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GRADE 10 ENG2D – English, Grade 10, Academic 1 CREDIT

In this course, you will garner the skills to help navigate your media-rich world as critical and informed participants. What better way to become a savvy participant in the world of mass media than by studying the masters and then creating your own media works? You will learn how to manage your own digital footprint and create and maintain an individual blog. In addition, you will create a variety of other media works, including print, film and video, Internet-based and audio content. This course emphasizes knowledge and skills that will enable you to understand media communication in the 21st century and to use media effectively and responsibly. Through analyzing the forms and messages of a variety of media works and audience responses to them, and through creating your own media works, you will develop critical thinking skills, aesthetic and ethical judgment, and skills in viewing, representing, listening, speaking, reading and writing. Prerequisite: ENG2D – English, Grade 10, Academic or ENG2P – English, Grade 10, Applied ENG3U – English, Grade 11, University Preparation 1 CREDIT Do you ever wonder who people are—really are—underneath the mask? Do you ever read the news and think: “There has to be another story there, somewhere”—a much more interesting story, perhaps? Do you have a secret desire to sway public opinion, to convince people of the unbelievable, through the sheer audacity and genius of your words? In Grade 11 English, we will explore the ways we can read to understand the story beneath the story and the ways we can write to influence opinion and to make our readers see the world as we do. We will write microfiction, soliloquies and fan letters; read a range of essays, classic plays and novels, including “The Great Gatsby” and Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” and a range of Romantic poetry; we will analyse the world as we find it and consider how to transform it into the world that we want. Prerequisite: ENG2D – English, Grade 10, Academic

What is a metaphor? No. Scratch that. Who cares about metaphors? No one. Well, English teachers, I guess. And, possibly, writers—but only the boring ones. Certainly, though, not the teacher. Is this how you feel? In this course, get ready to feel engaged, enchanted and enlightened by the power of metaphor. From blood and guts, fairytale endings to the origins of humanity and what makes a hero, you will travel through a diverse collection of literature together. Do you realize that films, podcasts, paintings, TV shows and photographs are also texts? In this course, you will certainly be reading them. Of course, with incredible reading comes incredible writing. In Grade 10 English, you will discover the tools to master that all-important form you’re constantly called upon to produce: the persuasive essay. Alongside this left-brain work, you will indulge your right-brain selves too. For example, in the Facebook universe we call home, text and image so often work together, producing creative new forms of expression. You too will have opportunities to think beyond the traditional line separating word and picture, using both (and so much more) to share your genius with the world. Speaking of which, you will also get many chances to think, write and talk about what is, for most of us, a favourite subject: ourselves. Prerequisite: ENG1D – English, Grade 9, Academic or ENG1P – English, Grade 9, Applied GRADE 11 EMS3O – Media Studies, Grade 11, Open 1 CREDIT “It’s not your grandmother’s television!” Are you addicted to Facebook? Tumblr? Blogging? BBM? Do you spend hours surfing YouTube or chatting online with your friends? Do you express yourself in 140-character tweets? Is reality television your (not-so) secret guilty pleasure? Do you feel lost without your smartphone or your iPad? If so, this course is for you. Learn how to take control of the media you consume and how media, new and traditional, have the power to influence and shape you. Then, learn to create your own media to influence and shape the world around you. Make a video, design an advertising campaign, create your own multi- media extravaganza on the Internet—you are limited only by your own imagination! If you are interested in a career in business, journalism, communications or media, this course will be of use to you.

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