Torch - Fall 2013


The Institute at Havergal: The Institute provides school-wide education about the key forces shaping our world and delivers programs that enable students to explore and engage in the world both locally and internationally. In May 2013, the Student Innovation Award was conferred on Susanna Manziaris who founded her own charity, GirlsHelpingGirls (GHG), which aims to eradicate gendercide by raising the status of women through education.

PAST PARENTS Lesley LeMesurier Alboini 1971 and Victor Alboini Sheila Allen and Tobin Davis Roberta and Forbes Andersen Carolyn and Malcolm Archibald Jane Dalton Avery 1955 Jill and Ivars Azis Joan Ridgway Baker 1961 and David Baker Marsha Davis Brooks 1960 and Barry Brooks Ann and Bartley Bull Susan Cathers Burns 1958 and H. Michael Burns Joan Kalthoff Burt 1951 Monika and Mike Buzanis Ingrid and Andrew Callum Rosemary and Chi Cheung Louise Cholette-Rees and Morlan Rees Grace and Patrick Chu Terence Colgan Mary Ellis Cox 1936 Linda Cullen Shelagh Donovan and Michael Boyd Jennifer Duchesne Barbara and Piotr Duda Lisa and Craig Ellis Julie English-Dixon Joni and Rui Fernandes Adrienne and Derek Fisher Kate and George Fraser Kathryn Cooke Gallaher 1976 and Chris Gallaher Alison Farmer Gibson 1948 and Kerr Gibson Pamela Mulqueen Gibson 1947 and Gordon Gibson Susan Wright Gooderham 1974 and Michael Gooderham Larysa Gorlova Nancy and Michael Graham Sharon and Bruce Grantier Linda FitzGerald Grasley 1957 Carole Hall Lee and Premek Hamr Lea Hansen 1971 Denise Hartford and Jose Rubio Lazo Gillian Hawker 1978 and Marty Perlmutar Winifred Medland Hawks 1941 and Gordon Hawks Gail and James Herder Kathie and David Hetherington Alan R. Hibben Jocelyn and Andre Hidi June Dow Histrop 1942 and Arthur Histrop Susan Walker and Thomas Hoener Ann McCullagh Hogarth 1956 Keith Hoilett Janet and Ron Howes Roberta Innes

Ingrid and D.G. Jagdeo Deborah Morrish and Thomas Jakobek Jane and Barry Johnson Carolyn Campbell Kernohan 1965 Marilyn Ward King 1953 and Charles King

Catherine and Bradley Nullmeyer Margaret Ryrie Pacini 1970 and Peter Pacini Jennifer Parkin 1975 and David George Sarah Sedgwick Parry 1979 and Mark Parry Sandra McNeely Peckham 1977 and James Peckham Elizabeth Bell Perkin 1961 Leanne and Neil Petroff Evelyn Adams Pirrie 1944 Joan Ballantyne Redfern 1947 Flora Moffat Renaud 1942 Sue and Paul Riedlinger Valerie Rixon Joan Kingsmill Roper 1960 and William Roper Roslyn and J. Franklin Roth Eileen and Barry Russell Dolores and Wayne Saunders The Rev. Kenneth Scott Peggy Pepler Sharpe 1947 and C. Sharpe Edwina Dick Stoate 1975 and Tim Stoate Barbara Swanson and Kingsley Campbell Katherine Anglin Swetman 1947 and William Swetman Jennifer and Gregory Thompson Wendy Thompson 1967 Ann McClelland Topp 1977 and Bruce Topp Jennifer Tory 1974 Margaret Ainslie Tuer 1951 Jane Clarke Veit 1948 and Richard Veit Barbara Waczko-Smith and Richard Smith Lenore Walters Julia Stanley Weaver 1978 and Donald Weaver Shelagh Dunwoody Whitaker 1947 Elizabeth White 1971 and Andrew Czernik Mary Grace Rolph Wright 1944 Wendy and Brian Wynn Emily Chan and Michael Yam Mary-Frances Cockshutt Zeldman 1956 and Bernard Zeldman Catherine and Peter Singer Darlene and Patrick Sinnott Ruby and Samuel Siu Cynthia Thomas Smith 1960 and John McLeod Yong Suk La and Ho Jun Song Joan Steegstra

Robin and Robert Koves Rev. Dorothy Lancaster Elizabeth Lancaster 1981 Soon and Gary Lawrence Christine and Douglas Lawson Olivia Lemmon Lee 1957 Barbara Rea Lemmon 1960 and David Lemmon Susan Bicknell Leslie 1955 and William Leslie Peter J. Lewis

Kate and Jonathan Lisus Joan and W. Livingston Helen Forwood Lloyd 1947 and Bruce Lloyd Jane Carter MacDonald 1946 Virginia Robertson Macdonald 1946 and Sinclair Macdonald Janet and Garfield MacInnis Catherine Reucassel Mackie 1981 and David Mackie Jane Northey MacKinnon 1947 and Ronald MacKinnon Diane King MacNicol 1982 and David MacNicol Janet Currie MacPhail 1979 and Steve MacPhail Beverley Clappison Maggiacomo 1963 and Paul Maggiacomo Jeanne Tate Manchee 1942 Anna and Lidio Mancuso Joyce Allan McAlpine 1965 and James McAlpine Kathryn McCain 1969 and Jamie Pyper Norma Sampson McClelland 1942 Dorinda McLaren McCraney 1965 and Robert McCraney Rosemary Taylor McIntosh 1968 Mary Ross McKee 1965 Mary Gay Mills McNeil 1966 and William McNeil Wendy and Ronald Melvin Lea Aird Menear 1966 and William Menear Susan Scroggie Metcalf 1955 and Robert Metcalf Sharon and Stephen Miller Eileen Fischer and Michael Milosevic Patricia Montgomery 1947 Barbara Trent Morris 1956 and Robert Morris Catherine Lawrence 1977 and Jerome Morse Mary Davis Nelles 1962 and Cliff Nelles Susan Watson Nelson 1952 and Jeremy Nelson

* Indicates donors who are deceased

ANNUAL REPORT 2012–2013  51

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