Torch - Fall 2015

School Captain

W hen Havergal students return to school Monday mornings, they are greeted by music, dancing Prefects and the smiling face of School Captain, Isabelle (Izzy) Caven. These small gestures are all part of the 17-year-old’s larger plan of making everyone feel comfortable and welcome in the Havergal College community. “At Havergal, there are a lot of opportunities to take advantage of,” Caven explains. “Aside from the academic work, and even outside of the clubs and sports, there are activities that you can take part in to make yourself more a part of the community. But you have to provide an environment for people to feel comfortable enough to take advantage of it all.” A sense of comfort is not only an atmosphere Caven strives to create, but it’s also something she exudes herself, making her a unique role model for the student community. “A lot of people have something that defines them, whether it’s sports or music or something else,” she says. “But I just live my life as me, which I think people can relate to.” That relate-ability is something Gillian Martin, Assistant Head, Senior School, has seen in action. “A big part of Izzy’s charisma is her authenticity,” Martin says. “She puts people at ease—they don’t need to be anything other than who they are.” It’s no wonder, then, that Caven is so popular among younger students, as well. “She connects with them on whatever level they’re at and she has absolutely zero standoffishness,” says Martin. “There’s no, ‘I’m a Grad and I’ve got an intimidation factor,’ so the younger students feel comfortable with her and gravitate toward her.” The feeling is mutual: Caven has long had an interest in children and has volunteered in the arts and music program at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital—the country’s largest children’s rehabilitation hospital—since Grade 10. “I work one-on-one with a child, helping them feel comfortable,” Caven says. “It’s one of the highlights of my week.” She rounds out her summers, meanwhile, working as a live-in babysitter and a camp counsellor.

“She’s got a natural love for children,” agrees Martin, recalling that back in Grade 10, Caven helped launch the Havergal Big Sister Club during a leadership retreat. “She’s one of the most compassionate young people I’ve ever met.” A lot of Caven’s positive attitude is captured in this year’s motto: Let’s Remix, 15–16 . “It stands for changing something in yourself— or something in the way you live your life—in a positive way,” says Caven, adding that it can be as big as taking on a new activity or as small as consciously looking at something in a fresh, new way. “It can be about attitude, lifestyle—just an all-encompassing motto to change yourself for the better in some way.” It’s a motto that is as open and upbeat as Caven herself. “The fact that Izzy is fun-loving and joyful is a huge asset,” says Martin. “She exudes a joy and a sense of fun that is contagious.” “ “ A big part of Izzy’s charisma is her authenticity. —Gillian Martin, Assistant Head, Senior School


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