Junior School Christmas Holiday Story

A celebration of the 2020 holiday season by Havergal College's Junior School.

Christmas Holiday Story JUNIOR SCHOOL

DECEMBER 14 , 2020


Dear Junior School Community,

Like many things in 2020, this year’s holiday festivities will look a little differently than they have in the past! Once again, I have been inspired by the creativity and resilience of our teachers and students. We offer you this book, made with the love and magic of the holiday season, as a token of the school’s appreciation for all of the support and gratitude you have extended this year. We hope that it sets the joyful and reflective tone for a break that is well deserved. In the weeks to come we encourage you to look through it often, drink hot chocolate, play board games, read books, sit by the fire, laugh and simply enjoy one another. It is important to remember how much we have accomplished this year. While it has not always been easy, it has certainly reinforced how very much we have to be grateful for. Today, I am grateful for the Havergal Community. Your deep care for one another, strength and resiliency are appreciated now more than ever.

Wishing you all the best.

Sincerely, Kate White, Head, Junior School


Loving God, we thank you that through the power of art and music, we are able to set aside busy thoughts and experience once again a sense of wonder. We offer thanks for these girls and their teachers, who through their talents help bring these feelings to birth within us, refreshing us. May we each, this season, help bring life to the angel’s message of peace and goodwill to all people.


The Rev. Stephanie Douglas

Welcome from Students SISTERS EMMA P., GRADE 6 & JULIA P., GRADE 3



Inspired by artist Andy Warhol, students partcipated in a Canstruction-inspired project to design soup cans with wintery landscape labels that show the warmth and hope of the season. To accompany the artwork, students in 4B and 4C play “Jolly Old St. Nicholas” and “Up on the Housetop" on Orff instruments.

4A Natalie A. Alex B. Charlotte F.

Claire K. Erica L.

Piper M. Rebecca T. Victoria X.

Anh Minh L. Kennedy M. Zailin M.

Chloe J Erica K.

4B Olivia C. Casey C. Ava C. Bella D. Maria H.

Mia L. Xin Jia L. Amelia L. Anna N. Aarya N.

Rae P. Emily T. Carrie T. Jessie Y.


Jolly Old St. Nicholas Instrument: Orff Composer: James R. Murray Performers: Class 4B Up on the Housetop Instrument: Orff Composer: Benjamin Hanby Performers: Class 4C

4C Duru D.

Addy R. Pia S. Olivia S. Ashleigh Y.

Selena Y. Avery Y. Alyssa Y. Lingyun Z.

Emma G. Juliette H. Ashley R.

Grade 1


Students perform two poems: “Dear Santa Claus” and “Our Christmas Tree". The first poem describes a child’s wish list to Santa that becomes a little out of hand! The second poem tells the story about a mom and child who have an adventure chopping down their very own Christmas tree. In Art class with Ms. Mastri, students read the book The Mitten Tree . They used this as their inspiration for the design of our mittens.

1A Sofia M. August Y. Alice Z. Juliana S. Charlotte L. Senia L. Dahlia T. Constance T.

Audrey W. Charlotte G. Summer P. Sammi W. Emily K. Iris L. Naomi K. Isley B. Felicity M. Brielle T. Arantza V. Winnie W. Olivia W. Marissa Y. Kassie Z.

1B Brooke B. Emily C. Agnes C. Joanna C. Nadia E. Avery F. Corina H. Amy L.


Our Christmas Tree Composer: Jack Prelutsky Performers: Class 1A Dear Santa Claus Composer: Jack Prelutsky Performers: Class 1B

Senior Kindergarten


Senior Kindergarten students are on a journey this year of building community and friendships through an understanding of their shared and different identities. Students read the gorgeously illustrated Our Favourite Day of the Year , which highlights the various holidays, traditions and days of importance that have meaning for a group of learners in the book. Based on this story, the class had a conversation about days of significance in their lives. We hope you enjoy reading about the days that bring joy and love to your daughter.

Gabriella B. Ellie B. Summer C. Kallie D. Isla G. Arya G. Evelyn H. Bella L. Blythe M. Alina N.

Isabella P. Kiran S. Aveen S. Charlotte T. Liese U. Sydney V. Brooke V. Chloe W. Irene W. Crystal W.

Grade 6


Grade 6 students have been exploring jazz and related genres. On this page, they are playing "Chitlins Con Carne". Students learned to play the accompaniment on the ukulele using the traditional 12-bar blues structure. They also had the opportunity to learn about improvisation using the blues scale and then explored the melody on xylophone. Next, students perform the "Nutrcracker March" on cups. This arrangement encourages students to master specific cup choreography to specific sections of the music.

Chitlins Con Carne Composer: Kenny Burrell Arranged by: Doug Goodkin Piano accompanist: Ms. Read 12-bar Blues Traditional Instrument: Ukulele Piano accompanist: Ms. Read

The Nutcracker March Composer: Pyotr Tchaikovsky Arranged by: Kaboom Percussion Performers: Kathleen W. and Abigail S.

On the next page, students share their favourite holiday ukulele solo selections with you!

Grade 6



6A Kayla A. Ainsley B. Grace B. Aurelia H. 6B Reese A. Sophia B. Stella B. Beatrice B. 6C Anna A. Brooke A. Caroline B. Kathleen C. 6D Marlowe A. Kristen C. Chloe C. Julia G.

Ayanna H. Cosmo H. Maya J. Norah J.

Florence K. Emma L. Alexandra T. Crystal W.

Madeline W. Micayla W. Camellia X. Coco Z.

