Havergal College & The Havergal College Foundation Impact Report 2020-21

The Havergal College and the Havergal College Foundation Impact Report celebrates the many successes of the 2020-21 school year, all of which were made possible by the generosity of donors.










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THANK YOU We would like to thank those members of the Havergal community who shared their stories, as well as those who have generously donated to the College. PRIVACY OF INFORMATION Havergal College is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. Havergal’s Privacy Statement is available at www.havergal.on.ca/privacy. The information contained herein may not be published without permission from Havergal College. NOTE Every effort was taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained within this report. We apologize for any errors that may have occurred in the listing or spelling of names and ask that you advise us by calling 416.482.4707.






I would like to start by extending a safe and happy return to all of our students, faculty and staff as they rejoined the campus, in person, to begin a new school year. This past September marked several milestones for Havergal, as we slowly emerged from the pandemic, welcomed our 13th Principal, Dr. Katrina Samson, and reached a remarkable fundraising goal with the completion of the Limitless Campaign . It is truly an honour to have been a part of this significant project. Since its inception in 2015, we have watched with excitement as Havergal’s new facilities took shape throughout the seasons. The project evolved over time, and it was such an accomplishment to witness our dream become a reality in fall 2020, when the new buildings opened to much fanfare from our students. For those less familiar, the Limitless Campaign is Havergal’s largest fundraising endeavour to date, with the intention of raising $21 million—a goal which was exceeded, achieving an impressive $21.8 million. This is a huge landmark for us and it would certainly not have been possible without the generous donations given by you, our Havergal community.

The Impact Report offers a reflection of the past fiscal year, which has been a time of change, growth and rejuvenation. I hope you enjoy reading the stories from some of our donors and seeing the ways in which their gifts have contributed to our community. As an institution, Havergal has weathered many challenges in its 127-year history, from the First and Second World Wars to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the generosity, strength and dedication of our community have always shone through; I am confident it will continue to do so for generations to come. Once again, I would like to express my gratitude for your support of the Limitless Campaign and our journey to build facilities that inspire learning. Your contributions toward our endeavours equate to support for girls’ education and our future leaders. We could not be prouder of our young learners for the tenacity they have demonstrated during this unprecedented year. Warmest regards,

Debbie Simpson Chair, Havergal College Board of Governors

I would like to begin with a big thank you for the enthusiastic welcome I’ve been extended here at Havergal. The strong sense of community and spirit at the school has been evident since day 1 and it has been a very rewarding first semester and an encouraging start to the new school year. It has brought me joy to watch our students interact with one another, in person on campus, and it is so wonderful to see them using the bright spaces in our newly built Junior and Upper School wings. The Upper School students have grown especially fond of spending time in the Learning Commons with the Old Girls BioWall, which is a beautiful and sustainable feature with the added benefit of serving as a natural air-filtration system, in addition to providing a connection with nature. I know that our community watched with much anticipation as the incredible new spaces came to life. These state-of-the-art facilities were made possible by the generosity and support of those who have contributed to Havergal’s fundraising and philanthropic efforts over the past several years. The success of the Limitless Campaign has allowed us to create contemporary and inspiring spaces for all of our future leaders to grow and thrive.

The resounding success of the campaign along with other fundraising initiatives at the school enable us to execute on the goals in our Strategic Direction. Our ongoing vision is to inspire young learners, and create opportunities for them to develop agency and cultivate world- views that empower them to become global change-makers. By investing in our community and leveraging the talent and passion of our people, we will shape future-ready leaders. Our generous donors and their philanthropic support help to make all of this possible. As a not-for-profit organization, we rely on philanthropy—a virtue that we wish to model for our students as they transition out into the world as confident, globally minded citizens. I look forward to connecting with more members of the Havergal community and wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to you for your ongoing support and belief in our mission. The future only gets brighter from here.

Dr. Katrina Samson Principal




219 + 12 +






Havergal College Board of Governors The Havergal College Board of Governors is responsible for the overall stewardship of Havergal College. The Board sets broad policy directions through strategic planning and goal-setting and ensures the financial sustainability of the school. The Board is responsible for appointing the Principal, to whom it delegates authority over the administration of the school and matters of curriculum and staffing. The Board oversees the school and remains at arm’s length from the administration. Governors 2020–21 • Debbie Simpson, Chair • Martha Cohen Simmons 1999 , Past Chair • Pam Bryant • Barbara Callander 1979 • Ian Chen • Sarah Coombs 1990 • Lexi Ensor 2013 • Rob Frank

The Havergal College Educational Foundation Inc. (U.S.) The Havergal College Educational Foundation Inc. (U.S.) was incorporated in 1977 in New York to allow U.S. donors to make gifts to Havergal. The U.S. Foundation makes grants to The Havergal College Foundation in Toronto to support the programs and activities of the school. Directors 2020–21 • Louise Park MacMillan 1972 , Chair • Cynthia Rutherford 1988 Council of College Trustees The Council of College Trustees was established in 2017 to encourage and recognize outstanding contributions to Havergal College and to provide advice to the directors and the Principal on the achievement of the corporation’s mission and on the strategic objectives, affairs, financial health and stability of the corporation. Election to the Council of College Trustees is considered the highest recognition that can be bestowed and is intended to foster a permanent connection between the recipient and the school. Trustees 2020–21 • Sue Ditchburn

• Jill Fraser 1987 • Alison Glober • Diane Jefferys • Luzita Kennedy • Greg Pardy • Brad Radin • Sandra Seaborn • Brian Wynn

• Alan Hibben • Ann Kerwin

• Fraser Latta • Barrie Laver • Eden Oliver 1978 • Susan Perren • Jennifer Thompson • Wendy Thompson 1967 • Priscilla Winn Barlow • Susan Wright

The Havergal College Foundation The Havergal College Foundation receives and invests donations intended for Havergal College infrastructure, student assistance and other programs. It oversees the investment of funds raised by the Havergal community, ensuring that the assets of The Foundation are invested in a prudent and effective manner. The Havergal College Foundation is a registered charity under the Income Tax Act (Canada) and, as such, is exempt from income taxes and may issue receipts to donors for income tax purposes. The Foundation is incorporated as a corporation without share capital under the laws of Ontario, and its Board of Trustees is independent of Havergal College.

