Havergal's Uncalendar, 2019-20 Academic Year

FSF4UP – Core French, Grade 12, University Preparation (Advanced Placement) 1 CREDIT This course includes the course content for FSF4U. In addition, students will be prepared to write the AP French Language exam. The AP French exam in May is a great opportunity to test your skills and understanding of French and Francophone culture. In preparation for the exam, you will have many opportunities to become familiar with the format of the exam and practise the different components, such as reading and responding to an email, writing a persuasive essay, carrying on a conversation with a native speaker and presenting a topic of cultural interest. Prerequisite: FSF3U – Core French, Grade 11, University Preparation

GRADE 12 FSF4U – Core French, Grade 12, University Preparation 1 CREDIT The famous French singer Edith Piaf sang Non, je ne regrette rien and, like her, you will not regret stretching your French skills further in the Grade 12 French course. This is a chance to master skills you have already learned and to add a few more nuances. A wide variety of texts and media will inform our conversations about the following themes: personal and public identities, beauty and aesthetics, contemporary life, global challenges, science and technology and families and communities. Throughout the year, you will maintain your own portfolio of Francophone resources inspired by these themes and share your discoveries with classmates. What is a French course without francophone culture and history? Meet a local French café owner and taste the regions of gourmand France. Participate in the Toronto French Theatre urban tales contest through an actor- led workshop, an excursion to youth-written plays, and submission of your own dramatic creation. Understand what it means to be an immigrant or a refugee in modern- day Québec through Kim Thuy’s novel Ru . Learn about 17th century France through an excerpt from Molière, Shakespeare’s French counterpart. Explore the masterpieces that fill the galleries of the Louvre museum in Paris. Learn about the legacy of the French Revolution and its connection to human rights. Discover the history and track current events of a Francophone region just like a journalist. Prerequisite: FSF3U – Core French, Grade 11, University Preparation

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