Torch - Spring 2017

Student Experience

French students create art to depict their interpretations of the book Ru, by French-Canadian novelist Kim Thúy.

Consider Havergal’s partnership with the University of Toronto’s Engineering Strategies and Practice (ESP) students, for example. The trails that connect our Outdoor Learning PlaySpace to the Burke Brook are suffering from the effects of erosion and shifting ground. Budding engineers in this first-year university course are going to tackle the problem and offer a solution, putting their communications and design skills to the test. And our own students will be working on the problem with them, resulting in a presentation to our Facilities staff. It doesn’t get more “grounded” and real-world than that! We could say that Havergal is lucky to have such a strong handle on bridging the engagement gap with our students, but aside from the good fortune every teacher and leader enjoys in being a part of this

In each of these instances, our girls are following their interests, asking authentic questions, connecting with others, generating solutions, making choices and reflecting on themselves as individuals and learners. In other words, they are engaged with their learning. Of course, student engagement isn’t limited to the classroom. Our girls are curious and interested in all facets of school life. They apply the lessons and themes of Prayers on the playground. They bring their life passions to school clubs. They build close social bonds on the field while competing for a win. They establish charities to help other girls around the world access education. They solve real-world problems, out in the community and in the school.


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