Trustees 2020–21 • Brad Radin, Chair • Sarah Bull 1989 • Julie Crothers 1993 • David Dal Bello

• Derek Flood • Kevin Foley • Amy Gaskin 1986 • Allyson Whyte Nowak 1986 • Brian Wynn

Profiling Our New Board Members 2021 – 22

Michael Copeland Mr. Copeland is Chief Commercial Officer for Woodbine Entertainment, where he leads the organization’s commercial and brand development and initiatives. Previously, he was a member of the Leadership Team at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. Prior to that, he served as the President and CEO of the Toronto Argonauts and was the former President and COO of the CFL, where he led several major initiatives. Mr. Copeland has a law degree from the University of Western Ontario and an MBA from Ivey Business School. He is a recipient of the prestigious Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 award and the Western Maw W. Ian Scott Business Leadership Award. His eldest daughter is a student in the Senior School. Michelle Leong Francis Ms. Francis is a senior consultant at TTG Consulting Group Inc., where she showcases a 20-year tenure in human resource leadership in organizational effectiveness. As a Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce founding member and Girls on Boards mentor at The Henry Alexander House, Ms. Francis is an executive volunteer supporting leadership development through emotional & cultural intelligence. A Law Society crisis peer and mediator possessing certified governance training through the Ontario Hospital Association, Ms. Francis is an inaugural Co-Chair, Inclusion, Governance and Leadership, within the City of Pickering’s Anti-Racism Task Force and Business Advisory Stakeholder in Culture, who has also sat on the Town of Markham’s Diversity Board and Queens Park, Blue Ribbon Financial Literacy Pack. Ekua Quansah Ms. Quansah (Class of 1999) is a lawyer and consultant with more than 10 years of experience in the strategic development and implementation of equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives. She is currently the Head, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, at CIFAR, a global research organization, and also holds the role of Social Changemaker-in-Residence at Massey College. Ms. Quansah obtained her BA honours in African studies and sociology and an MA in sociology and equity studies in education from the University of Toronto. She also has an LLB from the University of Ottawa. Andrew Turnbull Mr. Turnbull is Chief Transformation Officer at CIBC, where he focuses on planning and executing growth and enablement initiatives that deliver on CIBC’s enterprise strategy. He held previous roles as Senior Vice-President, CIBC Business Banking; Managing Director and President, CIBC Investor Services; as well as Chief Administrative Officer and Head, Strategy, CIBC Wealth Management. Mr. Turnbull is a diversity and inclusion champion and active volunteer with Ronald McDonald House Charities Toronto. In 2018, he was named one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40. Mr. Turnbull holds a BA honours (economics) from Queen’s University and is a CFA charterholder. His daughter is a student in the Upper School. Jennifer Wong Ms. Wong is a senior leader at Ontario Power Generation (OPG) who is focused on driving technology innovation in the energy industry. In her current role, she heads the development of digital and electrical infrastructure for Ontario’s next- generation power plants. Her prior roles have included leading OPG’s enterprise cyber security organization, during which time she co-authored Canada’s national nuclear cyber security standard. Ms. Wong holds a bachelor of applied science in electrical engineering from the University of Toronto and is a licensed Professional Engineer. She has a daughter in the Junior School.

With special thanks to our retiring Board Members

Martha Cohen Simmons 1999 since 2011

Brian Wynn since 2015

Pam Bryant since 2015



Since 1894, Havergal College has provided young women with an exceptional education in a setting that strongly values community. This is underscored by the ongoing importance of fundraising and the culture of philanthropy at Havergal. As the Co-Chairs of the Campaign Cabinet, we are deeply appreciative of your continued support and contributions toward advancing girls’ education and we are thrilled with the success of the Limitless Campaign , the school’s largest fundraising endeavour to date. With an initial goal of raising $21 million, we knew the project was ambitious from the onset. However, when we exceeded our goal by raising an incredible $21.8 million, it filled our hearts with pride and truly demonstrated the strength and commitment of our community. Our students are able to experience the fruits of your efforts each day, as they live and learn in beautiful new spaces that are designed to foster learning and cultivate confidence, helping to shape these future leaders. Features such as the environmentally sustainable Old Girls BioWall, light-filled Learning Commons and stunning Junior School Dining Hall would not have been possible without your generosity. Your donations, coupled with our fundraising, help to sustain the level of excellence that Havergal prides itself on and is reputed for. We would like to thank the Campaign Cabinet for their tireless work to make the Limitless Campaign a reality. These efforts serve as a great example for our students by highlighting the important role philanthropy plays at both Havergal and the world beyond our ivy walls. We are also grateful for the continued contributions of our dedicated volunteers, who help to create a vibrant atmosphere for our families. We have nothing but deep gratitude for all of your generous support throughout the campaign and the shared commitment to reaching this fundraising milestone. We hope you take as much pride in this achievement as we do. We are delighted to see what the future holds next for Havergal. Thank you for supporting our vision and championing girls’ education.

Martha Cohen Simmons 1999 Co-Chair of the Havergal Limitless Campaign

David Dal Bello Co-Chair of the Havergal Limitless Campaign

Thank You to Our Donors With your support, we have surpassed our fundraising goal, achieving a remarkable $21.8 million!

Junior School Dovigi Family Wing


Upper School Art, Design and Tech Wing

Campaign Donor Story: Rajeev & Tanuja Gupta With three daughters enrolled at Havergal, the Gupta family has been deeply involved with both the Junior and Upper Schools for more than eight years now. Maya (Grade 11), Nisha (Grade 9) and Sara (Grade 6) are all active in sports and various co-curriculars, while their parents have taken time to volunteer in many different capacities at the school. “The passion and attachment that our girls have toward the school is very striking,” says Dr. Rajeev Gupta, a pediatrician with a practice based in Brampton, Ont., who served on the Havergal Board of Governors’ Diversity, Equity & Inclusion subcommittee in 2020 – 21. “They can’t imagine their lives without Havergal and they have really thrived in the school environment.” The Guptas are proud to support Havergal as volunteers and donors. When they learned about the Limitless Campaign , they decided to generously contribute by lending their family name to the Upper School Seminar Room. The Seminar Room is a multi-purpose learning and meeting space with the flexibility to function as one large room or two individual spaces, thanks to a sliding divider system that allows the school to customize the space based on its needs. “We felt Havergal had become such an important part of our children’s lives that we wanted to leave a legacy that would

