Torch - Fall 2015

The Havergal Old Girls Association Mentoring Program The Havergal College Old Girls Association (HOGA) offers young alumnae and experienced Old Girls mentoring opportunities through the Light the Way Program. Since its inception in 2006, hundreds of Old Girls have participated in the program. Farah Ismail 1996 has been a member of the Mentoring Committee since 2012 and has served as Chair since 2013. “In my role, I have been able to utilize the skills I have developed, such as effective communication, organization and collaboration, to work collectively with a group of Old Girls who come from a variety of backgrounds. Together, we share the responsibility for developing and sustaining the mentoring program,” says Ismail. “Our goal is to make mentoring and networking accessible to all Old Girls, regardless of the sector in which they work. The critical success of the Light the Way Program is based on the participation of Old Girls and, particularly, mentors who are willing and able to share their time and expertise.” The Mentoring Committee encourages experienced Old Girls to volunteer their time in whatever way they are able in order to ensure continued success for the program. For more information about the program, visit mentoring .

Grade 8 Executive on the Middle School Council

profiles shared online with the Middle and Senior Schools three weeks before the vote. “We have a hotly anticipated school election day, and we cast all of our votes on one morning, from Grade 7 all the way up to 12, including faculty and staff,” says Martin. She adds the election is made fun by the real element of surprise. “I’ve been through two elections now at Havergal and what is actually wonderful is that we really go with what the school chooses. That’s a great leap of faith, but the school elects a pretty diverse group of girls,” says Martin. In the Middle School, formal leadership is taken on by five Grade 8 executives who are elected by their peers (at the end of Grade 7), forming the Executive of the Middle School Council. In an example of leadership crossover between the schools, these councils are co-chaired by two Grade 12 students, called Middle School Prefects. Once the school year begins, there are also Form elections, and the Executive is joined by four reps for Grade 7 and four reps for Grade 8 (each Form is between 22 and 24 students).

For those interested in formal leadership opportunities, they do abound at Havergal. Most visibly, Grade 12 students can become school Prefects, led by a head girl called the School Captain. Prefects specialize in different areas of the school, for example, the Arts Council, Sports Council, Student Council and others. They assist in running Prayers, they liaise between the students and faculty, and they are called on as ambassadors to attend events such as our annual Open House. “They are our go-to girls,” says Martin. Other leadership opportunities for Grade 12 students include roles such as House Captains, who oversee House Councils and organize everything from athletics to friendly House competitions. “I think of the House Captains as sort of the caretakers of school spirit,” says Martin. Then there are the six Senior Year Class Presidents who oversee activities (such as special assemblies, workshops, the Grad Gift) for the graduating classes.

Students interested in any of these roles apply in Grade 11, filling out leadership



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