Havergal's Uncalendar, 2019-20 Academic Year

SES4Ue – Earth and Space Science, Grade 12, University Preparation, eLearning 1 CREDIT This course develops students’ understanding of the Earth and its place in the universe. Students will investigate the properties of and forces in the universe and solar system and analyse techniques scientists use to generate knowledge about them. Students will examine the Earth’s place in the solar system and, after a general introduction to Earth science, will explore in more detail the materials of the Earth, its processes and its history. Throughout the course, students will learn how these forces, processes and materials affect their daily lives. The course draws on astronomy, biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics in its consideration of geological processes that can be observed directly or inferred from other evidence. Prerequisite: Science, Grade 10, Academic, SNC2D SPH4U – Physics, Grade 12, University Preparation 1 CREDIT In Grade 12 Physics, it’s time to deepen your understanding of the world around you, but also push the envelope to the world beyond everyday life—quantum mechanics and relativity. Your imagination and math muscles will get a workout. The course will take you through the following topics: • Dynamics or “How do I launch things to get them • Energy and Momentum or “Why it’s a good idea to follow through when you catch a hard fast ball?” or “What you need to know before bungee jumping?” • Fields (gravity, electrical, magnetic) or “How does the Earth actually make apples fall or the Moon stick around without touching them?” • Wave Nature of Light or “Is light wavy and why can’t I see the waves?” • Special Relativity or “Can you go faster than the speed of light (otherwise known as “warp speed” to Trekkies)?” Prerequisite: SPH3U – Physics, Grade 11, University Preparation into the waste basket?” or “Is it possible to orbit around a black hole without getting sucked in?”

GRADE 12 APBIO – Advanced Placement Biology Tutorial This course runs once a week for 30 weeks to prepare students to write the AP Biology exam by exploring the AP Biology Investigations. Students must also be enrolled in SBI4U in order to be eligible for this course. Students must also have completed SCH3U and SCH4U is strongly recommended. This is a non-credit course. SBI4U – Biology, Grade 12, University Preparation 1 CREDIT This course provides students with the opportunity for in-depth study of the concepts and processes associated with biological systems. You will consider how life works by studying the theory and conducting investigations into populations (population genetics and population ecology), homeostatic mechanisms (hormones and the nervous system), biochemistry (cellular respiration and photosynthesis) and molecular genetics (DNA replication and protein synthesis). Emphasis will be placed on the achievement of the detailed knowledge, refined skills and deep understandings needed for further study in various branches of the life sciences and related fields. Prerequisites: SBI3U – Biology, Grade 11, University Preparation SCH4U – Chemistry, Grade 12, University Preparation 1 CREDIT This course delves into the theoretical explanations of matter that would enable a student to manipulate the forces of nature, but only for good purposes: like creating self-warming hot-dogs or non-irritating contact lenses. Labs are designed to complement course content while further refining technical laboratory skills. Opportunities to quantify matter will significantly expand your understanding of multiplication and division. You will be given an opportunity to explore academic research and develop the communication skills with the scientific community. Program content: Unit 1 Energy Changes and Rates of Reaction; Unit 2 Structure and Properties of Matter; Unit 3 Organic Chemistry; Unit 4 Chemical Systems and Equilibrium; Unit 5 Electrochemistry; Unit 6 Scientific Investigation Skills and Career Exploration (Integrated). Prerequisite: SCH3U – Chemistry, Grade 11, University Preparation

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