The Gupta family

reflect their formidable experience here,” says Tanuja Gupta, who studied computer engineering when she was in school. “When we learned that girls’ schools receive only a fraction of the donations that boys’ schools do, we were moved to make a financial commitment.” Tanuja’s many hours of volunteering at the school over the years have been an invaluable contribution to the Havergal community. She has served as a Grade Rep, Secretary of the Havergal College Parent Association (HCPA) and Admissions volunteer with the Junior School Welcome Committee. Organizing events, liaising with other parents, giving tours of the school, answering families’ questions and acting as an ambassador to the wider community are just a few of the roles she has taken on. Currently, Tanuja is the Junior School Grade Rep Co-Convener and takes pride in organizing monthly meetings, which provide important information to the parent community. “I have really enjoyed giving back to the community, and the kids like seeing their parents volunteering,” Tanuja says. “Being involved with the HCPA has connected me with different aspects of the school, given us a voice with the administration and kept us in touch with everything that is happening.” The Guptas, who also have a son in Grade 4 at Upper Canada College (UCC), have watched their daughters grow and flourish, discovering new talents and exploring different interests during their time at Havergal. While Maya, Nisha and Sara are all strong in math, science and English, they have also developed well-rounded interests, especially in the arts. “The music program is astounding, and we were amazed at how the whole school came together for concerts,” says Rajeev. “Maya was in band, and the girls made it to the finals when she was in Grade 9. She is also very artistic and has gained a lot of exposure to different mediums and techniques.” “Their confidence has grown and they’re willing to take risks, try new things, speak up in class and voice their opinions,” says Tanuja. “They have forged strong bonds with their friends, and, as parents, we have also made a lot of connections with other families in various grades.” “The community is very diverse but also tight knit,” she says. “That’s the most impressive aspect for us. We’ve never considered another school for our daughters.” While the Gupta family also supports the William Osler Health System Foundation, the Scott Mission and charities devoted to veterans’ mental health, their primary contributions have been to Havergal and UCC. “We believe in supporting our childrens’ schools first and foremost, because of the love they have for their community,” says Rajeev.

As a returning Havergal student, I have access to excellent, state-of-the-art facilities to further benefit my education. Recently, I decided to join the Digital Art Club, as visual arts is something I am very passionate about. Thanks to your very kind and generous donation, I further explored my devotion toward art. Havergal’s new building recently opened, making more classrooms and

Thank You to Our Limitless Campaign Cabinet We would like to acknowledge the dedicated members of our campaign cabinet, who championed the Limitless Campaign from its inception. Serving as both proud ambassadors and donors, the campaign cabinet provided ongoing guidance, encouragement and support as we worked toward our target to raise $21 million to fund campus modernizations and build facilities that inspire learning for our students. Thank you to our cabinet members—your efforts are greatly appreciated and truly made a difference in helping to keep Havergal at the forefront of women’s education. Martha Cohen Simmons 1999 , Campaign Co-Chair David Dal Bello, Campaign Co-Chair Martha Fell 1987 Catriona Ferguson Doug Kellar Ann Kerwin Gerard Lee Debbie Simpson, Chair, Havergal College Board of Governors

larger art rooms. Grade 8 student

Our much-anticipated Upper School facilities provide new classrooms, a multi-purpose space for HC-X programming, a bright double-height Art Studio and outdoor gardens, along with a beautiful Learning Commons, which boasts a lush, three-storey Old Girls BioWall.

Upper School Art Studio

Upper School Learning Commons and Old Girls BioWall

Upper School Art, Design and Tech Wing

Junior School Dovigi Family Wing

Last fall, the Dovigi Family Wing opened in the Junior School, featuring new modern classrooms, a renovated gymnasium, a double-height Dining Hall and dedicated spaces for art, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and music programming. These light-filled spaces overlook the neighbouring Burke Brook Ravine, helping to connect students with nature.

Junior School Classroom

Junior School Dining Hall

$ Limitless Campaign Highlights 3.8M Total amount raised in 2020 – 21




+ 605K



in annual gifts

in major commitments to the Limitless Campaign $ 21M GOAL







Total raised to JUNE 30, 2021

* Represents pledges, one-time gifts received and $1.7M in verbal commitments.

While a portion of donations is used to fund campaign costs, The Havergal College Foundation is committed to directing the maximum amount possible toward the donor’s intended purpose.



Havergal’s Annual Fund Havergal College is deeply grateful to our donors for their choice to invest in girls’ education each year. The school’s efforts to fulfill its mission—to prepare young women to make a difference—would not be possible without their generosity and dedication. This report recognizes and celebrates everyone who made a gift in our last fiscal year July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. Through annual philanthropic contributions, donors play a vital role in shaping the school’s immediate priorities and laying the groundwork for its future. When you make a gift, you are transforming lives. The successful completion of our Limitless Campaign is an example of the impact that your contributions can have on our school. Each year, based on the potential of future transformation, priority areas are identified for the Annual Fund. Donors have the opportunity to select which area best aligns with their family’s commitment to philanthropy. One such priority is our renewed commitment to providing student financial assistance and our goal to increase both the amount and number of bursaries and scholarships awarded to deserving students who otherwise would not be able to consider the exceptional educational experience that Havergal offers. Attending Havergal College is a life-changing event, and supporting a student’s Havergal journey is one of the most amazing gifts anyone can give or receive. Community members are partners in students' learning and in helping them become more empowered, independent and future-ready. We are deeply grateful to each individual who supports Havergal Philanthropy through the Annual Fund. Your support helps us to deliver excellence that is unparalleled and shapes the lives of our future leaders. Read more about our donors who helped to make an impact this year and click here to view additional donor recognition lists.

Junior School students enjoying the new art classroom

Annual Fund Highlights

Old Girls Parents


Old Girls




Junior School

Upper School



TOP 3 BEST IN CLASS 2020 – 21




raised by the CLASS OF 2021 70% of parents contributed

1959 34%

1970 25%

1953 33%



Grade 2 53%

Grade 5 49%

Grade 12 71%

Grade 8 47%

Grade 9 45%

JK & SK 47%

A Catalyst for Change During the 2020 – 21 school year, Havergal College and the Advancement & Community Relations Department were thrilled to announce a new award, known as the Catalyst for Change Award, that was created by recent Havergal graduate Erin Sade 2020. The award was designed to recognize a Grade 12 student who puts their heart into promoting anti-racism awareness, building relationships and making Havergal a more inclusive community. It will be presented annually at graduation going forward. Erin developed an enduring interest in activism in Grade 6, when her teacher assigned the class to participate in Project Give Back. She chose the Yad Vashem Twinning Program, in which Jewish youth learn about and dedicate their Bar/Bat Mitzvah to children who died in the Holocaust. Erin’s work on this project inspired her to engage young people in anti-bullying and anti-racism causes through Holocaust awareness. For her remarkable work, she received the Cantor Kraus Catalyst for Change Award from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, which served as inspiration for the name of Havergal’s new award. Since receiving the prestigious Cantor Kraus Catalyst for Change Award, Erin continues to be recognized for her efforts.

