Torch - Fall 2013


A Gift of Time By Lois Rowe

I ndividuals who volunteer offer us a most valuable gift— their time. They sign up, show up, roll up their sleeves and participate, all for the reward of being of use. Not-for- profit organizations depend on volunteers to enhance their operations—raise funds and provide programming. Havergal is an organization that owes a debt of gratitude to its volunteers. Havergal is fortunate to have parents who give generously of their time to support the school and its community partners. Whether it’s Celebration Saturday, used books and uniforms, the annual Father Daughter Dance, horticultural work or Grade Representatives reaching out to keep parents up-to-date and socially connected, there is so much that Havergal parent volunteers contribute to the school. The efforts of these parent volunteers are coordinated through the work of the Havergal Community Committee (HCC). In this issue of The Torch , you will see that we honour the work of the HCC leaders and the role of the volunteer. Havergal is richer for the gift of time given by the many volunteers who make up the HCC. The Annual Report contained in this issue is a testament to another form of generosity present in our community. Financial support from Old Girls, parents, students, faculty and staff, present and past, helps to fund ongoing and innovative programming for the school as well as to fund assistance in the form of student bursaries. Our school’s culture of philanthropy also brings together constituents from around the world and across generations and connects them to Havergal’s vital role in preparing young women to make a difference. Thank you to all donors past and future.

The excellence of a Havergal education— that is funded in part through financial donations from the community— was recognized in the accreditation report we received from Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) this past summer. Havergal received many commendations including one that

recognized the impact of the recent Strategic Plan, A Culture of Capability : “The Visiting Committee commends Havergal’s mission to grow a ‘culture of capability,’ which encourages community engagement, appropriate risk-taking and responsible leadership, ultimately greatly contributing to a culture where girls feel secure enough to take risks in and out of the classroom. This is evident at every grade level.” This year, the school will begin the transition from one strategic plan to another. These are important plans. They engage the school in the process of looking to the future in a proactive way. We look forward to sharing with the community a summary of the impact of the current Strategic Plan and how it will shape strategies to follow. Lois Rowe, Acting Principal

Our “Discover great moments” timeline paints a picture of the Havergal experience by highlighting the achievements of many Old Girls and the life-changing experiences that they shared at Havergal, along with more recent student accomplishments and historical facts about the school. Visit Havergal College’s new timeline: D iscover Great Moments


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