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Havergal College Board of Governors and Foundations

Havergal College Board of Governors

The Havergal College Foundation The Foundation receives and invests donations intended for Havergal College infrastructure, student assistance and other programs. It oversees the investment of funds raised by the Havergal community, ensuring that the assets of The Foundation are invested in a prudent and effective manner. The Havergal College Foundation is a registered charity under the Income Tax Act (Canada) and, as such, is exempt from income taxes and may issue receipts to donors for income tax purposes. The Foundation is incorporated as a corporation without share capital under the laws of Ontario and its Board of Trustees is independent of Havergal College.

The Havergal College Educational Foundation Inc. (U.S.) The Havergal College Educational Foundation Inc. (U.S.) was incorporated in 1977 in New York to allow U.S. donors to make gifts to Havergal. The U.S. Foundation makes grants to The Havergal College Foundation in Toronto to support the programs and activities of the school.

The Board of Governors is responsible for the overall stewardship of Havergal College. The Board sets broad policy directions through strategic planning and goal- setting and ensures the financial stability of the school. The Board is responsible for appointing the Principal, to whom it delegates authority over the administration of the school and matters of curriculum and staffing. In keeping with membership requirements of the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS), the Board oversees the school and remains at arm’s length from the administration.

DIRECTORS 2014–15 Louise Park McMillan 1972, Chair Cynthia Rutherford 1988 Nicole Tzetzo

MEMBERS 2014–15 Jennifer Bidwell 1996 Betsey Chung Helen-Kay Davy, Principal Julie Di Lorenzo 1982 Jennifer Dolman 1984 Martha Fell 1987 Nagy Ghobrial Ann Kerwin Barrie Laver Janet MacPhail 1979 Christopher Matthews Michael Meneguzzi Michael Newton Linda Nicholls Melanie Plet 1992 Sean Regan Martha Simmons 1999 Debbie Simpson Edwina Stoate 1975 Marianne Taggio

FOUNDATION TRUSTEES 2014–15 Richard Willoughby, Chair Helen-Kay Davy Kendra Dawson Doersam 1995 Andrew Moor Christine Morin-Higgs Lois Smith Tim Stinson Jeremy Walker Mary-Kathleen Delicaet Young 1985

Kate Balsara-Pardoe, Treasurer Louise Yearwood, Secretary

Jeremy Walker Mary Whitelaw Richard Willoughby


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