In 2020, she was awarded The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Award, the highest accolade a young person can receive for their social action or humanitarian work. The honour is presented to those who foster, develop and inspire positive change in the lives of young people. Erin wishes to give back to Havergal as an annual donor, and now, through the award, each student recipient will be able to direct this annual donation to the area of their choosing. Erin now attends medical school at the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom. Reflecting on her time at Havergal, she is optimistic about the school’s future and the positive change this new award could inspire. “It is a way to celebrate diversity and, hopefully, it will motivate students to push for change,” she says. When asked about the message she would like to pass on to new Havergal students, Erin reflected on the importance of family. “When your mom drops you off at the top of the walkway and waits until you’re inside the building, don’t be embarrassed and don’t get mad. She’s the reason you’re even here. You’ll thank her later,” says Erin. “Stay back and talk to your teachers after class because that’s where you will learn the most. Stop worrying about tomorrow, but learn from the past. In the words of Elie Wiesel, ‘Never be silent. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.’” The Havergal community thanks Erin and her family for their important contributions, not only for their role as donors, but also for their inspiration around positive social action and humanitarian work within our student body. For more information about giving or awards at Havergal College, please reach out to Executive Director of Advancement & Community Relations, Tony diCosmo, at tdicosmo@havergal.on.ca. Erin Sade, Class of 2020


$3.9 million

$3.3 million

$3.1 million

$2.4 million

$1.8 million






Increase over prior year: 114%


$4.5 million

$2.9 million

$2.1 million

$1.7 million

$1.3 million






Increase over prior year: 256%



TOTAL: $35.9 million

TOTAL: $3.6 million

Student Assistance $854K

Restricted Fund $3.7 million

Endowment Fund $30.7 million

Capital $2 million

Program Enrichment $744K

General Fund $1.5 million


$41.2 million $41.3 million 4% Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Funded by Foundation


N Sherri & Derek Neldner Allyson Whyte Nowak 1986 & David Nowak P Carolyn Quinn Pfaff & Chris Pfaff Krista Matheson & Sam Pollock R Cee Cee & Bruce Robertson Jane Wang & James Rong S

H Norman Hardie

F Sachiko & Akio Furukawa G Danielle Miller & Jamey Gage Diana Porritt Greer 1953 & Donald Greer H Sunny Zhang & Yuanbin Hu J Diane & Mark Jeffreys K Sarah & Ross Kerr Soojin Min & Francis Kim Hye Joon Yoon Michelle Hui & Ernest Law Yanni Cai & Lokhung Lee M Yuhua Hu & Sifa Mei Andrea & Marc Murnaghan N Tammy & Jason Neal Shannon & Gary Nevison Tori & David Newall Tanya & Charles Newman Jennifer Chubb Newton 1992 & Michael Newton P Sue Ling & Benjamin Pham Cory & Lucas Price R Lea McNally-Rana & Jeffrey Rana Shaki & Saj Ravindran S Stacia & Jeffrey Slightham Edwina Dick Stoate 1975 & Tim Stoate T Ashley Zhao & Guo Tuo V Suzanne Welsh Vernon 1992 & Andrew Vernon W Ola & Stephen Wall Michelle Archer & Marty White Ann Woodland 1969 Y Lily Li & Xiaojun Yan & Dong Hyun Kim Jennifer Ocampo-King & Philip King L

Sarah Hodges & Nic Hooper Michelle Yang & Steven Hu L Julie Denton & Dave Lacey Mary Susanne Lamont 1964 Frederic Leigh M Yvonne Harding & Allan Maclean-Howard Louise Park MacMillan 1972 N Lara & Brahm Nathans Jim Neilas O Jill Fraser 1987 & Richard O’Brien Kelly & Jim Osler R Stephanie Young 1986 & Brad Radin Susan & Keith Reardon S Katie & James Salem Lily Sha Margaret Wei & Pei Shen Sheree & James Stuart T Marie-France & John Toffoletto X Tiffany Xu & Linyu Xie --- Anonymous (1) GREEN & GOLD PARTNER A Forbes Andersen Clare & Stephen Andersons B Tara & Jeffrey Borg Aine O’Flynn & Steve Braun C Barbara Callander 1979 Christine Coutts Clement 1959 D Wendy Kei & Kevin Daley Lisa & Rod Davies Tony diCosmo Cheryl & Rob Douglas

GREEN & GOLD CHAMPION A Susan Ortved Armitage 1961 B Doogie McDougall Bond 1977 Catherine Roche & Michael Book C Rose & Phil Campione Nicole Smulders Cortellucci 1997 & Fabrizio Cortellucci D M. Michele Farrugia 1986 & David Dal Bello Susan J. Ditchburn Fernanda & Patrick Dovigi Michelle Koerner 1983 & Kevin Doyle E Lynne Griffin & Jordan Elliott F Fiera Capital Corporation Michelle Lalonde & Derek Flood G Lorraine & Gordon Gibson Nancy Hanley & Kevan Gorrie H Beverly Bruce Hargraft 1959 Havergal College Parent Association J Laurie Picard-Jacobs & Ryan Jacobs K The Kerr Family Sonja & Michael Koerner L Sonia Armstrong Labatt 1956 & Arthur Labatt M Marla & Arden Majewski Eleanor McCain Liza & Frederick Murrell

Catriona Ferguson & David Safran Katy Ritcey Sisley 1987 & Hugh Sisley Linda Frum 1981

& Howard Sokolowski Nicole & Greg Southam Sarah Bull 1989 & Jeff Stock T Evonne & Greg Tanzola Melinda Northway Thompson 1961 & John Thompson

Wendy Thompson 1967 Diana & Peter Thomson W Karen & Michael Wagman Robert Williams Janie Wong 1997 Ruoyun Kong & Ge Wu Z Sally Zhou & Kevin Zhang GREEN & GOLD BENEFACTOR A Barbara & Peter Angelou Lisa & Dany Assaf B Karen & David Bily C Judy Ye & Jack Junqi Chen Kathleen McLaughlin & Tim Costigan F Jill Burgin & Mike Flood

