Havergal College & The Havergal College Foundation Impact Report 2021-22

The Havergal College & The Havergal College Foundation Impact Report celebrates the many successes of the 2021-22 school year, all of which were made possible by the generosity of donors.













GRAPHIC DESIGNER Carol Tsang CONTRIBUTORS Kathryn Champion Kate Crokam Jennifer D. Foster Johann McCormack Angela Paschalidis Susan Pink Laura Sims Christine Spence Grace Tang



THANK YOU We would like to thank those members of the Havergal community who shared their stories, as well as those who have generously donated. PRIVACY OF INFORMATION Havergal College is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. Havergal’s Privacy Statement is available at www.havergal.on.ca/privacy. The information contained herein may not be published without permission from Havergal College. NOTE Every effort was taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained within this report. We apologize for any errors that may have occurred in the listing or spelling of names and ask that you advise us by calling 416-482-4707.





There was a distinct sense of renewal as we welcomed our community back to campus for the new school year. The tight restrictions that were necessary to maintain our health and safety over the past two years have been lifted, and a return to normal school life has filled the halls with optimism and excitement. It was wonderful to welcome our community back for time-honoured events such as Celebration Saturday and Reunion Weekend; our community thrives when we can fully engage in the life of the school. It is my pleasure to share with you the 2021–2022 Impact Report , which reflects on the past fiscal year. We are delighted to share that the success of the Limitless Campaign has had an impact on the daily lives of each of our students as they settle into the new and revitalized spaces. Leadership, legacy, annual and alumni Class Fund donations continue to provide opportunities for enhanced innovation, collaboration, creativity and learning, and have expanded our ability to offer financial assistance to exceptional girls. I also wish to recognize the ongoing commitment and dedication of our many volunteers who serve our school and support our students on their individual Havergal journeys. Once again, thank you for all that you do to support the power of girls' education. Warmest regards, What a difference a year makes! The spring, summer and early fall of 2022 have truly shown the school spirit and strong connections that are reflective of the Havergal College community. With the return of on-campus events, athletics, arts, experiential education trips, Celebration Saturday and Reunion Weekend, it’s been a joyful and rewarding start to the new school year. Over the past 14 months, I’ve watched the evolution of how students and teachers engage with and interact in our great facilities, to see how space is used and the remarkable impact that recent additions to the Junior and Upper School have had on student and academic life. Our facilities and innovative programs are made possible by the generosity and support of those who have contributed to Havergal’s fundraising and philanthropic efforts over the past several years. I am deeply appreciative of the generous support of our donors—people like you who are championing girls’ learning and their success now and into the future. Our ongoing vision is to inspire young women to make a difference by creating opportunities for them to develop new skills and cultivate worldviews that empower them to become global change makers. By investing in our community and leveraging the talent and passion of our people, we are shaping future-ready leaders and generations of courageous, compassionate and influential women. Our donors and their philanthropic support all help to make the realization of our mission possible. As a not-for-profit organization, we rely on philanthropy and we aim to inspire that commitment to giving back, modelling that virtue for our students as they transition out into the world as confident, globally minded citizens. As we welcome families back to campus this fall and over the course of this year, I look forward to connecting with members of the Havergal community. Thank you for backing your belief in our mission with your ongoing support. With gratitude, Debbie Simpson Chair, Havergal College Board of Governors

Dr. Katrina Samson Principal, Havergal College




220 + 12 +





Governing Bodies and Foundations

HAVERGAL COLLEGE BOARD OF GOVERNORS The Havergal College Board of Governors is responsible for the overall stewardship of Havergal College. The Board sets broad policy directions through strategic planning and goal setting and ensures the financial sustainability of the school. The Board is responsible for appointing the Principal, to whom it delegates authority over the administration of the school and matters of curriculum and staffing. The Board oversees the school and remains at arm’s length from the administration.

THE HAVERGAL COLLEGE FOUNDATION The Havergal College Foundation receives and invests donations intended for Havergal College infrastructure, student assistance and other programs. It oversees the investment of funds raised by the Havergal community, ensuring that the assets of The Foundation are invested in a prudent and effective manner. The Havergal College Foundation is a registered charity under the Income Tax Act (Canada) and, as such, is exempt from income taxes and may issue receipts to donors for income tax purposes. The Foundation is incorporated as a corporation without share capital under the laws of Ontario, and its Board of Trustees is independent of Havergal College.

THE HAVERGAL COLLEGE EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION INC. (U.S.) The Havergal College Educational Foundation Inc. (U.S.) was incorporated in 1977 in New York to allow U.S. donors to make gifts to Havergal. The U.S. Foundation makes grants to The Havergal College Foundation in Toronto to support the programs and activities of the school.

Directors 2021–22 Louise Park MacMillan 1972 Cynthia Rutherford 1988

Governors 2021–22 Debbie Simpson, Chair Barbara Callander 1979 Ian Chen Sarah Coombs 1990 Michael Copeland Lexi Ensor 2013 Michelle Leong Francis Jill Fraser 1987 Alison Glober Diane Jeffreys Luzita Kennedy Greg Pardy Ekua Quansah 1999 Brad Radin

COUNCIL OF COLLEGE TRUSTEES The Council of College Trustees was established in 2017 to encourage and recognize outstanding contributions to Havergal College and to provide advice to the directors and the Principal on the achievement of the corporation’s mission and on the strategic objectives, affairs, financial health and stability of the corporation. Election to the Council of College Trustees is considered the highest recognition that can be bestowed and is intended to foster a permanent connection between the recipient and the school.

Trustees 2021–22 Brad Radin, Chair Sarah Bull 1989 Julie Crothers 1993 David Dal Bello

