Torch - Fall 2013


Curriculum Enrichment: Havergal offers its students exposure to the latest curricular, technological, innovative and experiential learning methodologies. In 2012-2013, annual gifts contributed to 40 professionals visiting Havergal classrooms to share their knowledge in the fields of English, music, debate, athletics and finance.

Maureen and Peter Oliver Pamela and Desmond O’Rorke

Marianne Oundjian 1969 Jennifer and Louis Pagnutti Jennifer Parkin 1975 and David George Meg and Thomas Peddie Francine and Roderick Pennycook Robert Pierce

T hank you to all of our donors. You made a difference in 2012–2013!

Amy and Edward Pong Sabrina and Mel Poy Robbie J. Pryde Linda and Bill Quinn Perdita and Vivian S. Rambihar Judy Ratcliffe 1952 Seok-Ping and Joseph Reis

Rose and Sam Reisman Sue and Paul Riedlinger Carole and Paul Robertson Brenda L. Robson Mary and Michael Rolland Janet Lang Ross 1931* and Murray G. Ross* Diane Mavrinac-Ross and Jeffery Ross Philippa Samworth 1970 Dolores and Wayne Saunders Meredith and Bill Saunderson Susan and John Schumacher Myroslava Romach and Edward Sellers Jayne Harkness Sendzimir 1942 Jenny and Oscar Signoretti Helen Sinclair 1969 Antoinette and Joseph Sorbara Dearda Seaford Stikeman 1970 and Robert Stikeman Edwina Dick Stoate 1975 Jane Stodgell 1969* and Arnold Massey Alicia Mulak and Michael Studer Ana Lopes and Donald Tapscott Ann and David J. Taylor Heather and Richard M. Thomson Marie-Yolande and J. Thomas Timmins

Evald Torokvei Foundation Nancy and Robert Torokvei Liz Tory and John A. Tory* Andrea and Jack Tse Diana Howe and Joseph Tse Jean Macpherson Urquhart 1945* Pamela Velos Marianne and Wil Verheyen Lorraine Bell and Mark Weisdorf Ann-Margaret and Gordon Welton

Cynthia Thun Willauer 1958 Jilla and Robert C. Williams Priscilla Winn Barlow Jillian and Gordon Woolley

Mary Grace Rolph Wright 1944 Catherine Lau and Sek Yuen Michele Johnson-Zentil and Garry Zentil* May Lee and Roger Zhu Anonymous (3)

* Indicates Havergal Circle donors who are deceased

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