Beth & Kevin Foley Jane Langford 1988 & J. Blair Freeman G Alison Glober

Jian Xin & Bin Yang Cong Liu & Guqing Ye Marie-France Jobin-You & John You Cindy Xin & Xinwei Yu Chun Fang Zhan & Xiang Yang Yuan Z Lin Fan & Kai Zhang Rui Liu & Xin Zhang --- Anonymous (4) GREEN & GOLD PATRON A Piat & David Allison Mari & Mike Anderson B Sherrie Berdusco

Yahphen Chang & John Manning John Margie Dhurata & Paul Marku Jennifer Newman & Patrick Marley Kathy Vernon Martin 1974 Carole Dodwell Martyn 1952 Kirsten Weind & James Matthews Linda Probyn 1988 & James McCarvell Helen Vokas & Bradley McConnell Sarah Ferguson & Paul McCracken Florence Shao & Johnson Mei Allison & Sandro Morassutti Kiersten Moore & Brian Morrison Mahnaz Hamidzadeh & Amir Mousavifar Lyane van Schaik-Munk & Dorian Munk N Jodi & Sal Napolitano Janice & Jose Nazareno Magdalena Nowicka & Paul Nitsou P Maria & Manos Pavlakis Kristina Pearce & Daniel Pawliw Yajuan Chang & Zejian Peng Maria & Carlo Perri Adah & Alexander Pettingill Kathryn McCain 1969 & Jamie Pyper R Lynda & John Rogers Roslyn & Frank Roth Carla Crozier & Jim Russell S Katie Isenberg Sachs 1997 Kumari & Eric Sade Jane Conlin Shevlen 1970 Susan Ross Shone 1962 & Peter Shone Martha Cohen Simmons 1999 & Teddy Simmons Lissa & Mike Siskind Ruby & Samuel Siu Lillian Tang Smith 1988 & Jeffery Smith Amy Gaskin 1986 & David Smith Anne Hamilton Smith 1955 Betsey Chung & Jonathan Soon-Shiong Ling Zhang & Jun Sun T Linda Fung & Godwin Tang Weiwei Fu & Peng Tang Jennifer Tory 1974 Elizabeth Carr 1995 & Nathan Traylor Hunter Tura Melody Madigan & Andrew Turnbull Judy Ratcliffe 1952 Lois Dou & Jun Ren Brenda Robson

G Susannah Riggs & Robert Gabor Judy & Ron Gage Jinghan Zhang & Yuan Gao Chenchen Feng & Chongtian Ge Susie Wright Gooderham 1974 & Michael Gooderham Grade 6 Class of 2020 Cheryl Wein & David Gratzer Xian Zhao & Hongwei Guo H Carole Hall Bridget & Darcy Hall Monique Jilesen & Perry Hancock Kelly & Pruyn Haskins Rubina & Hussain Hemani Alexandra & Alan Hodgson Huihong Wang & Hai Huang Jeanne d’Arc Uwatowenimana & Alexandre Hugo J Cheryl Ferguson Jamael & Paul Jamael Celia Johnson 1991 Nam Hee Ju & Chan Jin Park K Dana & Michael Kalles Anita & Rajan Kaushal Grace Peng & Wei Ke Marilyn Ward King 1953 & Charles King Dina de Jager Kranemann & Christoph Kranemann Kathy Chan & Andrew Kuske L Maryanne LaBrash Sandra Langdon Soon & Gary Lawrence Jennifer Dolman 1984 & Paul Lechtzier Emily Won & Andrew Lee Erica & Mark Lepp Tran Le & Eric Leung Flora Fu & Heng Li Linda Lin & Larry Li Cathy Cai & Steven Li June Zhu & YuGuang Lin Yanjing Yi & Lin Lin Daisy Shen & Yuxiang Ling Alanna Marshall Lizzola & Stefano Lizzola Qian Gu & Juwei Lu Zhen Fang & Richard Lu Lynne Morrison & Brian Lukshis M Dorothy Vernon Macdonald 1956 & Ian Macdonald Margot Chapman Macdonnell 1984 & Hugh Macdonnell Deirdre Horgan MacLeod 1995 & Stephen MacLeod

U Kendra Thompson 1996 & Ben Unsworth Fozia Chaudary Usman & Omar Usman V John Vaughey Visa Inc. W Elisa & William Wang Jade Wu & Jinfeng Wang Yun Cheng & Dao Wang Jie Zhao & Gang Wang Hui Fang & Dongpei Wang Carol Burns & Joel Weldon Janine & Chris White Billie Bickle Wilder 1947 Lisa & John Windover Jennifer & Thomas Wong Grace Ding & Stanley Wu Yang Yang & Xiaolong Wu X Winnie Situ & Mike Xie Jianmin Yan & Jianmin Xin Wei Li Xu & Liang Xiong Angela Wang & Max Xiong Y Catherine Wang & John Yip Yixue Gong & Alex Yu Wei Liao & Lingjun Yuan Z Margie Zeidler 1976 Kan Li & Jian Zhang Dai Ying & Michael Zhao --- Anonymous (12) Yinglin Zhang & Xiaochun Wang Tianshu Guo & Guangxi Wang Jenny Ji & Bing Wu Irene Chai & Di Wu

& Christopher Blackwell Gary Bluestein Barbara Owen & Rob Brown Pam Bryant Elizabeth & Merrill Burton C Kara Brodribb & Mark Caiger Jennifer & Grant Cansfield Gina Re-Cardinale Rhonda Chang & Richard Chin Jacqueline Liu & Alimasi Chen Anna Woo & Paul Choy Erica Cirillo-Zizek & Christopher Cirillo Cathy Robinson Clark 1974 D Lisa & James Dale Kelly & Norm Danniels Teresa Galle & Robert DeMiglio Jacqueline Johnson Desoer 1949 Megan Brenneman Dickinson 1992 & Steve Dickinson Cathy Yang & Garry Ding Cathy Xu & Jun Ding Tara Williams & Peter Dirks E Kae & Perry Edwards F Sarah & Simon Fitzpatrick Joan & Edward Fletcher Irene Cheong & Michael Fong Yu Dong & Jenson Fu & Nick Cardinale Jacqueline O’Connor & Stuart Carruthers Anne Carter 1960

Members of the Green & Gold Society make leadership gifts of $1,000 or more to the school in a fiscal year. The collective generosity of these donors provides us with a significant financial contribution and helps inspire giving in others. Thank you to each member of the Green & Gold Society for their support.