Derek Flood Kevin Foley Amy Gaskin 1986 Allyson Whyte Nowak 1986 Brian Wynn

Sandra Seaborn Andrew Turnbull Jennifer Wong

Trustees 2021–22 Sue Ditchburn

Alan Hibben Ann Kerwin Fraser Latta Barrie Laver Eden Oliver Susan Perren

Jennifer Thompson Wendy Thompson Priscilla Winn Barlow Susan Wright


Governing Bodies and Foundations

New Board Members 2022–23

Sarah Crossley 1990 Ms. Crossley is a partner at Filion Wakely Thorup Angeletti LLP. For more than 20 years, she has been advising employers in all aspects of labour and employment law. Ms. Crossley provides practical and strategic advice to her clients and regularly acts as counsel in wrongful dismissal litigation, human rights proceedings and grievance arbitrations. She is also regularly retained to conduct workplace investigations. Ms. Crossley is a sought-after expert, having written and delivered many presentations on a variety of topics related to workplace law. Ms. Crossley is recognized as a leading practitioner in her field by Chambers Canada and The Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory. Ms. Crossley is also a Fellow of the American College of Labor and Employment Lawyers. She is a Havergal graduate (Class of 1990), and her daughter is a student in the Junior School. Sharad Goenka Mr. Goenka is a management executive with more than 20 years of experience in operations, strategy, commercial and investment roles. Currently, he is the Chief Operating Officer at Globalfaces Direct, an organization that helps non-profits across North America with fundraising and associated activities. Previously, he has worked in global geographies spanning Canada, the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and India, and across the value chain as a technology provider, a mid-market private equity investor and a business principal. Mr. Goenka has an MBA from Harvard Business School and an engineering degree from IIT Bombay. He volunteers his time to advocate for the neurodiverse community and is on the Board of Autism Speaks Canada. He is married with two children, and his daughter goes to the Junior School. Maria Novales-Flamarique Ms. Novales-Flamarique has more than 20 years of experience and currently acts as a Senior Advisor to global financial services companies on transformational, digital and growth strategy, sales effectiveness, organization, talent and governance. She also serves as an Independent Board Member at Scotiabank Mexico, Tenaris S.A. and at several start-ups and funds in HRTech, InsurTech and FinTech. Ms. Novales-Flamarique was most recently a Partner at McKinsey & Company, based in Mexico City, London and Madrid, where she was a Financial Services Practice Leader and headed the Women’s Initiative. She launched and led Generation Mexico, an award-winning, McKinsey-founded organization for solving youth unemployment through an innovative, educational approach. She served as Finance Chair of the Board of Trustees at the American School Foundation, Mexico’s premier independent kindergarten to Grade 12 school. Ms. Novales-Flamarique holds an MBA with Distinction from London Business School, is a CFA Charterholder and has a BA with Honours from HEC Montreal. She has one daughter in the Middle School and one daughter in the Junior School.


Stories of Giving and Impact

The Wellbeing Fund has provided tools and resources that empower students to run Thrive Week, a week-long series of events building a culture of wellbeing by promoting positive mental health awareness.

Havergal Upper School students take part in yoga in the South Quad.


be doing and the fear and anxiety that envelop them when they are unable to achieve that image of perfection. Thrive Week and the other wellbeing initiatives at Havergal have never been needed more than they are needed now. Healthy minds and the mental wellbeing of our girls are at the front and centre of these initiatives. Our family wishes to provide our full support for these initiatives. Maybe some conversations will start, maybe some tools will be provided, maybe some empathy for the stories and journeys of others will be developed, maybe someone who doesn’t feel seen will be seen or maybe our girls will just slow down, breathe, listen, speak and be together as a community in which they find peace in one another’s company. We believe that these initiatives form part of the mission of Havergal College: to nurture and support all aspects of our girls’ growth, health and wellbeing."

"I lost my older brother Brad to suicide in February 2003. He had suffered from depression and other mental health issues for a number of years. My mother has been a long-time sufferer of various mental health ailments for the better part of my life. The COVID-19 pandemic was particularly difficult for her. It was fear and anxiety that have been at the heart of our lives for the last three years and at all levels and touchpoints of our society. However, the pandemic was the hardest on our children. At the points of their lives when they most need to be engaging in social interaction, be in school, playing sports and making friends, we shut them down and shut them in. The mental wellbeing of our children has been under constant bombardment from the impact of social media and the internet. This has had a devastating impact, in particular, on our girls. The images of what they should be, what they should


8% of students (Grades 7 to 12) received financial aid/bursaries

Havergal Upper School students study in the new Learning Commons.



"My philanthropic support of Havergal comes from a place of gratitude for all that the community has done for me and my family. Three years ago, when my wife died of cancer, our daughter Mia was in Grade 3. The immediate and compassionate care that Mia and our family received from the Havergal community was amazing. Support and help through that entire year came from fellow parents and students, teachers and the school leadership. I have and will continue to support Havergal because I know in my heart that when Mia graduates, she will have benefited from a Havergal experience that fostered and built her character, strength and confidence, and that she will hold the community close for the rest of her life. By contributing to Havergal’s Financial Assistance Fund, I am an active part of sharing that experience with other girls and their families who may face participation barriers, will benefit from this unique experience, will take their place in the world and make a difference."

"We choose to support Havergal financially because we believe there is no better way to thank an institution for supporting the development of a child into a young adult, than to give back and continue the cycle. We made the decision to endow The Ivy Camp and Mandell Family Bursary because we feel very strongly about providing opportunities for all girls to have a chance to experience a Havergal education. Tuition should not be a barrier for girls who share the values, have the abilities and can offer perspectives, voice and friendship. Our future depends on the power of girls' education."


LOUISE PARK MACMILLAN 1972 Old Girl/Alum "I entered Havergal as a very shy eighth grade boarder shattered by a bicoastal family torn to shreds that wasn't ever going to mend itself. I was able to almost completely leave that behind and grow into my own personhood. I loved academics and could easily bury myself in the rigorous requirements of Havergal. My roommates became my family of origin. My matrons, the parents with whom I was to rebel. I continued on a lifelong path of learning to build resiliency, defined as the ability to maintain a healthy level of psychological functioning despite an exposure to extreme stressors. This learning is consistent with observations that stressful life events can lead to greater wisdom, a greater sense of self-efficacy, a sense of meaning and purpose, personal strength, spirituality, an appreciation of and reverence for life and the ability to understand and relate more effectively with others. I'm passionate about giving to others, because I know I am blessed. I graduated from Havergal and went on to receive degrees from UC Berkeley, Harvard and Stanford. I was lucky enough to work in Latin America and Africa in my chosen field. NICOLE SWALES 1987 & BRIAN SWALES Old Girl/Alum and Former Parents "When I graduated from Havergal in 1987, I made a commitment to support the school both financially and as a volunteer. Our desire to continue that support as a family was rooted in the enrollment of our daughter, Alexa, in 2014. It has been a wonderful experience watching Alexa share in many of the same experiences I had as a student, and this made her graduation a very special time for us. It was our pleasure to make a gift to the Class of 2022 Endowment Fund in support of Alexa’s graduation. We want young women to always have the opportunity to grow and learn through extra experiences and teachings at the school. We want to ensure the school has the funds to offer this path of learning to help develop strong, confident women who know they can do anything they set their mind on. Havergal was an amazing experience for both Alexa and myself, and some of our best friends were made there. We as a family want to support the school's ability to provide this experience to other women. ' Vitae Lamada Tradens ': 'Carry the Torch of Life' and pass it on to those we love in the next generation!"

Havergal Grade 12 students, Class of 2022, at Graduation.

