjoy eating, gathering together and making connections through food. Chartwells Canada—our food services partner— provides Boarders with three nutritious meals on weekdays, along with morning, afternoon and after school snacks. On weekends, students have a variety of nutritious choices available for brunch and dinner. The Common Rooms are stocked with plenty of snacks, plus a small kitchenette where students can prepare their own meals and snacks as they wish. Boarders have a unique opportunity to engage with the Food Services team not only in helping to shape the menu, but also learning about healthy eating. The Boarding Food Committee meets regularly with the Assistant Head of Boarding and Chartwells to share feedback on menu suggestions and special dinners, and Chartwells often hosts evening sessions where Boarders can discover healthy and sustainable food options.




As Canada’s largest urban centre, Toronto is one of the world’s most multicultural cities making it an attractive destination for students from across the globe. Known for its diversity and inclusive atmosphere, the city is a rich tapestry of cultures with over 100 languages spoken. Toronto has a population of three million, is a safe city despite its size and is a hub for business, finance, technology, entertainment and the arts.

Havergal Boarding students appreciate being in a culturally vibrant region and enjoy immersing themselves in all that city life has to offer. Our close proximity to the downtown core allows students easy access to a variety of unique urban experiences. From internationally renowned museums and galleries to live theatre, major sporting events and numerous attractions, boarding at Havergal provides students with unparalleled learning opportunities. Toronto is home to several prestigious post-secondary institutions, including some of the country’s top-ranked universities1, along with a number of

colleges that offer continued learning beyond high school. A Havergal education allows students access to these world-class schools and provides them with the valuable experience of studying in Canada. Weather in Toronto is continental and characterized by four distinct seasons: rainy springs, warm and sunny summers, mild and colourful falls due to the changing leaves, followed by cold and snowy winters. This climate allows students to discover a wide variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, rowing and skating, as the seasons change.


1 Maclean’s . (October 7, 2022). Maclean’s University Rankings. https://education.macleans.ca/rankings/

The Neighbourhood Nestled in midtown Toronto, Havergal College is a safe urban Boarding school in a desirable neighbourhood just north of the downtown core in a central part of the city. The area has a combination of commercial and residential property, with quiet side streets and family homes abutting busier main roads and businesses. Our campus is located close to public transportation, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping boutiques, as well as other modern amenities and conveniences just around the corner. The school is situated directly along two bus routes, with the city’s subway located a short walk or bus ride away, allowing students to easily explore Toronto and its many neighbourhoods. Our Boarding staff ensures that students are well-versed on how to navigate the local neighbourhood, ride the bus, access the subway and explore the city in general. A mix of popular shops, diverse food options, parks and a movie theatre are all within reach, in addition to many fitness studios for yoga, spinning and other wellness-related activities.

Care and Safety Despite its large size, Toronto has a proud reputation for being a safe city and was ranked second on a list of the world’s top 60 safest cities in 2021 by The Economist’s biennial Safe Cities Index 2 . The uptown neighbourhood where Havergal is located is a quiet and safe part of the city. The safety of our students is paramount. We want students to feel at ease and as comfortable as possible in their home away from home. To help keep everyone safe, Havergal has a 24-hour on-site security team, where officers routinely patrol the building and grounds. Swipe card access is required for entry to the Upper School building and our security desk is located directly inside the school’s main entrance. Boarding staff members are always on-call, 24 hours a day on both weekdays and weekends to support students. For added safety, the Boarding School doors are locked at all times with a separate swipe card access required. Only Boarding staff and students are able to access the Boarding floors and visitors require special permission to enter. Boarders must always have permission from staff before leaving the school and they must sign in and out so that Boarding staff are aware of everyone’s whereabouts. For personal privacy, student rooms have locks and they are encouraged to store any important documents, such as passports, with the Boarding School Office for safekeeping.

" One of my favourite things to do is go on different activities. Even just going out for dinner or ice cream, there’s a lot of things to do and I really enjoy living here.” –Emily, Boarding Student, Class of 2022


2 The Economist . (August 2021). Safe Cities Index 2021. https://safecities.economist.com/


A distinguishing feature of Havergal is our beautiful 22-acre campus, a welcoming place for Boarding students to call home. There is ample space for students to enjoy the grounds and surrounding nature in an environment where they can live, learn and grow.