Virginia Woods Grant 1962 & Malcolm Grant Cheryl Wein & David Gratzer Diana Porritt Greer 1953 & Donald Greer H Irene Hain 1946 Betsy Hall-Findlay 1968 & Don Hall-Findlay Beverly Bruce Hargraft 1959 Mary Pratt Harlan 1959 & George Harlan Anne Lawrence Harrop 1983 & Bruce Harrop Kelly & Pruyn Haskins Judy Betteridge Haust 1971 Gail & Jim Herder Kathie & David Hetherington Marian Hoffmann 1998 Ann McCullagh Hogarth 1956 Maggie Houston-White Millie Hunter J Celia Johnson 1991 Karen Johnson 1980 K Maxine McKenzie Kenny 1947 & Thomas Kenny Marilyn Ward King 1953 & Wally King Heather Kitchen 1971 Eileen & Michael Kong L Sonia Armstrong Labatt 1956 & Arthur Labatt Mary Susanne Lamont 1964 Dorothy Lancaster Elizabeth Lancaster 1981 Jean Martin Lawrence 1951 Barbara Key Lea 1963 & Ted Lea Catharine Heddle 1989 & Terry Lee Joey Legate 1961 Barbara Rea Lemmon 1960 & David Lemmon Deanne Conacher Leuty 1950 Penny Lash Lorimer 1954 M Dorothy Vernon Macdonald 1956 & Ian Macdonald Lesley Smythe 1994 & Scott MacDonald Margot Chapman Macdonnell 1984 & Hugh Macdonnell Louise Park MacMillan 1972 & John MacMillan Susie Macrae 1990 Beverley Clappison Maggiacomo 1963 & Paul Maggiacomo Judith Cory Mangoff 1959 Elizabeth Mason 1945 Carole Matear 1982 Eleanor McCain Ann Griffin McCall 1960 & Ronald McCall

Elizabeth Richardson McCall 1985 & Andrew McCall Dinny McLaren McCraney 1965 Kari McCreath 1996 Carolyn McMaster 1964 Gay Mills McNeil 1966 & William McNeil Susan Scroggie Metcalf 1955 & Bob Metcalf Mary Elspeth Lougheed Milosh 1962 & John Milosh Annette Buchman Mincer 1982 & Mark Mincer Margaret Keens Morden 1960 & Reid Morden Vanessa Morgan 1983 Barbara Trent Morris 1956 Susan Small Morton 1959 Anne Livingston Murray 1975 & Stan Murray N Dale McIntosh 1992 & Garth Nichols Lindsay Norberg Allyson Whyte Nowak 1986 & David Nowak O Marion McTaggart Oliver 1950 Kathryn Rusz Ortner 1979 & Richard Ortner P Margie Ryrie Pacini 1970 & Peter Pacini Carly Pepler 1953 Betsy Bell Perkin 1961 Maria & Carlo Perri Mary Jean Borden Potter 1959 & Frank Potter Jean Probyn Kathryn McCain 1969 & Jamie Pyper R Judith Floras Rance 1975 & Charles Rance Judy Ratcliffe 1952 Brenda Robson Gillian & Bruce Ross Mary Rusz 1976 S Joan Robinette Sadleir 1949 & Richard Sadleir Catriona Ferguson & David Safran Janet Scott 1986 Norah Hillary 1979 & Jean Seguin Mary Lou Sherman 1973 Paul Shuebrook Frances Mackay Simson 1973 & John Simson Cathie & Peter Singer Sue Hamilton Sisam 1956 Ruby & Samuel Siu Libby Belton Skinner 1964 & Roger Skinner Amy Gaskin 1986 & David Smith Anne Hamilton Smith 1955 & Gordon Smith

Lillian Tang Smith 1988 & Jeffery Smith Kathy Weekes Southee 1970 & Rick Southee Edwina Dick Stoate 1975 & Tim Stoate Roslyn Kaye Stollery 1966 Nicole Beckmann Swales 1987 & Brian Swales T Anita Fallis Taylor 1968 & John Taylor Pam Grogan Taylor 1980 & Harry Taylor Nette White Thoman 1955 Melinda Northway Thompson 1961 & John Thompson Jennifer Tory 1974 Meghan Arthur Tupholme 1996 & Michael Tupholme V John Vaughey Visa Inc. Tanja Vlahovich 1996 W Sylvia & Leon Wein Sareena Ghulati Wildberger 1988 & Manuel Wildberger Billie Bickle Wilder 1947 Carroll Wistow Willer 1963 & Ronald Willer Robert Williams George Wilson Patricia Hamilton Winter 1959 Liz Woolley 1971 X Winnie Situ & Mike Xie Y Márta Ecsedi 1972 & John Yager Marie-France Jobin-You & John You Z Lyn Hamilton Zacher 1958 & Don Zacher

A Forbes Andersen Susan Ortved Armitage 1961 B Anne Aitken Baker 1953 Dinnie Hogarth Baker 1982 & James Baker Melanie Plet 1992 & Ryan Barry Amy Lawson Beament 1950 Kathleen Bourke Bell 1959 & William Bell Elizabeth de Jong & Geoff Benson Nancy Tregunno Berkhout 1978 & Edward Berkhout Tara & Jeffrey Borg Amanda Brennan 2003 C Kara Brodribb & Mark Caiger Wendy Robinette Calder 1953 Gina Re-Cardinale & Nick Cardinale Erin & John Carrique Cathy Robinson Clark 1974 & Peter Clark Christine Coutts Clement 1959 & Maurice Clement Joanne Tolton Connolly 1954 & Paul Connolly Jackie Cooper 1983 Elizabeth White 1971 & Andrew Czernik D Wendy Kei & Kevin Daley Bruce Davis Missy Hart DeGeer 1959 Louise Sinclair Dennys 1954 Jacqueline Johnson Desoer 1949 Ann Waddell Dunlop 1966 & Lawrence Dunlop E Kelly & Corbet Elder F Ann Woodrooffe Ferguson 1965 Anna Fong Alex Thun Frazee 1969 & Robert Frazee G Norma & James Gaskin Jennifer Parkin 1975 & David George Alison Farmer Gibson 1948 & Kerr Gibson Anne Gibson 1971 Lolly Gillen 1973 Diana Jacob Goad 1947 Susie Wright Gooderham 1974 & Michael Gooderham Sherrill & Colin Graham

Margie Zeidler 1976 Jessica & John Zufferli --- Anonymous (1)

The Ivy Society honours donors who have made a gift to Havergal each year for 10 or more consecutive years. We thank them for their unwavering dedication and commitment to the school.


