Torch - Fall 2016

Junior School students openly discuss ideas and issues during Community Circles time.

Finding Their Voice Central to the development of confidence-building for girls and young women is finding their voice. When girls give themselves permission to speak, they access their own beliefs, are exposed to alternate views and spur their own social, emotional and intellectual growth. Havergal provides ongoing opportunities for girls to emerge so they can learn to express themselves. By creating safe spaces to ask questions and offer ideas, each girl comes to see that her voice is honoured. Inquiry-based learning inherently promotes a student’s ability to express her thoughts and ask questions. As one example, Harkness teaching utilizes student-centred discussions in which girls explore ideas together as the focal point for learning. And to ensure there are diverse opportunities for all students—especially those not naturally inclined to speak up—teachers often introduce alternate methods such as journalling so that every girl can engage in the dialogue in her own way. Knowing Themselves Confident people have a strong sense of who they are—their beliefs, capacities, passions, skills and preferences. They also see and accept the limits and boundaries of their talents and inclinations. When students focus on developing their own interests and pursue them fully, they expand their distinctive qualities and come to know and understand themselves better. Our role is to enable them to

Havergal offers an enormous range of experiences, so that anything a girl is interested in pursuing is available to her.

discover everything there is to know about themselves. With that knowledge, they can make authentic commitments to walking their own paths. Havergal offers an enormous range of experiences so that anything a girl is interested in pursuing is available to her. From cultural exchanges and service trips to debating, athletics, the arts, social interactions, diverse learning opportunities and social justice projects, Havergal students have so many opportunities to grow their self-confidence from the inside out. As we evolve in the face of the shifting educational needs of our students, we apply best practices of teaching and learning not just to the academic and co-curricular areas, but also to the personal development of our girls. From this base, we can ensure that they have the confidence to leave the Supergirl illusion behind and do the #RealGirlThings that make a positive difference in their own lives and the lives of others. “


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