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GRADE 12 AMI4M – Music, Band, Grade 12, University/ College Preparation 1 CREDIT You love your music making, but you want to take it to the next level. Truth is… you want to be a soloist. In Grade 12 Band, you are the leaders in the Symphonic Band, the directors of the small ensemble rehearsals and the soloists in Prayers. You have a very good understanding of musicianship and theory but we will continue to take a more in depth look at musical forms, texture, harmony and duration. This year, you work with an accompanist on a solo piece of your choice, however the piece will be more challenging than in Grade 11. Your choices may include a sonata, a movement from a concerto or a rhythm and blues selection. You will continue to develop your technical expertise and your musical vocabulary will continue to grow. You will enjoy a variety of activities to help you explore your music making and musical journey. Participation in ensemble and student performances with the Symphonic Band (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7 to 8 am) is expected. Prerequisite: AMI3M – Music, Band, Grade 11, University/College Preparation. Students not enrolled in the Band courses but who have experience on a band instrument may audition for any of the performing ensembles. Auditions will be held in September. This course may be taken by students in Grades 9-12 AMG1O – Music, Guitar, Grade 9, Open 1 CREDIT Have you ever wondered why the guitar is such a popular instrument in so many different cultures? Where did this percussive stringed instrument come from? How did it get here? Through the study of the acoustic guitar, this course will allow students to delve deeper into the study of music. Each girl will need to supply her own acoustic guitar. We will focus on technical development at the outset but as students gain skill and confidence, we will branch off into different aspects of music including advanced theory, chord progressions, scales, history, listening skills, use of technology, just to list a few. By the end of this course, you will have deep understanding of the guitar, know how to continue to improve on your own and learn how the history of music and the history of the guitar are intertwined. In this class, students will complete all of the course expectations from the Grade 9 Music curriculum. Guitar


GRADE 9 OR 10 AMS2O – Music, Strings, Grade 10, Open 1 CREDIT In the Grade 10 Strings class, we focus on developing each girl’s personal technique. Technical development is the key to this year’s study. You can consider it a preparatory year before you join the senior class. You will work on chamber repertoire and solos, which will increase your confidence. A lot of time will be spent playing. You will also learn sonata form analysis and more advanced concepts in music theory like harmony and modes (but don’t worry, you will still have lots of fun making music). You will use computers and microphones and also learn about the ways music is made in the world around us. It will be a wonderful year full of self- discovery and music making. Students enrolled in this course are expected to participate in Senior Orchestra (Tuesdays, 3:45 to 5 pm and Thursdays, 7 to 8:15 am), to explore orchestral techniques and perform throughout the year. This course is open to Grade 9 students. GRADE 11 AMS3M – Music, Strings, Grade 11, University/ College Preparation 1 CREDIT Grade 11 Strings is your introduction to the Senior String Ensemble. The class is combined with the Grade 12s, making it a good-sized ensemble. You will be expected to engage with the repertoire and contribute to the best of your abilities. In Grade 11, the expectation is that you might try some leadership roles; but really you are preparing to lead next year. You will continue to develop your understanding of musical forms and harmony. You will engage in in-depth study of the repertoire from as many angles as you can to gain as much insight into performance as possible. Opportunities to perform solos with the ensemble are encouraged but not mandatory. Students enrolled in this course are expected to participate in Senior Orchestra (Tuesdays, 3:45 to 5 pm and Thursdays, 7 to 8:15 am). Prerequisite: AMS2O – Music, Strings, Grade 10, Open

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