OFSAA Ultimate 2022 Program

The official program of the 2022 OFSAA Ultimate tournament.









Adam Scott



Castlebrook Woodland Greenwood

Chamadonna Winston Churchill

Kingston Sandwich




St. Joan of Arc



A1 vs A4 D2 vs D3 B1 vs B3 C2 vs C4 B3 vs B4 Field 1

B1 vs B4 B2 vs B3 C1 vs C3 A1 vs A2 C3 vs C4 Field 2A

C1 vs C4 C2 vs C3 D1 vs D3 B1 vs B2 Field 2B

D1 vs D4 A1 vs A3 D2 vs D4 A3 vs A4 D3 vs D4 Field 3A

A2 vs A3 A2 vs A4 B2 vs B4 D1 vs D2 C1 vs C2 Field 3B

Thur 09:00 - 10:05 Thur 10:25 - 11:30 Thur 11:50 - 12:55 Thur 1:15 - 2:20 Thur 2:40 - 3:45


Thur 4:05 - 5:10

2nd in A vs 3rd in B (CO1) 2nd in B vs 3rd in A (CO2) 2nd in C vs 3rd in D(CO3) 3rd in C vs 2nd in D (CO4)






E1: 1A E2: Winner of CO1 E3: Loser of CO1 E4: 4A

F1: 1B F2: Winner of CO2 F3: Loser of CO2 F4: 4B

G1: 1C G2: Winner of CO3 G3: Loser of CO3 G4: 4C

H1: 1D H2: Winner of CO4 H3: Loser of CO4 H4: 4D





9:00 AM - 10:15 AM CHAMPIONSHIP 10:30 AM - 11:45 AM CONSOLATION 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM CHAMPIONSHIP 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM CONSOLATION

E1 vs H2 (Q1)

F1 vs G2 (Q2)

F2 vs G1 (Q3)

E2 vs H1 (Q4)

E3 vs H4 (CQ5)

F3 vs G4 (CQ6)

F4 vs G3 (CQ7)

E4 vs H3 (CQ8)

Winner Q2 vs Winner Q3 (S2) Winner CQ5 vs Winner CQ8 (CS1) Loser S1 vs Loser S2 BRONZE MEDAL

Winner Q1 vs Winner Q4 (S1)

Loser Q1 vs Loser Q4 (S3)

Loser Q3 vs Loser Q2 (S4)

Winner CQ6 vs Winner CQ7 (CS2)

Loser CQ5 vs Loser CQ8 (CS3)

Loser CQ6 vs Loser CQ7 (CS4)

Winner CS1 vs Winner CS2 - CONSOLATION CHAMPS Loser CS1 vs Loser CS2 11th/12th

Winner S3 vs Winner S4 - 5th Place

Loser S3 vs Loser S4 7th Place Loser CS3 vs Loser CS4 15th/16th

3:00 PM - 4:15 PM

4:30 PM - 5:45 PM Winner S1 vs Winner S2

Winner CS3 vs Winner CS4 13th/14th




CO = Crossover Games Q = Quarters (Upper Bracket, 1-8) CQ = Consolation Quarters (Lower Bracket, 9-16)

S = Semis (Upper Bracket Semis) CS = Consolation Semis (Lower Bracket)


305 Milner Avenue,Suite 207 Toronto,Ontario,M1B3V4 Phone: (416) 426-7391

President’s Message of Welcome OFSAA Ultimate Championship May 26 - 27, 2022

On behalf of the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations, I welcome you to Toronto, Ontario and the 2022 OFSAA Ultimate Championship. OFSAA Championships bring together student-athletes and teacher-coaches from across the province of Ontario to compete in the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play. As representatives of your school and association, you embody the best of school sport. It is our hope that this Championship is an opportunity for you to showcase your skills, meet other competitors, continue to develop the camaraderie on your team and truly experience the OFSAA motto “education through sport”. I would also like to thank convenor Carla DiFilippo as well as all members of the organizing committee at Havergal College, Greenwood College and Marshall McLuhan as they have worked tirelessly to make this an outstanding event for all. We are very appreciative of your hospitality and organizational efforts on our behalf. Thank you for your commitment to school sport. Having been involved in hosting OFSAA and participating in several Championships, I know the sense of community an OFSAA Championship brings to a school. This will be a rewarding experience for all. To the many teacher-coaches who have dedicated their volunteer time, a very big thank-you. Your efforts ensure that athletes are well-prepared and that the Championship will be a memorable part of the student’s educational experience. Your commitment to the students in your charge is very much appreciated. Congratulations on your many successes this season! Finally, congratulations to the student-athletes. Your hard work, perseverance and commitment to your sport have paid off. Please take the time during this Championship to thank the people in your life that helped guide you to this place. May OFSAA be just one of the many celebrations in your journey of life-long participation. Best wishes for a successful event. OFSAA is about memories; take the time to cherish the experience and to enjoy the competition and camaraderie to its fullest.