I met a man who I fell deeply in love with and to whom I am still married almost 40 years later. I have three lovely daughters, three lovely sons-in-law and three tiny granddaughters. No matter how serene one’s life looks from the outside, however, there are challenges. I know what an incredible difference an education can make to someone's life. I strongly believe in bursaries and the Wellness Centre. I give to Havergal because Havergal gave me agency at a very vulnerable time in my life. And I thank them dearly." $180,193 was dispersed from Class Endowments in 2021–22 5 projects were supported by The Havergal Fund, which included the Period Project, Student Bursaries and Assistance, and making Havergal's digital platforms accessible


The Havergal Foundation

The Havergal Endowment has been built up over many years by visionary donors who wish to create a sustainable source of funding in support of a transformational learning experience for our students. The long-term investment return objective is to achieve a total annual rate of return, on average, that exceeds the historical disbursement rate of 4.0% per annum. Our objective is to ensure that the school’s endowment funds are invested to achieve optimal returns and that the funds are managed sustainably, providing the capital to support the long-term goals of the school. Specific consideration is given to balancing the requirement for current income to support present activities, while allowing for the growth of the principal to compensate for inflation and to grow the Foundation’s ongoing ability to support the school.

The Havergal Endowment over the last three years

$30.7M $29.1M


Total Endowment as of June 30, 2020

Total Endowment as of June 30, 2021

Total Endowment as of June 30, 2022



The Havergal Fund

Donations to The Havergal Fund, at any level, have a direct impact on the programming and experiences of students. The cumulative generosity of Havergal Fund donors creates a pool of funds that support all aspects of the Havergal learning experience. A gift to The Havergal Fund is directed annually to areas of greatest need and may include student financial assistance, faculty professional development, tools and resources to support academic curriculum innovation, efforts toward environmental sustainability, program enrichment in the arts and athletics and our focus on wellbeing.


Highlights 2021–22


Annual Giving


Total Number of Donors: 650+

Major Gifts


New Major Gift Commitments



TOP 3 BEST IN CLASS 2021 – 22


1983 9%

1959 18%

1960 11%


Future Priorities

Be a part of the force that is driving girls’ education forward.

Havergal students thrive because they are supported by a community committed to a transformational education for girls. The generosity of our donors allows us to create enriched pathways to greater innovation as we educate our future leaders. Learn more about Havergal’s philanthropic priorities below.

Financial Assistance Access to Havergal’s unique education can be made available to every exceptional student when our community is committed to the power and potential of girls' education: • 8% of Havergal students receive some financial assistance; and • 15% is the industry norm for Canadian Independent Schools.* Financial Assistance is provided at a variety of levels and may cover tuition fees, outside-of-the-classroom academic activities. such as exchanges and trips, and the participation in co curricular activities, such as athletics and clubs. Your donation to financial assistance provides promising young women with the opportunity to reach their full potential. HC-X HC-X empowers students and faculty through new contemporary programs and innovative experiences that serve as a powerful frame for teaching and learning, through the provision of tools that help the girls be future ready. With opportunities for self guided learning and exploration, HC-X propels students into a space of leadership and innovative thinking. Programming is available for both students and faculty, and is experiential, transdisciplinary, embedded in equity, diversity and inclusion values and principles, and wellbeing outcomes.

Wellbeing Our vision is to have students who are academically successful, flourishing in all aspects of their lives and catalysts for change in both their communities and the world. Our focus is on developing a wellbeing hub that is based on a whole systems approach, with shared, integrated, cohesive strategies, plans and a culture that: • centres prevention, proactive wellbeing and health, and open, honest communication; • builds agency and capacity in students, parents, educators and administrators; and • emphasizes hands-on support and dedicated programming that directly supports students. The Havergal Fund This fund supports a number of key priorities, including innovative new curriculum, athletic, artistic and co-curricular enhancements through digital wisdom and innovation, faculty excellence, student financial assistance and mental health and wellbeing initiatives.


*2022–23 CAIS Benchmarking Report


$3.9 million

$3.1 million

$2.4 million

$2.2 million

$1.8 million






Change over prior year: -44%


$4.5 million

$2.1 million

$1.7 million

$1.3 million


-$944 K





Change over prior year: -121%




TOTAL: $34 million

TOTAL: $2.8 million

Student Assistance $920K

Restricted Fund $3.8 million

Endowment Fund $29.1 million

Program Enrichment $880K

Capital $1 million

General Fund $1.1 million


$46.1 million $46.5 million 4% Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Funded by The Havergal College Foundation



T Wendy Thompson 1967 U Kendra Thompson 1996 & Benjamin Unsworth W Karen & Michael Wagman Chen Jin & Albert Wang Robert Williams Z Sally Zhou & Kevin Zhang Hellen Zhou

N Jennifer Chubb Newton 1992 & Michael Newton Dhun & Farokh Noria P Stephanie Bloomfield & Andrew Pickersgill Kathryn McCain 1969 & Jamie Pyper R Yi Ruan S Jennifer Gerdts & Alan Sellery Georgina & Lad Olayide Shaba Katherine Ritcey Sisley 1987 & Hugh Sisley Edwina Dick Stoate 1975 & Tim Stoate Sarah Bull 1989 & Jeff Stock Sheree & James Stuart T Melody Madigan & Andrew Turnbull Z

J Xiao Lin & Henry Jiang K Soojin Min & Francis Kim Jennifer Ocampo-King & Philip King L Michelle Hui & Ernest Law M Yuhua Hu & Sifa Mei N Tammy & Jason Neal Shannon & Gary Nevison O Jill Fraser 1987 & Richard O'Brien R Susan & Keith Reardon S Martha Cohen Simmons 1999 & Teddy Simmons Debbie & Colin Simpson Stacia & Jeffrey Slightham Jill Kerruish Strickland 1954 T Linda Fung & Godwin Tang W Ola & Stephen Wall Yinglin Zhang & Xiaochun Wang Christopher White X Tiffany Xu & Linyu Xie Y Barbara & Bin Yang Emily & Alvin Yau Cong Liu & Guqing Ye

GREEN & GOLD CHAMPION A Susan Ortved Armitage 1961 B Catherine Roche & Michael Book C Elizabeth Carr 1995 D M. Michele Farrugia 1986 & David Dal Bello DeFreitas Family Fernanda & Patrick Dovigi Michelle Koerner 1983 & Kevin Doyle F Michelle Lalonde & Derek Flood G Chen Hui Duan & Bo Gao Nancy Hanley & Kevan Gorrie H Beverly Bruce Hargraft 1959 K Dana & Michael Kalles Sonja & Michael Koerner L Julie Denton & Dave Lacey Frederic Leigh Sherrie Lang & Milo Lu M Louise Park MacMillan 1972 & John MacMillan Lauren & Corey Mandell Alison & Bruce McDonald N Jodi & Sal Napolitano Sherri & Derek Neldner R Stephanie Young 1986 & Brad Radin S Catriona Ferguson & David Safran Nicole & Greg Southam