Holiday Ukulele Solos Medley Performers: All Grade 6 Students

Jingle Bells Composer: James Pierpont Arranged by: Jonathan Robbins Piano accompanist: Ms. Read

Jessica D. Nicole G. Elise I. Katelyn K.

Charlotte M. Laren M. Maria N. Sammie S.

Serena T. Ashlyn T. Rachel V. Zabrina Z.

I Have A Little Dreidel Traditional Chanukah

Hope D. Inés G. London M. Paige P.

Ella P. Emma P. Sloane P. Stephanie S

Audrina T. Rachelle W. Emma W.

O Christmas Tree Traditional Piano accompanist: Ms. Read Silent Night Traditional Ukulele accompanist: Ms. Read

Maya H. Kate J. Naomi K. Sophie L.

Deanna L. Taylor L. Marilena M. Laila N.

Sofia P. Abigail S. Kasia S. Kathleen W.

Grade 2


The theme for Grade 2 Social Studies is holiday traditions and celebrations around the world. Students examined their family holiday traditions that take place around this time of the year. Some receive money in red envelopes, others light candles and some receive presents. In Art class, students observed the many ways that illustrators use mixed-media to capture messages of beauty through simple imagery. Students in 2B perform “Jingle Bells” to accompany the artwork. Various types of Orff instruments (glockenspiel, xylophone and metallophones) accompany the jingling sounds of the bells.

2A Kaitlin C. Savannah D. Carol G. Mia G. Olivia G. Serena G. 2B Bianca C. Isabel J. Addison K. Ava L.

Sophia H. Emme I. Evelyn J. Elise N. Tori P. Maeve R.

Caryssa S. Maren U. Elena W. Nasha W. Serena Y.

Adriana P. Lola P. Quinn P. Catherine S. Clara T. Elizabeth T.

Abby T. Alison T. Celine W. Kairi Y. Emily Y.

Olivia L. Vania L.


Jingle Bells by Pierpont Instrument: Orff Performers: Class 2B

Junior Kindergarten


Junior Kindergarten students have been learning about feelings and emotions. Students discussed what makes their hearts happy and what brings them joy. They described what joy means to them through pictures.

Zayna A. Hope B. Olivia C. Abigail C. Kylie C. Carina D. Lillian G. Adeline H. Anuta H.

Kyra K. Alicia L. Allyson L. Vivienne M. Sophie R. Scarlett S. Livia W. Naomi W.

Grade 5


Students have been exploring jazz and related genres of music. They started by exploring the historical, cultural and musical qualities of Hambone through spoken word and body percussion. In "My Little Suede Shoes", students learned to play the accompaniment for this piece on the ukulele and the melody on the xylophones.

5A Zoe C. Alysha D. Kyra D. Rayana G. 5B Christie C. Noelle D. Raquel D. Greta E. 5C Sienna A. Ella B. Allegra C. Lexi D.

Doris H. Arianna H. Sienna J. Dani L.

Kate L. Jillian M. Isla N. Charisse P.

Anchee Q. Lia T. Emma Z.

Audrey G. Sara G. Lauren K. Sasha L.

Jennifer L. Bonolo M. Nicole N. Isabella W.

Katie W. Rachael Z.


Sofiya F. Anjola H. Zoha I. Vivian J.

Victoria K. Nakia K. Helen M. Manny M.

Sophia X. Amelia Y. Michelle Z.

Hambone Traditional African-American Arranged by: Doug Goodkin Instrument: Hambone My Little Suede Shoes Composer: Charlie Parker Arranged by: Doug Goodkin Piano accompanist: Ms. Read

5D Cecilia C. Mackenzie C.

Chloe H. Jing H. Ella J. Olivia K.

Lisa L. Abigail L. Beverly M. Ava M.

Arabella P. Julia P. Anna W.

Adeline C. Camille D.

Grade 3


Students explored the history of stained-glass windows in Art class. They explored the elements of shapes and colour. The designs present a dichotomy between geometric and organic and warm and cool coloured light that's inspired by the beauty of the holiday season. Students play “Silent Night” on hand bells. They learned to work together to ring their bells at the right time to create beautiful music.

3A Emma A. Liv C. Angelina C.

Eva L. Sophie P. Daisy Q. Olivia S. Mia T. Juliette W.

Skylar Y. Lora Y. Miah Z. Emily Z. Zoe Z.

Elle D. Lucy F. Danica J.

3B Emily A. Brooke B. Taylor B. Camilla D. Alinda E. Kristen G.

Suki G. Anu H. Colleen K.

Vanessa R. Spencer X. Catelynn Y. Katherine Y. Megan Z. Ariela Z.

Avery K. Niina L. Julia P.


Silent Night Composer: Franz Gruber Instrument: Handbells Performers: Class 3B

Holiday Greetings GRADE 2 STUDENTS

Thank You

Thank you to our Arts teachers: Jeff MacLean, Rosa Mastri & Rachel Read

Thank you to our JK and SK teachers: Whitney Fraser, Emily Partyka, Usha Shanmugathasan & Michael Webb


Dear Junior School Community,

2020 has been the year of learning new skills and managing physical distancing, making health a unified priority. We have been inspired by the creativity and drive of the Havergal community to make this historical challenge one from which we will rise, resilient and connected.

We are so grateful for the sacrifices and extraordinary cooperation of our community.

May this Christmas be a time for us to rest and to reflect on all that we have achieved. We hope that the New Year brings happiness and prosperity, and that in time the world will be a safe and more certain place again.

Catherine Misson Principal

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