Torch - Spring 2017


Head of Music Lynn Janes with members of the Senior Choir at Carol Service 2016.

for exams. Old Girls who live in other countries watched, as did people who were sick and unable to attend. It doesn’t replicate the beauty and serenity of attending the event, but it was an excellent new opportunity for many.” Not to mention being the best way to expand the service’s reach, now that numbers at St. Paul’s Bloor Street have reached capacity at 1,500 attendees. “This makes my heart so very happy as it is an event that often starts people on their Christmas season of peace and joy.” The Music program would not be what it is today without the contributions of Caroline Spearing (Head of Music from 2001 to 2007), who Janes explains was “instrumental in hiring excellent music educators for the Band and Strings program and helped continue to build the choral program with an emphasis on the Middle School Vocal program, overseas trips and yearly participation in Kiwanis Festivals.” Asked what distinguishes music at Havergal from other schools, Janes says she believes it comes down to the people involved. “I think we’re lucky at Havergal that the arts are so well respected by staff, students and our parent community. We are one of a few schools in the Conference of Independent Schools (CIS) that still has a vibrant Strings program and there are 75 girls in Senior Choir. Not many schools have that much buy-in to choir and singing.” Today, Band, Vocal and Strings classes are offered throughout Grades 7 to 12. Then there’s the plethora of performance groups: five bands, three orchestras and three choirs, plus a piano trio and

“ [Today] there is more attention given to music of different countries and cultures—not just listening, but exploring through instrumental music and singing.

—Lynn Janes


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