Good luck and enjoy the Championship!

Carolyn Chesney OFSAA President


Message from the Principal

Athletes and coaches, Havergal College is thrilled to play host to this year’s OFSAA Ultimate Festival. In addition to the excitement of being back to interschool sport, we are proud to host the second OFSAA Ultimate tournament. As one of the few co-ed high school sports and a sport unique in that the responsibility of fair play and self-regulation is charged to the players and not officials, ultimate frisbee reflects the values of integrity and inclusion - values fundamental to our community and values much needed in our world today. This year, we’re welcoming 16 teams from all over Ontario to Downsview Park. We are so pleased to welcome you and are looking forward to two days of great competition.

Katrina Samson Principal, Havergal Collage

Message from the Athletics Director

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the OFSAA Ultimate Festival at Downsview Park. Most people would agree it has been a long two years without ultimate in Ontario high schools. We are excited to welcome elite competition back to the province. Spirit of the Game in ultimate is why this sport is so special. With no officials, it is the responsibility of the players to know the rules, advocate respectfully and play honourably. I look forward to watching athletes play with intensity while maintaining this Spirit of the Game. I would like to thank the organizing committee, Mike Haddock, Emma Seaborn and Gareth Cawley for their time and passion in making this tournament a success. Thanks also goes to OFSAA for their support of this tournament. Good luck to all teams over the two day tournament.

Carla Di Filippo Athletics Director, Havergal Collage


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Ajax High School

Ajax (LOSSA)


Lechaun Anderson Desmond Barry Marushen Baskaran Jatheesan Baskaran Julian Baxter Alexander Beharrell Carter Bryson Serena Canning Xander Chantlavong Alexis Davies Elijah Douglas Luke Firman Daniel Foley Sarah Giorgetti Nathan Hara Elijah Hartley Jillian Henderson Garrison Henry

Princess lkeson Rian Kerr

Kelsea Stewart, Daniel Prescott

Daks Klinkhammer Ella Klinkhammer Ramel Logan Charlie Mohammed Allie Morgan Harry Norris Izzy Norris Jacob Noseworthy Ved Patel Evan Penny Emmanuel Plaza Alexandra Samonas Tyler Sly Logan Smerdon Blake Tarala

HaverCrest (Havergal College, Crescent School)

Toronto (CISAA)


Allie Book Ben Krichker

30 31 22 25 12 33 9 34 19 29 4 5 23 3

Katie Stock Kiki Craig Kody Neldner

10 31 32 18 28 8 16 20 31 15 23

Carla Di Filippo, McC, Mr. D, Mr. T

Cassidy MacNaughton Charleight Priestman Charlotte Jeffrey Chris Kerr Cole Dumanski Connor Grant Daniel Turner Dax Miller Eliza Brown Jonathan Blackman

Maksim Stepanov Mark De Robertis

Mattias Kim Nash Cluett

Natalie Chisholm Nathaniel Beutel Sarah Douglas Sarah Flood Sarah Hunt Taylor Johnson Will Myers

13 14 17

Kaitlyn Oliver Kate Davidson


Sandwich Secondary School



Allison Accetta Nathaniel Buller

Paige Hawley Ethan Howson Missy Letkeman Cody Moore Jane O’Bright Keygan Renaud Connor Smith Carson Tehan Tyler Trealout Jessie Whatmore Owen Woytowich Omar Zabian

David Penner, Sarah Moore

Colin Dawson Kayla Dureno Javen Ferasol Carter Furmanek Jake Gallant-Hendrix Cristina Garcia Panadero, Xavier Gelinas Eric Gin