--- Anonymous (1)

L Penny Lash Lorimer M Frances Bond McElroy 1955 E Diane Drewry Elder M Susan Scroggie Metcalf S Anne Hamilton Smith Frances Tregunno Sobrian T Nette White Thoman

C Christine Coutts Clement D Missy Hart DeGeer H Beverly Bruce Hargraft Mary Pratt Harlan K Noel Thun Karasin M Judith Cory Mangoff Susan Small Morton P Alice Payne Mary Jean Borden Potter S Sandra Gordon Steen W Marilyn Metcalfe White Patricia Hamilton Winter 1960 C Anne Carter H Ann Hutchison L Barbara Rea Lemmon M Ann Griffin McCall Ruth Atkinson McDonald Margaret Keens Morden R Joanie Kingsmill Roper S Fran Smith Stronach 1961 A Susan Ortved Armitage C Sally Armstrong Carson D Lynne Cowan Devine L Joey Legate P Betsy Bell Perkin

1950 B Amy Lawson Beament L Deanne Conacher Leuty O Marion McTaggart Oliver 1951 B Elisabeth Marani Bacque L Jean Martin Lawrence 1952 C Shiela Forster Carter M Carole Dodwell Martyn R Judy Ratcliffe 1953 B Anne Aitken Baker C Wendy Robinette Calder D Betty Bunting Duffield G Diana Porritt Greer H Jane Milne Harkness K Marilyn Ward King P Carly Pepler 1954 C Joanne Tolton Connolly D Louise Sinclair Dennys

1940 Joan de Burgh Hicks

1942 Ann McKeough Carruthers

1944 Mary Clemes Ensor

1956 H Ann McCullagh Hogarth L Sonia Armstrong Labatt M Dorothy Vernon Macdonald Barbara Trent Morris S Susan Hamilton Sisam Z Mary-Frances Cockshutt Zeldman

1945 Elizabeth Mason

1946 H Irene Hain M Jane Carter MacDonald 1947 G Diana Jacob Goad K Maxine McKenzie Kenny W Billie Bickle Wilder 1948 G Alison Farmer Gibson H Margie King Huycke 1949 D Jacqueline Johnson Desoer M Anne Finch McDougall* S Joan Robinette Sadleir Adele Aziz Shamie

1957 D Helenmaria Steiger Darker P Marilyn Rea Patterson R Pamela Hooper Richardson

1958 E Susanna Barker Evans Z Lyn Hamilton Zacher

1959 B Kathleen Bourke Bell Liz Cunningham Biedinger

T Sally Taylor Melinda Northway Thompson Jill Cumberland Trennum W Anna Whitley --- Anonymous (1) 1962 B Judith Johnson Bonham G Virginia Woods Grant L Janet Cox Lumbers M Mary Elspeth Lougheed Milosh N Mary Davis Nelles S Susan Ross Shone 1963 D Sherry Taylor Drew G Margaret Fisher Galbraith L Jenny le Riche Barbara Key Lea M Beverley Clappison Maggiacomo W Carroll Wistow Willer

T Miki Toguri

1969 F Alex Thun Frazee M Kathryn McCain W Ann Woodland 1970 A Averill Ambrose C Judy Cameron Jocelyn Currie J Muriel Smith Jarvis M

M Louise Park MacMillan

1965 C Donna Morris Clarke E Catherine Eddy F Ann Woodrooffe Ferguson K Ele Johnson Kyle M Dinny McLaren McCraney 1966 D Ann Waddell Dunlop I Sue Aziz Innes M Gay Mills McNeil Joyce Evans Medweiash Lea Aird Menear R Jane Ross S Roslyn Kaye Stollery T Barb Beatty Taylor 1967 H Jane Lownsbrough Heintzman T Wendy Thompson

1973 G Lolly Gillen S Mary Lou Sherman Frances Mackay Simson Sally Southey 1974 C Cathy Robinson Clark G Susie Wright Gooderham M Kathy Vernon Martin Betsy Mills T Jennifer Tory 1975 B Kathryn Ensor Baranowski M Anne Livingston Murray P Jennifer Parkin R Judith Floras Rance S Edwina Dick Stoate 1976 A Debbie Winspear Allan M Hilary Meredith R Mary Rusz V Katherine Van de Mark Z Margie Zeidler

Beth Hillary McEwen Deborah Todd Merritt P Margie Ryrie Pacini R Sybil Patterson Reburn S Philippa Samworth Debbie Scott Jane Conlin Shevlen Kathy Weekes Southee Nancy Hall Stewart Rosamund Morley Storr

1971 G Anne Gibson H

Judy Betteridge Haust Kathie Pickup Hughes K Heather Kitchen M Janet Mackinnon W Elizabeth White Liz Woolley

1964 B Joey Bell Brown D Di Davies L Mary Susanne Lamont M Carolyn McMaster S Libby Belton Skinner

1968 H Betsy Hall-Findlay L Susan Lang T Anita Fallis Taylor

1972 E Márta Ecsedi

1977 B Doogie McDougall Bond 1978 B Susan Smithyes Benson Nancy Tregunno Berkhout K Tatiana Jaciw Kowryga W Kirsten Walli Julia Stanley Weaver 1979 C Barbara Callander H Norah Hillary O Kathryn Rusz Ortner R Barbara Robertson-Mann S Judy Lawrence Stirling T Jill Thompson --- Anonymous (1)

P Robin Harris Porter

N Allyson Whyte Nowak S Janet Scott Y Stephanie Young U Anne Parkinson Ullman --- Anonymous (1) 1987 F Jill Fraser S Katy Ritcey Sisley Nicole Beckmann Swales 1988 J Tina Jagdeo L Jane Langford O Dawn Creber O’Dwyer P Linda Probyn S Lillian Tang Smith W Heather Secord White Sareena Ghulati Wildberger

1990 A Shannon Andersen B Lindsay Thompson Black L Gloria Lau M Susie Macrae 1991 J Celia Johnson P Letitia Chan Peypoch T Lesia Bardyn Bardyn Tosello 1992 B Ali Squires Bos D Rachel DeBlois Megan Brenneman Dickinson M Dale McIntosh N Jennifer Chubb Newton P Dora Boylen-Pabst Melanie Plet S Wendy Sherrick V Suzanne Welsh Vernon 1993 K Jenny Kerr T Andrea Racansky Thomson