GREEN & GOLD BENEFACTOR A Carolyn & Malcolm Archibald Lisa & Dany Assaf B Karen & David Bily C Judy Ye & Jack Junqi Chen Kathleen McLaughlin & Tim Costigan D Sarah & Sameer D'Souza Kerry & Timothy Dalton Linda & Paul Dinelle F Beth & Kevin Foley Jane Langford 1988 & J. Blair Freeman G Leela & Jason Gould H Marina & Danial Hadizadeh I Kristin Andersons 1990 & Andrew Iacobucci J Laurie Picard-Jacobs & Ryan Jacobs Cheryl Ferguson Jamael & Paul Jamael K Grace Peng & Wei Ke L Mary Susanne Lamont 1964 Cynthia Zhang & Alex Liu Maggie & Gary Lo M Annette Buchman Mincer 1982

Xiaotao Li & Lijiang Zhang Yu Wang & Yongfeng Zheng

GREEN & GOLD PARTNER A Forbes Andersen B Yanli Bi Tara & Jeffrey Borg Barbara Owen & Rob Brown C Jacqueline O'Connor & Stuart Carruthers Vicky Huang & Jie Chen Yan-Shan Liu & Alimasi Chen D Wendy Kei & Kevin Daley F Sachiko & Akio Furukawa G Danielle Miller & Jamey Gage Jinghan Zhang & Yuan Gao Sara Cohen-Gelfand 1996 & Michael Gelfand Diana Porritt Greer 1953 & Donald Greer H Rubina & Hussain Hemani Sunny Zhang & Yuanbin Hu

GREEN & GOLD PATRON A Piat & David Allison B

Dinnie Hogarth Baker 1982 Amy Lawson Beament 1950 Gary Bluestein Annette & Douglas Brajer KB & Stephen Brinkley Elizabeth & Merrill Burton C Tung Ying Carrie & Ho Yeung Howard Chan


Allona Sund & Victor Chapnik Leah Li & Jeff Chen Sunny Song & Charlie Cheng MyungHee Kim & YoungHwan Cho Anna Woo & Paul Choy Catherine Robinson Clark 1974 Christine Coutts Clement 1959 Sarah Coombs 1990 Nicola von Schroeter 1984 & Douglas Craig Anikka Foster & Jeremy Cummine D Melanie & Michael D'Alessandro Mary & Sven Dean Jacqueline Johnson Desoer 1949 Luisa Di Lorenzo 1979 Tony diCosmo Cathy Yang & Garry Ding Cheryl & Rob Douglas Julia Voronca & Anthony Duzenli E Julie & Robert Eng F Pauline & Ron Ferguson L. Clair Fitzgerald 1986 Joan & Edward Fletcher Lisa Schrenk Forestell & Paul Forestell G Judy & Ron Gage Kerry Ma & Jason Gao Caterina Tantalo & Angelo Gentile Caroline & Kevin Godwin Susan Wright Gooderham 1974 & Michael Gooderham Cheryl Wein & David Gratzer H Carole Hall Kelly & Pruyn Haskins Jay Howard Rita Li & Chang Hu Huihong Wang & Hai Huang Jasmine Rana Hunt & Chris Hunt Shama Naqushbandi & Ishrat Husain J Candace & John Jentz Celia Johnson 1991 Martha & Michael Johnson K Noel Thun Karasin 1959

Diane Peng & Gang Qu R Faranak Amirsalari & Hossein Rahnama Judy Ratcliffe 1952 Lois Dou & Jun Ren Brenda Robson Carla Crozier & Jim Russell S Kumari & Eric Sade

L Arthur Labatt Sandra Langdon Soon & Gary Lawrence Emily Won & Andrew Lee Erica & Mark Lepp Tran Le & Eric Leung Peter Lewis Flora Fu & Heng Li Run Yi Li Cathy Cai & Steven Li Yvonne Guo & Elvin Liang Leeye Lam & Gordon Lin Yanjing Yi & Lin Lin June Zhu & YuGuang Lin Qian Gu & Juwei Lu Zhen Fang & Richard Lu Lynne Morrison & Brian Lukshis Jiexian Zhong & Jia Luo M Dorothy Vernon Macdonald 1956 Margot Chapman Macdonnell 1984 Jennifer & Kyle MacGregor Deirdre Horgan MacLeod 1995 & Stephen MacLeod Marla & Arden Majewski Karina & Richard Mak Yahphen Chang & John Manning Catherine Vernon Martin 1974 Kirsten Weind & James Matthews Kari McCreath 1996 Cindy & James McKay Janice Rubin & Donald McKenzie Florence Shao & Johnson Mei Lea Aird Menear 1966 & William Menear Catherine Lawrence 1977 & Jerome Morse Lyane van Schaik-Munk & Dorian Munk N Denise & Phillip Nadalini Anika & Manish Nayar Janice & Jose Nazareno Jodi & Wesley Neichenbauer Magdalena Nowicka & Paul Nitsou Allyson Whyte Nowak 1986 & David Nowak Katherine Gurney 1990 & André Nowakowski P Tracy & Frank Panos Anna Miranda & Richard Paton Maria & Carlo Perri Sue Ling & Benjamin Pham Mary Jean Borden Potter 1959 & Frank Potter Cory & Lucas Price Elizabeth & Ken Priestman Q Jing Li & Wenbo Qiu

W Lijuan Yu & Ding Wang Hui Fang & Dongpei Wang Jie Zhao & Gang Wang Jade Wu & Jinfeng Wang Janet & Shawn Wang Elisa & William Wang Charlene Liang & Wilson Wang Chi Zhang & Zheng Wang Ethel Cohen Weiner 2003 & Jonathan Weiner Janine & Chris White Gale & William White Jill & Blair Wilson Donna Smythe Wilson 1995 & Dan Wilson Lisa & John Windover Jennifer & Thomas Wong Yang Yang & Xiaolong Wu X Winnie Situ & Mike Xie Angela Wang & Max Xiong Y June Wang & Shintaro Yamabe Lily Li & Xiaojun Yan Jenny Yip 1999 Marie-France Jobin-You & John You Cindy Xin & Xinwei Yu Wei Liao & Lingjun Yuan Chun Fang Zhan & Xiang Yang Yuan Z Margaret Zeidler 1976 – Anonymous (10)

Katrina & Brendan Samson Meaghan & Harpreet Sangha Susan Ross Shone 1962 & Peter Shone Laura Sims Ruby & Samuel Siu Amy Gaskin 1986 & David Smith Anne Hamilton Smith 1955 & Gordon Smith Alessandra Palombo Sollazzo 2000 Betsey Chung & Jonathan Soon Shiong Carolyn Swartz & Shawn Stillman Colleen & Hubert Sun Nicole Beckmann Swales 1987 & Brian Swales T Weiwei Fu & Peng Tang Jennifer & Gregory Thompson Jennifer Tory 1974 Van Thi Hong Le & Quang Duc Tran Hunter Tura V Trisha & Dino Verbrugge

Members of the Green & Gold Society make leadership gifts of $1,000 or more to the school in a fiscal year. The collective generosity of these donors provides us with a significant financial contribution and helps inspire giving in others. Thank you to each member of the Green & Gold Society for their support.