Evan Graziano Logan Graziano

Castlebrooke Secondary School

Brampton (ROPSSAA)


Rohan Agroiya Avish Dhamman Shaurya Gambhir Ria Gill Taha Gill Nyaa Gordon Devyn Henriquez Jaskirat Jawanda Tahreem Khan Audra Lad Mahinya Mehta

Jalan Mehta Hamdi Mohamed Marhaba Mohammad Salim Dhruv Pandit

David Sousa, Andrew Hayes

Urvi Patel Tirth Patel Arya Patel

Abisa RaJkumar Harekam Sandhu Jacob Song Abinan Suthakaran


St. Joan of Arc Secondary School

Barrie (GBSSA)


Jake Brayiannas Maddie Brown Aiden Cranney Jon Davis Michael Diveto Charlie Hutchinson Grace Koopmans Hannah Koopmans

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Summer Madronich Jada McCord Liam Mckenzie Kate O’Sullivan James Plaus Aleks Pyz Marcelo Quiroga Anna Scarsellone Kaleb Seaman Logan Sousa Marcus Stotle Liberty Verbrugge

13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24

Katerina Rosar, Maggie Quennell

8 9 10 11 12

Nick Lamont Zach Laquier Maddie Levac Jace Lavallee

Chaminade College

Toronto (TDCAA)


Adrian Aluyi David Armata Caleb Da Silva Ruben Escajadillo Ryan Frugal Davian Gomes Matthew Gomez Bertolacci Joven Gregorio

Matteo Guido, Cristiano Lopes Da Silva Ricci Nguyen Tristan Nguyen Luu

Vanessa Pisani, Zachary Laidlaw

Neil Oscar Salac Ryan Stanislaus Konrad Yee


Humberview Secondary School

Caledon (ROPSSAA)

Jim Stoykoff Coaches:

Tyler Cohen Nino Rizzo

Julian Fantin Alex Sonnen Cole Czar Sofia Florio Cassandra Wex? Angelica Raymond Nesa Deonarine Nicole Justino Choe Agar Alissa Saunders Mya Burrel Adrien Russouw

Jordan Calvano Jacob Johnson

Tristan Hart Ben Larson Seth Simons Josh Myers Andrew Housh Matthew Makrigiannis

Dylan Anderson Justin Raymond

Greenwood College

Toronto (ClSAA)


Jessie Caldwell Zoe Caldwell Melanie Edgell Catherine McFadgen Sabine Moysey Emma Parker Madi Reid

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Will Bates Joe Bolton

13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

Emma Seaborn, lain Bryant

Miles Brown Carson Davis

James Dockrill Atticus Kimsa Drew Purdy Harry Wilcocks Ryan Wolfe-Sandy Charley Young

Mira Seagram Luke Barrack Nathan Barry

8 9 10


Kingston Secondary School

Kingston (EOSSAA)


Harrison Andrew Lucas Dawe Nigel Flynn Tom Haklai Tommy Kalin Fraser Morrow Aidan Niedbala

Cam Smith Rylie Bradlynn Catherine Davison Sadie De Arruda Robin Howe

Marc Carriere, Meaghan Kirby, Adam Lynn

Nikola Manning Leah Neumann Rachel Varrette Zoha Virk Vayda Wells-McCaughen Alice Wilson

Satish Patel Sam Rayner Harris Ruttan Jack Sacilotto

Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School

St. Catharines (SOSSA)


Megan Barker Morgan Barker Erica Boles Reese Bolibruck Jared Cook Samantha Cormier Jeffrey Dommasch David Figueroa Briar Harshaw Quinn Johnston Brookelyn Keltos Kennedy Millin

11 33 17 43 22 15 18 88 9 19 24 8

Luca Namestnik Mya Pupek Brady Pupek Cameron Robillard Ryan Robillard Alex Ruiz Rivas Erin Short Shannen Short Nathaniel Smyth

13 28 21 3 10 2 14

Tammy Short, Frank Keltos

6 5 4 16 0

Adam Weber Tesia Wilson Jack Zapke


Woodland Christian High School

Breslau (CWOSSA)


