Torch - Fall 2016

Student Awards

Havergal Student Awards 2015–16 The Havergal community congratulates the following students for their achievements during the 2015–16 school year. Special awards ceremonies were held on Monday, June 13, for Junior School students and on Thursday, October 6, for Upper School students as a way to honour and acknowledge the many award recipients at Havergal.

JUNIOR SCHOOL GRADE 6 PRIZES AND AWARDS The Hulbert Holmes Award: Anna Zufferli The Ismay McCarrick Award: Gillian McKenzie The Laurene Watson Award: Kate McGregor The Levy, Revell, Wilkinson Award: Ekin Ozince and Jennifer Francis The Mohan Award: Avery Nadalini

UPPER SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIPS The Wendy J. Thompson Scholarship – Grade 9: Cloe Borba & Abigail Zewdu Havergal House Scholarship – Frances Ridley: Emilie Lu (Gr. 9) Havergal House Scholarship – Kate Leonard: Jaqueline Elliott (Gr. 7) Hannah Zhao (Gr. 9) Havergal House Scholarship – Margaret Taylor: Emlyn Vrijmoeth (Gr. 7) Havergal House Scholarship – Edith Nainby: Nadia Shirtliff-Hinds (Gr. 9) Havergal House Scholarship – Agnes Hansen: Erin Howard (Gr. 7), Angela Pena (Gr. 9) Havergal House Scholarship – Catherine Steele: Emily Hong (Gr. 9) Havergal House Scholarship – Marcelle De Freitas: Charleigh Priestman (Gr. 7) The Havergal Merit Scholarship: Alexandra Couch (Gr. 9) UPPER SCHOOL SPECIAL AWARDS The Robin Urquhart Beddis & Jean Macpherson Urquhart Scholarship: Katrina Ai Qi Yeung Havergal College Parent Association Prize – Grade 7: Maya Rao Havergal College Parent Association Prize – Grade 8: Tess Carty Havergal College Parent Association Prize – Grade 9: Sheena McKeever Havergal College Parent Association Prize – Grade 10: Tess Shields-McLean Havergal College Parent Association Prize – Grade 11: Tierney Carnella The Boarders Cup: Rochelle Johnson The New Girl Cup: Jacqueline Newsome

PRIZE FOR HIGHEST GENERAL PROFICIENCY Grade 7: Sienna Wall Grade 8: Swanee Douglas

Grade 9 (Class of 1937 MacDonald Memorial Prize): Deisha Paliwal Grade 10 (Class of 1937 MacDonald Memorial Prize): Selina Chow Grade 11 (The Luella Gertrude Lovering Memorial Prize): Coco Wang UPPER SCHOOL ACADEMIC AWARDS The Ancerl Prize for Music: Kyla Leong-Poi O’Rorke Middle School Music Award for Band: Hailey Rockandel O’Rorke Middle School Music Award for Strings: Julia Tien O’Rorke Middle School Music Award for Vocal: Jamie Rokin Dorothy Bevan Prize for Junior Mathematics in Grade 10: Gillian Smith Dorothy O’Dell Memorial Prize for Mathematics in Grade 11: Selina Chow, Sydney Corbett & Elaine Wang Class of 1937 Proficiency Prize in Science: Keely Douglas Dorothy Symons Scholarship in Canadian Studies: Sabrina Mastroianni The Louise Cholette-Rees Award: Jasmine Harkness Constance Pudan Prize for French in Grade 11: Selina Chow, Jacqueline Newsome & Brooke Pardy The Yale Book Prize: Keely Douglas SENIOR YEAR ACADEMIC PRIZES The Arts – Band: Elizabeth Farkouh & Alexandra Koch-Fitsialos The Arts – Strings: Erin Wong Languages – Advanced Placement French: Keely Douglas, Katherine Ross & Coco Wang Languages – Latin: Elizabeth Farkouh Languages – Mandarin: Sophia Matthews & Tyra Tsim Mathematics – Advanced Placement Calculus and Vectors: Coco Wang Mathematics – Advanced Placement Statistics: Elizabeth Farkouh Mathematics – Data Management: Daniela Krcmar & Brooke Pardy Social Sciences – Economics: Coco Wang Technology Education – Communication Technology: Lauren Cardinale The. W. G. Charlton Prize for Creative Writing: Katrina Yeung

Old Girls Prize – Grade 9: Elizabeth Fletcher Old Girls Prize – Grade 10: Nicole Yoannou Old Girls Prize – Grade 11: Vienna Cimetta The Debating Prize: Victoria Roberston Student Innovation Award: Clare Morneau

The Middle School Award for Leadership: Jasmine Harkness The Class of 1956 Mary Dennys Torch Award: Elizabeth Farkouh The Havergal Award for Exceptional Academic Standing: Coco Wang


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