Torch - Fall 2016

Parents can get involved in many ways with the HCPA. Top left: Rowing dads cheer on the team with shots of espresso. Top right: Junior School families join in on the fun at Celebration Saturday 2016. Bottom left: The Flood family. Bottom right: A dad spends time with his daughter and friend at the JS Welcome BBQ on the first day of school.

several dads. In February, a call for nominations goes out to all parents, so watch for exciting opportunities to nominate yourself or another parent. This year, the HCPA added a fundraising portfolio, as well as a special events portfolio. The latter, among other events, will organize Mother-Daughter Breakfasts for Grades 9, 10 and 11, with the intention of bringing daughters and their mothers together over a shared meal. Our wish is for all parents to find a way to participate in their daughter’s education, at home or at school. We would love to help you find a way that is personally meaningful! If you would like to be involved at Havergal, please go to the school website and fill in the volunteer form: Junior School ( ), Upper School ( USVolunteer1617 ) or contact the HCPA Chair, Robyn Spector, at . Check the Parent Portal, , regularly for more parent resources.

Yet, another way that parents can contribute to the Havergal community is by serving on the Board of Governors or the Havergal Foundation. These positions are longer term and may not include direct or daily contact with our daughters, but they focus on strategic decisions that will serve Havergal long after our daughters have graduated. The various ways parents are involved at home and with the school create a safe environment for our daughters to take risks, build confidence and share experiences. Being part of an active community extends the feeling of family and the home into the school and helps our daughters feel at ease. As parents, we are all members of the HCPA and have a role to play. Specifically, the portfolio chairs for the various HCPA parent events are responsible for organizing many school-related activities to facilitate and encourage parent interaction. Over the last year, the HCPA has taken a closer look at its mandate with the focus on involving as many Junior and Upper School parents as possible while contributing to the bursary fund that provides financial aid to several students. The number of parents on the HCPA portfolios has increased to more than 45, including


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