1982 B Dinnie Hogarth Baker D Jeanne DesBrisay Kathy Richardson Dingley M Carole Matear Annette Buchman Mincer S Kate Sharpe 1983 C Jackie Cooper H Anne Lawrence Harrop K Michelle Koerner M Vanessa Morgan T Pauline Chan-Thomas 1984 D Jennifer Dolman I Mardi Inglis M Margot Chapman Macdonnell 1985 D Jennifer Budd Debow M Elizabeth Richardson McCall

1980 J Karen Johnson P Lisa Poultney, RP T Pam Grogan Taylor

1989 B Sarah Bull D Deb Bassett Drysdale H Catharine Heddle M Jo-Anne Matear N Anne Noble --- Anonymous (1)

1981 F Linda Frum L Elizabeth Lancaster M Martha Goad McFarlane Mary Metcalf Muir

1986 F M. Michele Farrugia G Amy Gaskin

1994 B Lori Buchanan

S Lesley Smythe

2000 H Lyndsay Hayhurst S Alex Palombo Sollazzo 2001 K Angela Kan N Kristin O’Rourke Nevin P Lauren Palombo 2002 H Alex Bittner Howard --- Anonymous (1) 2003 B Amanda Brennan C Lizzie Mingay Clare E Katie Nelson Etherington W Ethel Cohen Weiner

2012 Stephanie McCall McFarland

P Sydney Patterson S Pyper Sennecke Alicia Shen Ava Siskind Jade Smith Kelly Sun T Miriam Tam Caroline Thomson W Katherine Weldon Elby White Cici Wu Sophy Wu Z Jennifer Zhang

1995 C Elizabeth Carr D Sheana Desson M Deirdre Horgan MacLeod W Donna Smythe Wilson 1996 B Jennifer McCarthy Bidwell F Molly Donohue Fassbender H Willa Hoffmann M Kari McCreath T Kendra Thompson Meghan Arthur Tupholme V Tanja Vlahovich 1997 C Nicole Smulders Cortellucci O Vanessa Oliver S Katie Isenberg Sachs W Janie Wong

2013 Taylor Simon

2014 Julia Duder

2017 Claire Dirks

2018 Samantha Parker

2019 Grace Shen

2020 Erin Sade

2021 A Femi Abiola Julia Arbutina C Caroline Cansfield D Alexa Daniel E Amy Edwards Devon Eisen H Emily Hardie Olivia Hodgson Caroline Hughes J Ava Jeffrey L Ella Lee Talia Levine Sara Lien Vicky Lyn M Margaret McKee N Sam Newman O Stephanie Oh

2004 Stephanie Applin

2005 Fiona Lau

2008 G Carolyn Gooderham M Alexandra Mingay

1998 Marian Hoffmann

For generations, Old Girls have provided financial

1999 C Jessica Cook S

support to Havergal, particularly through endowment giving.

2009 Naomi Melvin

Thank you to 318 Old Girls, who contributed to Annual Giving in 2020 – 21.

2010 Virginia Hetherington

Rachel Jacobson Silver Martha Cohen Simmons Kristi Soomer

* Indicates Old Girl donors who are deceased.



Endowment Donor Story: Marcelle De Freitas (1920—2019) One of Havergal’s most beloved teachers, Marcelle De Freitas, left an indelible impression on the school community. During her impressive 40-year career at Havergal, from 1944 to 1984, she enjoyed teaching Spanish and sewing, serving as senior mistress and spreading her contagious enthusiasm across many fundraising, charitable and community endeavours. In 1995, she became the namesake of one of Havergal’s 10 Houses, affectionately known today as “MDF”. “From my first term, I realized that the school revolved around Marcelle,” says former Dean of Students Brenda Robson, who joined Havergal as a physical education teacher in 1963. Under Marcelle’s direction, the annual Bazaar (currently known as Celebration Saturday) grew more and more successful, increasing student and parent involvement and raising more money for the Houses and their choice of charity partners. By all accounts an incredible cook, Marcelle also spearheaded Christmas dinners for the homeless and cooked for the Out of the Cold meal program at the Church of Saint Stephen-in-the-Fields. She also volunteered with The Stop Community Food Centre, the Scott Mission and other non-profit organizations.

Marcelle De Freitas

Marcelle’s death in 2019 was a loss felt acutely by Old Girls and staff members alike, who remembered her as a warm, generous and compassionate cornerstone of the school community. Now her legacy will continue to be felt at Havergal, in support of the Former Staff Student Assistance Bursary. Marchelle’s bequest is the largest legacy ever to be donated to this fund. In keeping with the school’s goal of furthering socioeconomic diversity, the funds will allow deserving Havergal students to benefit from an education they would not otherwise be able to afford. “She would do anything to help anyone,” says Brenda. “In her spare time, Marcelle helped other people. That’s just who she was.” Born on the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean, Marcelle was the third of 11 siblings and the eldest daughter. An outstanding student, in her final year of high school she was awarded the Island Scholarship which she used to attend McGill University in Montreal. She graduated with a bachelor of arts in 1942 and joined Havergal two years later. Marcelle’s tenure spanned a momentous era in Havergal’s history, one of shifting philosophies of education, social upheaval and the evolution of the role of women. Guided by then-principal Catherine Steele, the school began to accept a broadening of horizons with greater social freedom for the girls. Through it all, Marcelle remained a nurturing presence. “She was a motherly soul,” Brenda says. “She was the no-nonsense type, but you felt a warmth and kindness from her.” Marcelle and Catherine, who spent much of their time together after retirement, also modeled a spirit of kinship among Havergal staff. “They made a point of checking in with former staff who had left, making sure they were all right and helping them financially if they had fallen on difficult times,” says Brenda. When Marcelle found herself alone and showing signs of dementia after Catherine passed away in 2003, it was Brenda and Judy Ratcliffe, along with other former teachers, who organized her move to Lakeside Extendicare nursing home, where she received excellent care until she passed away peacefully on June 5, 2019. Marcelle is buried in Toronto’s Mount Pleasant Cemetery, in the same plot as Ellen Knox, Havergal’s first Principal. “Marcelle taught me that once you became a member of the Havergal community, you were in it for life,” Brenda remarks. “The continuation of the respect and love we have for one another is what makes the Havergal community so special.” This strong sense of community and connection is felt today through Marcelle’s thoughtful philanthropy, which provides Havergal students the opportunity to grow, thrive and shape the future, just as Marcelle did during her time at the school.

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