Monisha & Raj Katyal Aileen & Adeel Kheraj Marilyn Ward King 1953 & Charles King Heidi Yan & Xiangjie Kong Dina de Jager Kranemann & Christoph Kranemann Kathy Chan & Andrew Kuske



Carolyn McMaster 1964 Mary Gay Mills McNeil 1966 & William McNeil Mary Elspeth Lougheed Milosh 1962 & John Milosh Annette Buchman Mincer 1982 & Mark Mincer Margaret Keens Morden 1960 & Reid Morden Vanessa Morgan 1983 Barbara Trent Morris 1956 Susan Small Morton 1959 Anne Livingston Murray 1975 & Stan Murray N Allyson Whyte Nowak 1986 & David Nowak O Kathryn Rusz Ortner 1979 & Richard Ortner P Margaret Ryrie Pacini 1970 & Peter Pacini Lisa & Andrew Parker Carolyn Pepler 1953 Elizabeth Bell Perkin 1961 Maria & Carlo Perri Mary Jean Borden Potter 1959 & Frank Potter Jean Probyn Kathryn McCain 1969 & Jamie Pyper R Judith Floras Rance 1975 & Charles Rance Judy Ratcliffe 1952 Brenda Robson Gillian & Bruce Ross Mary Rusz 1976 S Joan Robinette Sadleir 1949 & Richard Sadleir Janet Scott 1986 Norah Hillary 1979 & Jean Seguin Mary Lou Sherman 1973 Melanie & Paul Shuebrook Martha Cohen Simmons 1999 & Teddy Simmons Frances Mackay Simson 1973 & John Simson Cathie & Peter Singer Susan Hamilton Sisam 1956 Ruby & Samuel Siu Elizabeth Belton Skinner 1964 & Roger Skinner Amy Gaskin 1986 & David Smith Anne Hamilton Smith 1955 & Gordon Smith Kathleen Weekes Southee 1970 & Rick Southee Judith Lawrence Stirling 1979 & Scott Stirling Edwina Dick Stoate 1975 & Tim Stoate Roslyn Kaye Stollery 1966 Nicole Beckmann Swales 1987 & Brian Swales

H Irene Hain 1946 Carole Hall Elizabeth Hall-Findlay 1968 & Don Hall-Findlay Beverly Bruce Hargraft 1959 Mary Pratt Harlan 1959 & George Harlan Anne Lawrence Harrop 1983 & Bruce Harrop Kelly & Pruyn Haskins Judy Betteridge Haust 1971 & Bill Haust Jane Lownsbrough Heintzman 1967 & Ralph Heintzman

T Pamela Grogan Taylor 1980 & Harry Taylor Anita Fallis Taylor 1968 & John Taylor Jennifer Tory 1974 Meghan Arthur Tupholme 1996 & Michael Tupholme U Anne Parkinson Ullman 1986 & Lawrence Ullman W Elisa & William Wang Sylvia & Leon Wein Ethel Cohen Weiner 2003 & Jonathan Weiner Heather Secord White 1988 & Brad White Sareena Ghulati Wildberger 1988 & Manuel Wildberger Carroll Wistow Willer 1963 & Ronald Willer Robert Williams George Wilson Patricia Hamilton Winter 1959 Elizabeth Woolley 1971 X Winnie Situ & Mike Xie Y Márta Ecsedi 1972 & John Yager Marie-France Jobin-You & John You Z Evelyn Hamilton Zacher 1958 & Don Zacher Margaret Zeidler 1976 Mary-Frances Cockshutt Zeldman 1956 Jessica & John Zufferli – Anonymous (2)

A Forbes Andersen Susan Ortved Armitage 1961 B Anne Aitken Baker 1953 Dinnie Hogarth Baker 1982 & James Baker Heather Barbieri Melanie Plet 1992 & Ryan Barry Amy Lawson Beament 1950 Kathleen Bourke Bell 1959 & William Bell Tara & Jeffrey Borg Amanda Brennan 2003 C Wendy Robinette Calder 1953 Jacqueline O'Connor & Stuart Carruthers Catherine Robinson Clark 1974 & Peter Clark Christine Coutts Clement 1959 & Maurice Clement Joanne Tolton Connolly 1954 & Paul Connolly Jacqueline Cooper 1983 Elizabeth White 1971 & Andrew Czernik D Wendy Kei & Kevin Daley Diane Davies 1964 Melissa Hart DeGeer 1959 Louise Sinclair Dennys 1954 & John Dennys Jacqueline Johnson Desoer 1949 Ann Waddell Dunlop 1966 & Lawrence Dunlop E Kelly & Corbet Elder F Ann Woodrooffe Ferguson 1965 Beth & Kevin Foley Alexena Thun Frazee 1969 & Robert Frazee Jane Langford 1988 & J. Blair Freeman G Danielle Miller & Jamey Gage Norma & James Gaskin Jennifer Parkin 1975 & David George Anne Gibson 1971 Diana Jacob Goad 1947 Susan Wright Gooderham 1974 & Michael Gooderham Sherrill & Colin Graham Virginia Woods Grant 1962 & Malcolm Grant

Kathie & David Hetherington Virginia Hetherington 2010 Marian Hoffmann 1998 Millie Hunter Ann Hutchison 1960 J Ingrid & D.G. Jagdeo Tina Jagdeo 1988 Monica Rieck & Kevin James Celia Johnson 1991 K Angela Kan 2001 Marilyn Ward King 1953 & Charles King Heather Kitchen 1971 Dana Rippon & Alex Kluge L Arthur Labatt Mary Susanne Lamont 1964 Dorothy Lancaster Soon & Gary Lawrence Jean Martin Lawrence 1951

Denise Hartford & Jose Rubio Lazo Barbara Key Lea 1963 & Ted Lea Catharine Heddle 1989 & Terry Lee Joey Legate 1961 Barbara Rea Lemmon 1960 & David Lemmon Deanne Conacher Leuty 1950 Penelope Lash Lorimer 1954 M Dorothy Vernon Macdonald 1956 & Ian Macdonald Margot Chapman Macdonnell 1984 & Hugh Macdonnell Louise Park MacMillan 1972 & John MacMillan Susie Macrae 1990 Beverley Clappison Maggiacomo 1963 & Paul Maggiacomo Mangoff Family Miss Mason 1945 Carole Matear 1982 Eleanor McCain Elizabeth Richardson McCall 1985 & Andrew McCall Ann Griffin McCall 1960 & Ronald McCall Dorinda McLaren McCraney 1965 Kari McCreath 1996 Stephanie McCall McFarland 2012

The Ivy Society honours donors who have made a gift to Havergal each year for 10 or more consecutive years. We thank them for their unwavering dedication and commitment to the school.

