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Graduate Profile

Grad Profile 2015

Congratulations to the 121 students of Havergal’s graduating Class of 2015 who have chosen to attend universities both in Canada and abroad. The Class of 2015 was offered in excess of $1.2 million in both renewable and non-renewable scholarships. We wish them the best of luck in their areas of study.

Tessa Buchan Harvard University, Liberal Arts Program As School Captain in her graduating year, Tessa worked hard, played hard and created an upbeat atmosphere within the school. She enjoyed her time at Havergal because she could pursue her passions for sports and music through the

Florence Chan King’s College London, Law (LLB)

Florence’s experience with Havergal’s Exchange Program to England in Grade 10 sparked her interest to study abroad. She is currently a student at King’s College London studying Law (LLB). While at Havergal, Florence enjoyed being a

school’s co-curricular opportunities. This included playing on the hockey, rowing and field hockey teams and participating in musical ensembles such as the Senior Choir and the Symphonic Band (she plays the trombone). At graduation, Tessa was awarded The Suzanne Curtis Memorial Senior Athlete Trophy for her contributions to sports throughout her years in the Upper School. Tessa currently attends Harvard University, where she is exploring the university’s liberal arts program. She looks forward to a career in the health care industry.

member of the school’s badminton, swimming and softball teams and assumed leadership roles in the Public Speaking Club, TEDxHavergal College and Student Council. She admired the balance at Havergal that inspires opportunities to engage in academics, sports and the arts. “Havergal’s culture of intellectual curiousity has motivated my ability to make a difference. The relationship of law and democracy, and how the former can help aid or define the latter, is of great interest to me,” says Florence.

Nicole Leung New England Conservatory of Music, Vocal Performance An opera singer in training, Nicole attributes her love of singing to the music program at Havergal. “My music teachers recognized my talent and fostered it,” she says. Currently a student at the

Saira Obaid University of Waterloo, Mechanical Engineering

Saira first fell in love with mechanical engineering and biomechanics in her Grade 11 Physics class, where she learned about the various fields of engineering and took an interest in the biomechanics

New England Conservatory of Music in Vocal Performance, Nicole is a proud Old Girl and feels lucky to be connected to the school’s alumnae community. During her time at Havergal, she participated in various music groups such as the Middle School Choir, the Chamber Choir, the Senior Choir and Symphony Orchestra (she plays the violin). Nicole also enjoyed the leadership opportunities available at Havergal and was a member of the Community Council and the Arts Council and was the Admissions Prefect in her graduating year.

of artificial hearts. This passion for engineering led her to become involved in Havergal’s Robotics and Environment Clubs. During her spare time, Saira volunteered for various robotics and engineering competitions at the University of Waterloo (including judging LEGO Robotics competitions and supervising math competitions) and is a student member of Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO). Today she is studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Waterloo and looks forward to a career in industrial research and biomechanics. She thanks Havergal for giving her the confidence to join this male-dominated profession.


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