Torch - Fall 2013

Their Philanthropy For Elizabeth, philanthropy has a broad definition, combining the giving of time and money to make a difference. A few years ago, Elizabeth and her husband travelled to Nicaragua with Bridges to Community, an organization in which her brother is involved, on a “shared work” development project with a local community; the experience changed her perspective. “I came home a changed person,” she says. “Volunteering is a way to engage fully in any community.” According to Mary, time is treasure. “You give back not because you have to, but because you want to,” she says. Mary and her family are involved with their church community initiatives and, for several years, have volunteered as Celebrity Clowns for the Santa Claus Parade. “Everyone contribut s at different levels. You have to define philanthropy for yourself and your household,” says Joanne, who also sits on the Board of Rosedale United Church and the Donalda Club. And since the early 1990s, Joanne and her classmate Diane King have been Class Reps, keeping nearly 30 Old Girls from the Class of 1982 connected to each other. By definition, philanthropy is the love of humanity . “Philanthropy is about thinking beyond yourself to improve our world. It’s about appreciating and engaging with the community that you’re a part of,” Louise says. “Philanthropy is about creating positive changes in the world, fostering relationships that share a common understanding and appreciation, and making a difference—principles that are deeply- rooted values in Havergal’s history.” For nearly 120 years, generations of Havergalians—parents, Old Girls, students, faculty and staff—have given back to the school. To ensure this tradition continues, the school’s culture of philanthropy must continue to grow. “On behalf of the school, I would like to express our deepest gratitude to the HCC and all our volunteers—parents, students, Old Girls, faculty and staff—for the incredible work they do for Havergal and making the school one of their families’ charitable priorities,” Louise adds. “You enrich our community and uphold the school’s values and traditions. You make Havergal what it is—a school that is able to offer young women from around the world a truly exceptional education.”

Through volunteering, you are able to meet wonderful parents and faculty who have the same drive and dedication to Havergal. —Mary Whitelaw “ “

Volunteering is a way to engage fully in any

community. —Elizabeth Seger


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