Cheryl Wein & David Gratzer Diana Porritt Greer 1953 & Donald Greer



L Deanne Conacher Leuty M Joyce Rowland McBurney W Pamela Ball Webster 1951 B Elisabeth Marani Bacque L Jean Martin Lawrence 1952 C Shiela Forster Carter Rosemary French Clouse M Claire Wheeler Mowat N Susan Watson Nelson R Judy Ratcliffe 1953 B Anne Aitken Baker C Wendy Robinette Calder Jill Bartlett Colley G Diana Porritt Greer H Jane Milne Harkness K Marilyn Ward King P Carly Pepler 1954 C Joanne Tolton Connolly D Louise Sinclair Dennys L Penny Lash Lorimer M Fran Bond McElroy

S Jill Kerruish Strickland W Margot MacLaren Watt – Anonymous (1) 1955 L Susan Bicknell Leslie M Gladys Johnston Massey S Frances Tregunno Sobrian Anne Hamilton Smith – Anonymous (1)

1959 B Kathleen Bourke Bell Liz Cunningham Biedinger C Christine Coutts Clement D Missy Hart DeGeer H Beverly Bruce Hargraft Mary Pratt Harlan K Chips Thun Karasin M Judith Cory Mangoff* Susan Small Morton P Alice Payne Mary Jean Borden Potter S Sandra Gordon Steen Judy Labatt Stewart V Anita Krische Von Graffen W Marilyn Metcalfe White Patricia Hamilton Winter 1960 B Marsha Davis Brooks H Kathleen Murphy Holliday Ann Hutchison L Barbara Rea Lemmon M Pat Waterous Margetts Ann Griffin McCall Ruth Atkinson McDonald Margaret Keens Morden R Joanie Kingsmill Roper S Fran Smith Stronach W Polly Beck Wright

1942 C Ann McKeough Carruthers

1945 C Ruth Bradbury Clarke M Elizabeth Mason

1956 L Sonia Armstrong Labatt* M Dorothy Vernon Macdonald Barbara Trent Morris R Valerie Wilson Rhead S Sue Hamilton Sisam Z Mary-Frances Cockshutt Zeldman 1957 G Linda FitzGerald Grasley K Judith Stevens Kingsburgh P Marilyn Rea Patterson R Pamela Hooper Richardson S Norma Neilson Smith

1946 H Irene Hain

1947 G Diana Jacob Goad M Jane Northey MacKinnon 1948 E Diana Fishleigh Eaton H Margie King Huycke 1949 D Jacqueline Johnson Desoer S Joan Robinette Sadleir Adele Aziz Shamie Barbara Stanley Sinclair 1950 B Amy Lawson Beament J Elizabeth Scroggie Joy

1958 Z Lyn Hamilton Zacher


* Indicates Old Girl/Alum donors who are deceased.

1961 A Susan Ortved Armitage D Lynne Cowan Devine L Joey Legate M Christie Cohrs McKechnie N Ann Marshall Nicholl Diane Stewart Nixon P Betsy Bell Perkin T Sally Taylor Jill Cumberland Trennum 1962 B Judith Johnson Bonham G Virginia Woods Grant M Sue Smith Magor Mary Elspeth Lougheed Milosh S Susan Ross Shone 1963 F Luba Frastacky L Barbara Key Lea Cynthia Harding Leeper M Beverley Clappison Maggiacomo N Honor Garland Nivin W Carroll Wistow Willer

M Carolyn McMaster S Libby Belton Skinner – Anonymous (1)

T Anita Fallis Taylor Susan Spragge Thompson

T Sharon Davis Tanner

1973 S Frances Mackay Simson Mary Lou Sherman 1974 C Cathy Robinson Clark G Susie Wright Gooderham M Kathy Vernon Martin Betsy Mills S Vivian Blechingberg Sichel T Jennifer Tory – Anonymous (1) 1975 M Anne Livingston Murray P Jennifer Parkin R Judith Floras Rance S Edwina Dick Stoate 1976 A Debbie Winspear Allan M Hilary Meredith R Mary Rusz V Katherine Van de Mark Z Margie Zeidler

1969 F Alex Thun Frazee K Margie Wright Knox M Jennifer Watley Mackie Kathryn McCain – Anonymous (1)

1965 B Vicky Osler Baxter C Donna Morris Clarke E Catherine Eddy F Ann Woodrooffe Ferguson M Dinny McLaren McCraney S Susan Sheen 1966 D Ann Waddell Dunlop M Gay Mills McNeil Lea Aird Menear R Jane Rowe Rees Jane Ross S Judith Hodgson Sanford Roslyn Kaye Stollery 1967 H Jane Lownsbrough Heintzman S Rosalie Belton Starkey T Wendy Thompson

1970 C Judy Cameron D Ninkey Adamson Dalton-Eglee E Patricia Sheppard Ebright M Margaret Mills P Margie Ryrie Pacini S Nancy Hall Stewart Kathy Weekes Southee

1971 G Anne Gibson H

Judy Betteridge Haust Kathie Pickup Hughes K Heather Kitchen W Elizabeth White Liz Woolley 1972 E Márta Ecsedi M Louise Park MacMillan S Heather Hayes Sherk

1968 H Betsy Hall-Findlay L Susan Lang S Betsy Cruikshank Swaine

1964 B Joey Bell Brown D Di Davies L Mary Susanne Lamont

1977 L Catherine Lawrence


* Indicates Old Girl/Alum donors who are deceased.

1978 B Susan Smithyes Benson C Kathryn Caldwell V Cynthia Vining W Kirsten Walli Julia Stanley Weaver 1979 B Jane Clarke Beatty Cynthia Benitz D Luisa Di Lorenzo H Norah Hillary M Janet McKinlay O Kathryn Rusz Ortner R Barbara Robertson-Mann S Judy Lawrence Stirling 1981 M Martha Goad McFarlane Mary Metcalf Muir P Robin Harris Porter 1982 B Dinnie Hogarth Baker D Kathy Richardson Dingley M Diane King MacNicol Carole Matear Annette Buchman Mincer 1980 T Pam Grogan Taylor

1983 A Karen Jewett Allen C

U Anne Parkinson Ullman W Allyson Whyte Nowak Y Stephanie Young 1987 F Jill Fraser S Katy Ritcey Sisley Nicole Beckmann Swales – Anonymous (1) 1988 B Belinda Bryce J Tina Jagdeo L Jane Langford P Linda Probyn W Heather Secord White Sareena Ghulati Wildberger

C Melissa Tabacoff Cavelti Sarah Coombs G Katherine Gurney M Susie Macrae Catherine Bradley Milliken 1991 E Jennifer Steckel Elliott J Celia Johnson P Letitia Chan Peypoch S Kristen Skinner-Boyd 1992 K Allison Starkman Kotler N Jennifer Chubb Newton P Melanie Plet 1993 K Jenny Kerr T Andrea Racansky Thomson