Mason Leibold Ryan Price Shawna Rumph Noah Saliba AJ Satnik Micah Stam Annika Stoter Eliana Trafford Ben VanNoord Paulie Warkentin

Josiah Albrecht Jason Brouwer Carly Byma Ryan Capes Becca Geerlinks Josh Hayhoe Lauren Hiddema Julia Hiller

Jamie Wright, Nathan Johnson, Drew Carrick

John Jonker Patrick Kooy

Ingersol Ingersoll (TVRA)




Wyatt Adkins Ojemire Alabi Cohen Belore Tyler Bergman Haley Betzner Josh Brouwer Charlotte Bruckler Emily Bruinsma Ayva Cottrell Mackenzie Devine Grace Elford

Ella Farrell Brooke Fleming Davin Gray Seth Hedges Tye House Jasmeet Kler Benham Martin Joey Parkhill Sofie Rodgers Ben Thomas Cameron White

Tori Graham, Chris Adkins, Andrew Gray


Etobicoke Collegiate

Etobicoke (TDSSAA)


Makena Allen Grace Daly Emma Gunn Brooke Hussey Maddie James Nora Kalins Clare Teron Sydney Vujacic Robin Tyndall Maddie Crozolli Kaylee Tuttle Dillon Stiles Phin Sarbadhikari

20 11 12 9 19 18 5 16 23 17 10 22 1

Michael Blackwell Evan Bamburak Marko Crnojevic Luke Demkovic Jacob Fox Aiden Hierlihy Jigme Jongdong Kai Laugesen John Macphie Willem Pangretitsch

14 44 33 13

3 0 2 8

43 74 7 6

Kohl Pawlowski Robbie Vujacic

SI. Ignatius of Loyola Secondary School

Oakville (GHAC)


Aaron Dias Ava Legaspi Ava Patriquin Deanna Ciaccia

17 12 22 1 24 33 32 25 8 21 23 2

Mary-Kate Couto Matt Zanatta Matthew Rabideau Nick Zanatta Noah Nishizaki Nuju Ubosi

20 34 27 32 11

Bryan Chambers, Alysa Santarossa, Matt Zoratti

Elijah Wilson Jack Galvan

14 16 10 15 3 13 6

Jacob Gorinsky James Newman Julia Halwa Justin Beshay Maggie Wilson Maria Cornielle

Olivia Taylor Rachel Dias Ronin Sun

Sophie Francuz Sophie Galvan Victoria Dorigo


Adam Scott CVI Peterborough (COSSA) Glen MacVichie, Mark Mann, Sam Redhead, Jacqueline Renaud Coaches:

Ava Jonston Austyn McKay Natasha Swales Maren Faulkner Morgan Fawcett Olivia Wells Victoria Palmer Ben Stabler Caden Imeson

Maddux Rose Mitchell Fortin Parker Miller Rowan Mowry Sam Miske Carson Burns Solomon Kightley Darcy Cheung Gabby Charles

Daren Watts Ian Nukkala Kohl Millitz

Julia Fraser Katie Miske Opal Brannan




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Les Suites Hotel Ottawa Comfort Inn Parry Sound Comfort Inn Pembroke Comfort Inn Pickering Comfort Inn Sault Ste. Marie

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GBSSA - Georgian Bay Secondary Schools Association


CISAA - Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Association

LOSSA - Lake Ontario Secondary Schools Association

NEOAA - North Eastern Ontario Athletic Association

COSSA - Central Ontario Secondary Schools Association

NWOSSAA - North Western Ontario Secondary Schools Athletic Association

EOSSAA - Eastern Ontario Secondary Schools Athletic Association

NOSSA - Northern Ontario Secondary Schools Association

NCSSAA - National Captial Secondary Schools Athletic Association

YRAA - YorkRegion Athletic Association

CWOSSA - Central Western Ontario Secondary Schools Association

TDCAA - Toronto District College Athletic Association

WOSSAA - Western Ontario Secondary Schools Athletic Association

TDSSAA - Toronto District Secondary School Athletic Association

SWOSSAA - South Western Ontario Secondary Schools Athletic Association

ROPSSAA - Region of Peel Secondary Schools Athletic Association

GHAC - Golden Horseshoe Athletic Conference

SOSSA - Southern Ontario Secondary Schools Association

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