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GRADE 7 Grade 7 Art

GRADE 9 AVI1O – Visual Arts, Grade 9, Open 1 CREDIT

“I can’t draw. I wasn’t born with the art-making gene. I am so going to fail this class.” Do you often find yourself uttering these words? Are you terrified of the Art Room? Or, conversely, can you whip off a drawing with little effort and thought? If so, then Grade Art 7 is the course for you. In this course you will learn what it means to be an artist. You will carry around a sketchbook where you will record anything that inspires you in your choice of media. This sketchbook is also a place for you to keep a record of everything you do in the classroom… helping you sharpen those all-so-important learning skills that you will need as you move forward into high school. Art will be demystified for you. You will learn how to talk about art and understand the rules that artists use to make good art. It really is quite easy. Using these rules, you will follow the creative process: get inspired, plan and produce your own art. You will learn to write about what you created and why you created it. You will work with a variety of different media in your sketchbook so that you get an idea of what is possible. You will also learn jewelry and clay techniques to create two pieces of art. For the culmination of this course, you will submit your sketchbook, which is a record of your first year in the Middle School. In this course, you will build upon what you have learned in Grade 7 Art. You will continue to keep a sketchbook where you will journal, sketch, make collages and generally record anything that is remotely creative. It is also a place where you will keep your notes and process work for your assignments. You will spend time creating cool, funky layouts and your book will be a piece of art in itself. In the studio, you will delve further into your understanding of principles of design and how to apply them in your art. You will make a really cool drawing using some general rules. You will also expand upon your clay-making skills to create a 3D sculpture. As with Grade 7 Art, there is no test in this course, but there is an expectation that you will develop your skills in understanding the creative process and plan for, refine and reflect on your art and the art of others. These analytical skills will be with you forever regardless of what you are studying or what you are doing in life. Whether you are designing a title page for Biology, writing an English essay or choosing a colour scheme for your first apartment, you will be able to use the skills and concepts you learned in this course. GRADE 8 Grade 8 Art

In this course you will explore a variety of materials and methods of creating art. You will try everything from stone carving to quilting… and, of course, you will do some printmaking, painting and drawing too. You will have the opportunity to try out these different ways of creating to see which processes capture your imagination and help you to express your visual ideas. To start the year off, you will take part in a Grade 9 art excursion to an amazing outdoor sculpture centre where you will view hundreds of beautiful works of art and meet artists who work in stone. This excursion will inspire and inform your stone carving back at Havergal and help you to see in three dimensions. Throughout the year you will develop your art skills, learn to take risks, learn about yourself and experience the joy of exploration as you are guided through the creative process!

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