Sandra Dameron Carrington Pauline Chan Chan-Thomas Jackie Cooper G Susan Gardiner H Anne Lawrence Harrop M Vanessa Morgan T Kim Thompson W Elizabeth Walli – Anonymous (1) 1984 I Mardi Inglis M Margot Chapman Macdonnell V Nicola von Schroeter 1985 B Lisa Boxall Buchan M Elizabeth Richardson McCall S Louise Stevenson – Anonymous (1)

1989 B Sarah Bull D Deb Bassett Drysdale H Catharine Heddle M Jo-Anne Matear N Anne Noble W Liz Wilson Edge

1994 – Anonymous (1)

1995 C Elizabeth Carr Rosalind Lates Cox H Brenda Ha Deirdre Horgan MacLeod W Donna Smythe Wilson

1986 C Jeannie Callum F M. Michele Farrugia L. Clair Fitzgerald G Amy Gaskin S Janet Scott

1990 A

Shannon Andersen Kristin Andersons B Lindsay Thompson Black


* Indicates Old Girl/Alum donors who are deceased.

1996 B Jennifer McCarthy Bidwell C Sara Cohen-Gelfand M Kari McCreath R Janna Regina S Mia Skarpathiotakis T Kendra Thompson Meghan Arthur Tupholme

2003 B Amanda Brennan C Lizzie Mingay Clare W Ethel Cohen Weiner 2004 A Stephanie Applin O Carey O'Connor

S Taylor Simon

R McKenna Reardon Kathleen Ross S Shannon Smith Amy Soetikno Kaelyn Soon-Shiong Abby Stout Alexa Swales T

2014 D Julia Duder 2015 B Tessa Buchan K Sam King

Katie Taub Julia Tekker Alex Tran W

Madison Wang Kathleen White Y Lindsy Yang Z Julia Zigelstein

2021 M Alyson McCarvell Tori McCarvell

2005 L Fiona Lau W Ann Whittall

1997 O Vanessa Oliver W Janie Wong

2022 B Ceinwyn Beattie C Ellie Chisholm D Beatrice Dal Bello F Sarah Forestell G Linda Gu Sasha Guy H Erin Howard K Meghna Katyal Emily Kellner L Mathilda LaBrash-White M Donna Mahboubi Zoë Mohan N Avery Nadalini Adrianna Neretlis O Ekin Ozince Maddy O'Brien P Georgia Pickersgill

2006 P Dasha Peregoudova 2008 M Alexandra Mingay S Sarah Siu 2010 C Rayna Chandaria H Morgan Hall Virginia Hetherington

1998 C Meghan Cheesbrough H Marian Hoffmann 1999 S Martha Cohen Simmons Y Jenny Yip 2000 F Jessica Lewis Feader S Alex Palombo Sollazzo 2001 K Angela Kan N Kristin O'Rourke Nevin P Lauren Palombo

For generations, Old Girls/Alums have provided financial support to Havergal, particularly through endowment giving. Thank you to 327 Old Girls/Alums, who contributed to Annual Giving in 2021–22.

2012 G Mariya Gorlova M Stephanie McCall McFarland

2013 E Lexi Ensor


* Indicates Old Girl/Alum donors who are deceased.

Planned Giving

For more than 125 years, the Havergal community has believed in the power of educating girls to their full potential. A legacy donation allows you to make a commitment today to provide future support. Your donation will help future generations of students become the leaders of tomorrow, equipped to make an indelible mark on our world. For more information and to receive a copy of our Guide to Planning Your Legacy ,

" I have a lot of family history at Havergal College, as my mother and aunt were graduates, and even my uncle attended [when boys could attend until Grade 2]. I am also part of the Marguerite Society. I appreciate the value of an independent girls' school, its strength and reputation, and I want to ensure future students can enjoy the same benefits I did." — Honor Nivin 1963 Old Girl/Alum

please contact: Annette Paul Executive Director, Advancement 416-482-4704 apaul@havergal.on.ca



James McCleary* Anne Finch McDougall 1949* Frances Bond McElroy 1954 Claire English McKinnon 1938* Frances Carlisle Moran 1935* Frances Fairhead Morton 1928* Alice Muckle* N Jodi Niblett 1978 Honor Garland Nivin 1963 O Elizabeth Harpham Orford 1941* Marianne Oundjian 1969 P Kathleen Settle Parker 1928 * Carolyn Warren Pepler 1908* Kathleen Daly Pepper 1919* Doris Strickland Porritt 1919* Mary Jean Borden Potter 1959 Constance Pudan* R Judy Ratcliffe 1952 Ann Revell* Harold Albert Roberts* Brenda L. Robson Marion Rooke 1928* Joan Kingsmill Roper 1960 Janet Lang Ross 1931* Murray G. Ross* Ruth Burke Rumpel 1937* Mary Elizabeth Rusz, R.A. 1976 Mary Staunton Ryrie 1928* S Dorothy Soole Scott 1928* Pat Eckardt Sedgwick 1952* Edward M. Sellers Joseph & Mary Frances Sheehan Mary Stanton Sheen 1924* Marjory Dixon Shepherd 1944* Wendy Christine Sherrick 1992 Adelaide MacDonald Sinclair 1917* Mary Hamilton Steacy 1944* Catherine Steele 1928* Jane Stodgell 1969* John C. Stodgell* Catherine Caldecott Sutherland 1923* Q Marlene Quinn

Jennifer & Greg Thompson Sam Rea* & Wendy Thompson 1967

F Caroline Fischer 1979 Elsie Sutcliffe Flavelle 1917* Margaret Fortier 1932* June Biggar Furman 1950* G Anne Pollitt Gibson 1966* Susan Wright Gooderham 1974 Mary Goouch Betty Graham 1937* Barry Grant* & Gayle Robinson Grant 1965 June Taylor Gregory 1947* H Beverly Bruce Hargraft 1959 William Hargraft* Louise Middleton Hawkins 1939* Winifred Medland Hawks 1941* Helen Horgan Servick 1992 G. Malcom Hogarth* Edith Margaret Holmes* Michael & Mary Ellen Horgan Deirdre Horgan MacLeod 1995 Margo Van Gelder Howard 1948 Loyse Elliott Hueschen 1944* Helen Huff 1925* Isabel Wells Huffman 1927* Heather Hutchinson 1986 K W.A. Kemp* Maxine McKenzie Kenny 1947 Marion Gallie Key 1936* Heather M. Kitchen 1971 Ellen Knox* L Mary Susanne Lamont 1964 Cynthia Harding Leeper 1963 Reuben Leonard* Wilhelmina Aird Lewis 1917* Linda Leader Lownds 1967 Elspeth Hoyles Mainguy 1932* Jeanne Tate Manchee 1942* Ethel Constance Blake Marani 1915* Elizabeth Mason 1945 Muriel Longwell Matson 1924* Margaret Norrie McCain 1951 Ismay McCarrick* Beth Woodhouse McCleary 1934* J Faith Warren Jones 1929* M Anne Mainguy*

