Torch - Fall 2013


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Vulput lore do consequip ex etueros alisim veniamet. sequis nullamcorem estinci psusciduis nonsed School Captain Rachelle Li has a passion and a gift for playi g classical music. Rachelle’s family was drawn to Havergal because of its superior music program. They knew the school would be a great environment for their musically talented daughters as it w uld be somewhere that they could develop into well-rounded students while enriching their musical talents. Starting at Havergal i Grade 4, Rachelle has been involved in many aspects of school life: sports teams, community partnerships, student council, the Welcome Committee, the Celebration Saturday Committee and orchestras. This year, she takes on a leading role as our School Captain. Despite a full schedule, she is dedicated to her art and practices the violin for many hours a week. Rachelle is an accomplished young musician who has been a member of the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra since 2007. In the summer of 2013, she placed first in the North York Music Festival and, as a result, was a featured soloist on the October 5, 2013 program of the Greater Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2012, Rachelle was a scholarship recipient and a member of The Phil and Eli Taylor Performance Academy for Young Artists at The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) and attained her Performer’s RCT (Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto) from the RCM in Violin Performance with First Class Honours with Distinction, the highest level. She also received Havergal’s Senior Music Award for the 2012-2013 school year. During the past few summers, Rachelle has focused her energy on global community service adventures, led by experiential travel agencies. Her experiences have included volunteering at an elephant conservatory in Thailand, teaching English to orphans in India, building chimneys to ventilate villagers’ kitchens in Peru and participating in a medical mission in El Salvador. These missions—the medical mission to El Salvador in particular—have inspired her to pursue a future career in medicine.

Rachelle Li, School C ptain 2013-2014

Rachelle is someone who recognizes that working with a team builds excitement and passion for things. She adds that playing in an orchestra teaches you about teamwork and collaboration. Her future is bright and she is leaving her options open. “I want to see where the future takes me,” she explains. This is in perfect step with this year’s school motto “Seize the Unseen in 13-14,” which was developed by Rachelle and her fellow student leaders and encourages students to take risks in life and to seek out new opportunities. One thing Rachelle is sure of is that wherever she lands beyond the ivy, she will continue to play the violin. “Playing in an orchestra is a magical experience,” Rachelle says. “When you play together, you experience the emotion of music together. Whether it’s the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra or the Havergal Senior Orchestra, you come together because you share a passion for music.”


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