Living at the school offers Boarders the unique benefit of exclusive access to many of our incredible facilities every day, allowing students to take full advantage of all that Havergal has to offer. Boarding students regularly use the grounds and various spaces at the Upper School on evenings and weekends, including the resource centre, fitness centre, pool and art rooms to name a few. With the largest independent girls’ school campus in Toronto, Havergal has a mix of both heritage and modern architecture, along with a protected tree-lined ravine. The property boasts several green spaces such as playing fields, tennis courts, quads, an outdoor classroom and a woodland path that allows students

to connect with the natural outdoor environment. The campus grounds are well landscaped, featuring a variety of native plant life from lush trees and shrubs to colourful flowers that bloom in the spring, summer and early fall months. Our pollinator gardens are home to bees, butterflies and birds alike. In fall 2020, Havergal unveiled new Upper School facilities specially designed to inspire learning and encourage self-discovery, including: • Light-filled classrooms • Multi-purpose area for HC-X programming • Modern Art Studio • Outdoor garden • Learning Commons with three storey living wall



Campus Key Highlights

Three outdoor playing fields

Fitness centre

Six tennis courts

Rock climbing wall

Two outdoor classrooms

Resource Centre

One woodland trail

Learning Commons

Two gymnasiums


25-metre regulation-size pool





Havergal is one of the top academic institutions for secondary education in the country. We offer students a rigorous, contemporary academic program that provides an exceptional foundation for their future studies at some of the world’s foremost universities. Our strong liberal arts program meets and exceeds the expectations of the Ontario Ministry of Education and an outstanding 100% of our graduates attend the university of their choice. All Havergal courses are university-preparatory and are at the advanced level.


Portrait of a Graduate A Havergal education prepares students to be globally-minded, confident and resilient decision makers who are able to adapt and thrive in complex and changing environments. Our graduates are self-directed, lifelong learners that are equipped to navigate a dynamic and uncertain world.

Attributes of a Havergal graduate:

Globally minded

Future ready

Self-directed, lifelong learners

Digital navigators


Flexible and adaptable

Inspired to action

Leaders with integrity

Learning Experiences Unique to Havergal

HC-X , our innovation hub, develops and delivers contemporary programs and learning experiences that provide students with the tools to adapt and thrive no matter what the future brings. Students can take a course in Digital Wisdom to learn about online safety, earn a Digital Micro-credential—typically offered to post secondary students—and engage in blended learning to help build agency. The Forum for Change is our centre of global learning, community partnership programming and social innovation work. Students have opportunities outside of Havergal to experience new perspectives, engage with people from around the globe and make a positive difference. Students can also participate in global exchanges, international learning service trips or partake in our proprietary Global Learning & Leading Diploma.


" I love being in Boarding and part of that is obviously the

people. It’s a really safe space in general. I feel that I can voice my opinions freely and talk to anyone if I need to.” –Jamie, Boarding Student, Class of 2022

Discover Boarding at Havergal

Our Class of 2023

Havergal graduates are globally-minded, confident and resilient decision-makers, able to adapt and thrive in complex and changing environments. They are self-directed, lifelong learners who are equipped to navigate a dynamic and uncertain world.

Read more at havergal.on.ca/alumni .

100 %

of students attend the university of their choice

62 % studied in Canada 32 % studied in the United States 6 % studying internationally

48 students planned to study humanities and liberal arts

35 students planned to study math and science

26 students planned to study business and commerce

13 students planned to study engineering



We invite you to visit our website for more information and to apply online:


If you would like additional information, our Admission team would be happy to send you a digital admission package as you begin to explore more of what Havergal has to offer.

Scan to apply online

Boarding Admission Process Our admission process for Boarding students involves the following steps:

1 3 2 4 5

Completion of application Applications for the Boarding School are accepted on a rolling basis. Applications received by December 1, 2023 will have priority.

Financial assistance deadline If desired, due December 1, 2023

Assessment and English requirements


Admission decision

Contact Please contact our Admission department for more information at: admissions@havergal.on.ca


Future ready

Preparing young women to make a difference 1451 Avenue Road Toronto, Ontario M5N 2H9 Tel: 416-483-3519 www.havergal.on.ca

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