V Marcia Cox Vaughey 1962* Sally Garratt Vernon 1952* W Dorothy Denison Ward 1931 * Bessie Hamilton Warren 1918* Julia Stanley Weaver 1978 Margaret Whiteman* Mary Gwendolyn Williams 1911 * Mary Williams Boughner 1920*

A Frances Louise Westren Alexander 1922* Shannon Andersen 1990 B Dinnie Hogarth Baker 1982 Helen Warren Band 1907* Ann Elise Ross Beatty 1931* David S. Beatty* Jean Brown Beatty 1921* Henry S. Beckwith* Joyce Bertram* Caley Borden 2002 Henry 'Mac' Borden Jennifer Crawford Borden 1951* Susan Dunster Borden 1965* Kathleen Switzer Brook 1936* Joey Bell Brown 1964

Caird Wilson 1960* Joan Winearls 1955 Jean Wylie Wishart 1920*

Joyce Lownsbrough Woods 1930* Mary Grace Rolph Wright 1944*

C Cathy Charles 1966* Louise Cholette-Rees Leah Cohen and

Talya Cohen Christbason 91 Earlaine Stewart Collins 1956 Ann Coombs 1964 Jacqueline Cooper 1983 Carol Ecclestone Cox 1918* Mary Ellis Cox 1936* Susan Prettie Crerar 1958* Kathleen L. Crowther 1920* Deborah Cumming 1973

Named in honour of Havergal’s first principal, the Ellen Knox Society recognizes donors who have supported the school through planned gifts. We thank these donors for their vision and for the benefit that these legacy gifts will bring to future generations of Havergal students.

D Janet Burns Day 1958* Marcelle De Freitas* Phyllis Capstaff Dennen 1933* Mary Grace Dennys 1940* Elizabeth Joan Alley Lash des Tombe 1935* Dorothy Vernon Despard Burch 1930* Susan J. Ditchburn Patricia Ann Doolittle*

E Márta Ecsedi 1972 Diane Drewry Elder 1955

T Amanda Sutton Tarling 1982 Barbara Beatty Taylor 1966


* Indicates Ellen Knox Society donors who are deceased.


DONORS OF $100,000– $499,999

F Shari Graham Fell 1961 & Anthony Fell Martha Merry Fell 1987 & Geoffrey Fell Margaret Fortier 1932* G Sara Cohen-Gelfand 1996 & Michael Gelfand Lorraine & Gordon Gibson Karin & Michael Ginsberg Sharon & Bruce Grantier H Beverly Bruce Hargraft 1959 Havergal Old Girls Association Alan Hibben G. Malcom Hogarth* Yan Ling Cheng & Jia Yu Hu Julie & Gerald Hurlow K Laurie Hay & Doug Kellar The Kerr Family Ann & Edward Kerwin The Koerner Foundation L Soon & Gary Lawrence Elizabeth & Jimmy Y. C. Lee Frederic Leigh M Julia MacBain Michael MacBain Laurie Stollery MacLachlan 1976 & David MacLachlan Phyllis Jardine Main 1948 Jill Denham & Stephen Marshall Norman Martin Christine & Michael McCain Francis Carlisle Moran 1935* Juliette Chow & Kenneth Morell Nancy McCain & Bill Morneau N Allyson Whyte Nowak 1986 & David Nowak Catherine & Bradley Nullmeyer I Rosamond Ivey 1974 The McLean Foundation Michelle & Pat Meneley The Miklas Family

P Jungmi Park Carolyn Quinn Pfaff & Chris Pfaff

A Susan Ortved Armitage 1961

R Wendy Thompson 1967 & Samuel A. Rea* Margaret & Heinz Rieger Marion Rooke 1928*

B Susan & Douglas Bassett The E. W. Bickle Foundation Cindy & Robert Blakely Pam Zakarow & George Buckles Beth & Andrew Burgess


S Catriona Ferguson & David Safran Lydia & Peter Sharpe Martha Cohen Simmons 1999 & Teddy Simmons Debbie & Colin Simpson Katherine Ritcey Sisley 1987 & Hugh Sisley Linda Frum 1981 & Howard Sokolowski Helen Feng & Fei Song Nancy Sprott Maria & Peter Stavropoulos

D Fernanda & Patrick Dovigi

C Kerry & John Carmichael Anne Carter 1960 Cathy Charles 1966* The Cheesebrough Family John Clark

L Sonia Armstrong Labatt 1956* & Arthur Labatt M Margaret Norrie McCain 1951 & G. Wallace McCain* The R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation

Class of 1947 Class of 1974 Class of 1981 Class of 2006 Endowment for Global Outreach Class of 2007 Green School Fund Class of 2008 Endowment for the Arts Class of 2009 Class of 2010 Class of 2011 Class of 2012 Endowment for the Arts Class of 2013 Class of 2014 Class of 2015 Class of 2016 Global Experience Bursary Class of 2017 Class of 2018 Experiential Learning Endowment Class of 2020 Class of 2021 The Cloverleaf Foundation Ricky & Peter Cohen The Ricky & Peter Cohen Family Foundation Earlaine Stewart Collins 1956 Nicole Smulders Cortellucci 1997 & Fabrizio Cortellucci Barbara Duff Cronyn 1940* & John B. Cronyn* Linda & Peter Cullen

Catherine Steele 1928* Edwina Dick Stoate 1975

T Clare Sellers & Colin Taylor

T Louise & James Temerty – Anonymous (2)

The Temerty Family Foundation Jennifer & Gregory Thompson Melinda Northway Thompson 1961 & John Thompson F.W. Thompson* Diana & Peter Thomson Jennifer Tory 1974

DONORS OF $500,000– $999,999

W Karen & Michael Wagman Elizabeth* & Bruce V. Walter Patricia & Kim Ward

D Michelle Koerner 1983 & Kevin Doyle

The R. Howard Webster Foundation Ethel Cohen Weiner 2003 & Jonathan Weiner Billie Bickle Wilder 1947 Jilla* & Robert C. Williams Mary Grace Rolph Wright 1944*

H Havergal College Parent Association

Susan & Cecil Hawkins Betty & Kwok Yuen Ho

K Sonja & Michael Koerner

Z Sally Zhou & Kevin Zhang Hellen Zhou – Anonymous (4)

L Heather & Fraser Latta

D M. Michele Farrugia 1986 & David Dal Bello

M Eleanor McCain The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

Gregory J. David DeFreitas Family Susan J. Ditchburn

P Donna & Robert Poile

O Marianne Oundjian 1969

E The Eaton Foundation Gloria & Seymour Epstein Janet & Denis R. Evans*

W The W. Garfield Weston Foundation


* Indicates Havergal Circle donors who are deceased.

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